Olen Rutherford



I started my modeling adventure in the sixth or seventh grade, trying to build Comet stick and tissue rubber power planes. I finally got one to fly in the ninth grade. I went from that to u-control and soon found that I couldnít fly upside down.

Modeling went away for awhile, with jobs and moving around the country. In the early seventies I started flying RC with a three channel transmitter and a Falcon 56, and had to teach myself to fly.

Took some time off in the middle seventies to fly full scale and get my pilots license. In the late seventies I got back into RC and have been with the AMA and flying RC ever since. Iíve flown almost all types of models, from rubber free flight to contest scale. I enjoy scale the most, I am old school, I build the planes I fly, or change the ARFs to my liking. I go to 8 to 10 Fly Ins a year and sometimes more.

Hope to see ya at the field. Olen