Just another day at Maloof airfield in Albuquerque.

Just another day at Maloof airfield in Albuquerque.

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Greetings from sunny warm Albuquerque. The winds were light and the sun was shinning. There a good group of flyers out this morning. Tim, Paul and Baylor came down from Farmington NM to maiden a few planes. While I was there , Tim flew 2 of the 4 planes he brought to maiden. He did very well. The planes did what he wanted and stayed in on piece. Mark, Marlin, and Norm did some formation flying with their jets. They did a great job. With all 3 planes being the same, you had to watch real close to make sure you were flying your plane.  Sure looked like a lot of fun. This was a pretty normal day here in Albuquerque for this time of year. It was a good day of flying and hanger talk. You can learn a lot listening to some of these guys. Go out to your local field, join a club and the AMA and get to flying.   Brian Regan AMA District VIII NM AVP
ARCC Club Meeting at the field

ARCC Club Meeting at the field


Howdy from sunny Albuquerque. Last summer ARCC got together for a club meeting and auction. The auction was for Stan Johnson’s son. He was sick and needed some help. The club members brought some planes out and we auctioned them off. After all was said and done, we raised 3 or 4 hundred dollars.

This is one reason to join a club. A good club becomes like family. A place to go and learn new stuff about planes and to help others in need. You can’t get that flying by yourself. So join your local club and the AMA.

Some time after this meeting Stan’s son passed away. I watched this young man grow up. He was a good man. Mark will be missed by all who knew him.

Hight Desert Jet Fly In.

Hight Desert Jet Fly In.

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Jets. I attended ARCC’s Hight desert Jet Fly In here in Albuquerque. They had 24 pilots and lots of fun. Weather was not so well on Thursday and Friday. Saturday was perfect. There was lots of spectators watching the jets. At noon there was a walk of planes.
Phill Knuckles was CD and with his wife Sharron they did a great job. Very well organized. They had lots of help from the local club.
This was the second Jet fly in here in Albuquerque. It was great. Next year I think it will be even better. The word is out. ARCC puts on a real good fly in. Join them next year and have a great time.

ARCC Un-swap meet

Un-swap meet? What is it? ARCC had a Un-swap meet last Saturday. Les Beason came up with this idea. The stuff you have left after a swap meet just takes up space in your work shop. An un-swap meet was designed to get rid of that stuff. Here is how it works. Fill up a box with stuff, mark the box with the contents and seal the box. You can’t look in the box. Just pick a box or two and take it home. It could be anything.
The turn out was light. Everything was taken. One man took almost all of it. It was fun and a little weird. I hope we do it again.
It was a great day of flying too. A little cold to start and then it got nice. I got in a couple flights and then called it a day.
If you get a chance, try a un-swap meet sometime. It will make you laugh.