Hi from warm Albuquerque. Today New Mexico was showing off. The weather is great. Light winds and warm. The sky was blue with a few clouds. There were about 20 or more flyers out today. This about how Saturdays are every weekend.

Today I got a chance to maiden Howard Chapman’s Quaker Flash. When taxing I noticed the rudder was backwards. After a quick change, I took it back out to the center line and took off. It left the ground at about 1/4 throttle. I gave it a little down trim and it was a very friendly bird. I flew it around a few minutes and then gave control to Howard. That’s the last time I got to fly it. He wouldn’t let me take it back. Ha. He flew around  a little bit and did the first landing. No problems. Took it off again in about 3 feet. This is a nice slow relaxing plane. It flies just like it should. I may have to build on too.

One note. Check the controls. I thought he had them right. It saved the plane and we had a good time.

Join the AMA, and a local club and go build something.