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  Pylon Racing

WACO Club Hosts Club40 & EF1 Pylon Races

by Douglas Staines   April 11, 2016

On Saturday, April 9, I was in attendance at the Heart of Texas Miniature Aircraft Club or 'HOTMAC' in Waco, Texas. Bill Flores US Congressman was also in attendance and was treated to some great Pylon Racing Action as well as some of the carnage of a few midair's. Steve Blackwell was CD for the event, the weather had a hint of rain but held off for most of the day. Steve Fabianke won the Club 40 event while Jason Duda took top honors in the EF1 event

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 Club 40 Pylon Racing Winners 1st through 4th & Fastest Time EF1 Pylon Racing Winners 1st through 4th & Fastest Time 


WACO Club Invites US Congressman

by Douglas Staines   April 11, 2016

The following was submitted by C.C.Adams, HOTMAC Secretary/Treasurer

On Sat. April 9th the Heart of Texas Miniature Aircraft Club (HOTMAC) held Club 40/EF1 Races at the Club field in Waco, TX.

The Club invited Texas District 17 Congressman Bill Flores to attend and get up to speed on Model Aircraft Operations. It was his first visit to a Club Field. Club Officers were able to brief him on current FAA, AMA, and local club issues. A private pilot himself, he was aware of all the recent legislation regarding our hobby and basically left the club with a “don’t worry” feeling.

Doug Staines, AMA Associate Vice President District VIII was also in attendance and was able to brief Mr. Flores on how AMA initiatives fit in to the life of club and its’ members.

When the racers took a lunch break Mr. Flores participated in an FPV flight, got about 30 min. of buddy box time flying Horizon’s big electric T-28 and got demos of a well automated quad copter and an F-15 turbine.

When the Congressman left 2 hours after arrival he thanked all who participated and said he would put the club’s Sept Jet Rally on his calendar.

The HOTMAC club has used their airfield since the mid 1960’s without any airspace problems with the Waco Regional Airport 4.8 miles away. Last week the club received a draft Letter of Agreement from the FAA Control Tower and Airport Authority awarding plenty of airspace to fly in and only requiring a notification when flying after dark.

The Club 40 races were won by Steve Fabianke and the EF-1 by Jason Duda. Yes, the Congressman saw some “carnage”.

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 AVP Doug Staines, talking with Congressman Bill Flores Congressman Bill Flores on the Buddy Box with HOTMAC Club VP Ronnie Dean 


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