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San Antonio Prop Busters Build N Fly Fly-In

by Ed Valls   August 7, 2017

On behalf of the San Antonio Prop Busters I would like to announce their Second annual "Build n Fly Fly-In". The event is for any scratch built or kit built plane. It is not open to ARF's. So, if you have a plane built from a kit or from plans then please plan on attending the event. For more information please visit :

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Tri City Flyers Event Cancellation

by Ed Valls   August 7, 2017

Hello everyone in District VIII. I am sorry to announce that the Tri City Flyers District VIII Memorial Fly-In has been cancelled for 2017. The Tri City Flyers will reschedule the event for 2018 but will probably have a different event date.

If any of you were planning to attend we regret the cancellation. If you know someone planning to attend please advise them of the event cancellation.

Ed Valls
President, Tri City Flyers

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Boerne Aera Model Society Earns AMA Award

by Ed Valls   October 25, 2016

On October 8 I traveled to Boerne, Tx. to visit with the members of the Boerne Aero Model Society (BAMS). They were having their fall club fly-in and fun fly. A significant number of the club members were in attendance and all enjoyed seeing their club members "compete" in the fun fly events like the spot landing or the bomb toss. I watched the event and truly enjoyed the playful ribbing I heard from some members regarding their "friend's" spot landing or the bomb drop (actually a small flat washer with a simple streamer attached) which was "ejected" from a Styrofoam cup attached to the top of the model. A lot of fun was had by all.

At the lunch break I had the privilege of presenting the club with the AMA Silver Leader Club plaque and certificate. To put this accomplishment in perspective, consider that there are approximately 2400 AMA chartered clubs in the United States and around the world. Of these 2400 clubs, fewer than 150 have earned either the Bronze, Silver or Gold leader club awards. Congratulations to all of the BAMS's members for this wonderful achievement.

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 Proud members of BAMS with their Sliver Leader Club Plaque Presenting the Silver Leader Club plaque to BAMS club president George Sheffield 

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San Antonio Prop Busters Fly-In

by Ed Valls   October 25, 2016

This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending the inaugural San Antonio Propbusters Build and Fly-In. This event was open to any plane built from a kit or plans. The event was not open to Almost Ready to Fly (ARF's) aircraft. With more than 20 pilots in attendance I believe all would consider the inaugural event a roaring success. Congrats to all of the members of the Propbusters. The following event report was submitted by George Wilson of the Propbusters.

Sometimes it seems like modeling is passé. In these days of instant gratification, who has time to build. The San Antonio Propbusters (SAPB) felt there were still a good number of real modelers around. To put that to the test, SAPB organized an event for modeler built aircraft.

On October 22nd, twenty two registered pilots brought out about forty hand built airplanes to show, to discuss and to fly. What a huge variety, from modest to spectacular, everyone had something to be proud of. Different was the word of the day. The construction techniques varied from traditional balsa to hot glued foam board. There was even one small electric whose primary components came out of the builders 3D printer.

The day could not have been better. The lunch was excellent and rewards were well received. The consensus among the pilots was they want to do it again next year. The SAPB hosts already have it in the planning stages.

George Wilson
San Antonio Propbusters

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 Bob Severance conducts the pilots briefing Wide shot of the beautifully manicured 400 + ft. grass runway 

Fly-In / Fun-Fly

16th Annual District VIII Celebration of Flight

by Ed Valls   October 14, 2016

On September 24 and 25, 2016 the Tri City Flyers held their 16th annual District VIII Fly-In. The event is a celebration of flight and also honors and recognizes those District VIII members who have passed away during the year. This years even, as in recent years, was expertly CD'd by Frank Simas and hosted by the Tri City Flyers. Given the weather forecast, the event was considered a success and drew 37 pilots. The weather on Saturday was very favorable and a lot of the pilots got some good flying in. At the noon time lunch break Jim Rice read the names of the district VIII members who have passed away during the year and Jack Matlock then performed a short flight demonstration in honor of those lost during the year. Jim and Gary Rice also spent a lot of tie with their trainer "buddy boxing" guests.

AMA HQ. representatives Dave Mathewson (AMA Executive Director) and Ilona Maine (Safety and Member Benefits) attended and provided an update on the "state of the AMA" and addressed the status of Congressional legislation regarding model aviation. They also held a short Q&A during the Saturday evening BBQ dinner.

Jim and Linda Rice arranged for the funding for a Saturday night BBQ expertly cooked by Red Rich and his team of talented "chefs". The kitchen was expertly run by Ben and Kim Lewis with a lot of help from Ed Stout and other club members. Registration was run by Charles Roccaforte, Rick Corbell and George Sheffield.

Jim and Linda Rice also arranged for all of the pilot and raffle prizes. Many thanks to Jim and Linda for the outstanding efforts in coordinating the dinner and arranging for the prizes. I would also like to thank District VIII VP Lawrence Harville for his donation of AMA hats for the pilots prizes.

The weather forecast for Sunday was not good so CD Franks Simas called the event on Saturday after the dinner. However, he was at the field on Sunday for anyone that wished to come back and fly on Sunday. A number of the pilots did come back on Sunday and did a lot of flying.

A big congratulations to CD Frank Simas and the Tri City Flyers for another successful Celebration of Flight Fly-In.

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 Group Shot of Some of the Pilots Attending Brian Strachan and his Pilot RC IMAC Aircraft after his wonderful flight deom 

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First Annual Tri City Flyers Warbird Fly-In

by Ed Valls   October 14, 2016

The Tri City Flyers (San Antonio area) will be holding their first annual warbird fly-in on Saturday October 29, 2016. This is a one day event. Registration opens at 8 AM and flying will begin after a short pilots meeting. The event is open to any warbird from any era. Planes that served in the military as well as in civilian life are eligible but they MUST be in the appropriate military color scheme (example: a Piper Cub is eligible but must be in the green or olive drab and can not be "yellow"). Any size warbird qualifies for the event (small electrics to large prop planes or turbine/edf jets). Turbine pilots must have their waiver.

For more information please see the club website at:

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San Antonio Propbusters Fly-In

by Ed Valls   October 14, 2016

Hi everyone. I just wanted to remind any the AMA District VIII members in the San Antonio area of the San Antonio Probusters fly this Saturday (October 22, 2016). The event is open to any plane built from a kit or from plans. It is not open to ARF's. The event will be held at the Propbusters field in Somerset, Texas (south of the San Antonio metroplex). The event will be from 9 AM to 2 PM. Everyone is welcome. I invite you to please visit the club website ( for more information and directions to the field.

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National Model Aviation Day

by Ed Valls   July 27, 2016

Hello everyone. I would like to remind all of you in the San Antonio area of the National Model Aviation Day Fly-In. This year the AMA has chosen to donate the proceeds to the Wounded Warrior Foundation.

If you are not attending an event out of town, I would like to invite you to attend the Tri City Flyers (TCF) National Model Aviation Day. Since all clubs are free to choose a charity their club would like to support, the TCF has chosen to donate all event monies to Boysville of San Antonio. If you are not familiar with their work, I would invite you to please visit their website at: ( They do an outstanding job of caring for young boys and girls that are at risk and the TCF is proud to hold the event to benefit their organization. For more information on the event please visit :

Ed Valls


Alamo RadioControl Society (ARCS) Swap Meet

by Ed Valls   July 17, 2016

On Friday, July 9, I had the pleasure of attending the ARCS Swap Meet held in San Antonio. The event was well attended and ARCS should be very proud of the event. The following article and photos was submitted by ARCS member Jim Witthauer.

The Alamo Radio Control Society of San Antonio Texas hosted an AMA sanctioned two-day swap meet July 8th and 9th. Nearly 300 people attended the event browsing the twenty-four vendors and fifty tables that filled an old fire house and the grounds to the fire house entrance. It was by far the biggest swap meet in the San Antonio area in recent memory. With plenty of food and drink available for the hungry and thirsty, the affair culminated in an auction led by Jim Rice, AMA Executive Council, and a raffle which included prizes donated by HobbyTown USA, and Al’s Hobbies both of San Antonio, and donations by ARCS members. Organized by club member Tom Richards the event was a sure success. Delighted with the event’s success ARCS is contemplating an annual fall swap meet when cooler weather prevails.

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Tri City Flyers 2016 Swap Meet

by Ed Valls   December 17, 2015

Hello everyone. On behalf of the Tri City Flyers I would like to mention that their annual Swap Meet is fast approaching. The event will be held on Friday and Saturday, Feb. 19 and 20, 2016. As usual it will be held at the Garden Ridge Community Center in Garden Ridge, TX. IF you are unfamiliar with the location it is north of San Antonio just west of I 35 on exit 175 in Schertz, TX. This event is always fun and well run. The Tri City Flyers would like to invite any and all to attend. Food and beverages will be available on-site both days.

For additional information please visit the Website: On the left side of the home page under, "Upcoming Events", click on Swap meet. Once on that page, scroll down and click on "Event Flyer" for full information.

Hope to see you at the event.

Ed Valls

Fly-In / Fun-Fly

District VIII Memorial Fly-In

by Ed Valls   November 13, 2015

On October 2,3 and 4, 2015 the Tri City Flyers hosted the 15th annual District VIII Memorial Fly-In. Ilona Maine attended and represented AMA Hq. Mark Johnston, District VIII VP, was in attendance as were a number of the District VIII Associate VP's. The event was CD'd by Frank Simas and drew more than 70 pilots. We were blessed with wonderful weather and the event was a huge success. To say that there was a large variety of different types of models would be an understatement. The event featured a large number of IMAC aerobatic planes as well as some large (and small) warbirds. We had some helicopters pilots in attendance as well as a group flying control line models. Also in attendance were a large number of electric aircraft.

The field setup was such that it allowed the simultaneous flying of both RC and control line models. The Pioneer Flight Museum (our host field) had some of their World War I full scale airplanes out for display as well as a number of their other airplanes and some old and vintage automobiles were also on display.

The TCF club members provided the food and beverages for breakfast and lunch on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Many thanks to Gary and Linda Rice for "running" the food kitchen and thanks to the other TCF members for "staffing" the kitchen.

On Saturday at noon we had a pause in the flying and gathered under the pavilion while Jim Rice read the names of those District VIII AMA members that have passed during 2015. After Jim finished reading the names of those who have passed, Randy Brown performed a wonderful and flowing flying demonstration in honor of those we have lost in 2015.

Red Ritch and his wonderful staff provided wonderful food for Saturday night's AMA District VIII meeting. Many thanks to District VIII VP Mark Johnston for funding the Saturday night dinner and for hosting the Saturday night District VIII annual meeting and Q & A. A number of questions were asked regarding the FAA and it's effort to "regulate" model aircraft in the U.S. Mark and Ilona spent considerable time answering the questions posed by the fly-in attendees.

TCF would like to thank all of the pilots who attended the event. Many thanks to Frank Simas for running the event, to Linda Rice for "gathering" so many items for the pilots prizes as well as the very nice items for the event raffle. We would also like to thank Gary Rice for taking the lead in the kitchen. To the many TCF club members that worked the event we would like to say thank you and job well done.


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 Group Photo of Pilots In Attendance Jim Rice Reading the Names of Those D VIII Members that Passed in 2015 

Fly-In / Fun-Fly

Boerne Area Modelers Fly-In

by Ed Valls   November 13, 2015

On September 19, I had the pleasure of attending the BAMS (Boerne Area Model Society) Fly-In. The event drew about 30 pilots with a variety of different types of models and was quite successful. The Fly-In benefitted the Kendall County, TX. Animal Shelter. Pilot registration "fees" were a donation of some dog or cat food or to make a financial donation.

The event had a large number of youngsters who spent quite a lot of time asking questions about the models. The BAMS club provided a number of items for the pilots raffle. Additionally, during various times of the day the BAMS club members offered "buddy box" flight instruction to many of the non pilot spectators (many of whom were youngsters). During the day the club also had a couple of candy drops for all of the youngsters.

The event was quite a success and the club was able to donate about 600 lbs. of dog/cat food and also donated some money to the shelter.

Hats off to all the members of the Boerne Area Model Society for hosting this wonderful event.


Boysville Show and Tell September 5, 2015

by Ed Valls   November 13, 2015

Hello everyone. I am a little late in getting some of the posts for events I have attended and for this I apologize. Seems like sometimes life's events get in the way.

Anyway, during the Tri City Flyers (TCF) National Model Aviation Day event, the club decided to donate the proceeds from the event (approximately $1300) to the Boysville facility. If you are not familiar with Boysville, please visit : . As part of the TCF's new association with Boysville some of the club members offered to do a show and tell for any interested residents of the facility.

On September 5, 2014 Jim Rice, Jack Matlock, Gary Rice, Hannah Rice (Gary's daughter and Jim grand daughter), Walter Boone II, Walter Boone III and I visited the facility and performed a show and tell and some of the club members did some flying demonstrations. The event was held in the facility gymnasium and we had about 20 young boys and girls. Jim spoke about the AMA and many of its programs aimed at getting young people involved in model aviation and in STEM programs. Jack Matlock spent some time talking about his large gasoline engine powered Valiant. Gary Rice spent some time talking about his scratch built model and a little time about model design and aerodynamics. Walter Boone III (one of our Junior members) spent some time talking about his association with the AMA, modeling and Camp AMA. He also told the youngsters how model aviation has made a difference in his life. I spent a few minutes talking about the turbine powered F-15 that I brought.

After these introductions to modeling, Jim, Jack, Gary, Walter III and I did some indoor flying. Jim and Walter spent quite a lot of time doing some 3D flying while Jack and I flew our HobbyZone foam Champ's in a VERY loose formation.

The program director for Boysville thought that the program was well received and the TCF members plan on continuing a model aviation program with the Boysville youngsters. The current plan is for the club to host a program where the interested youngsters build some "foam plate" gliders and then progress to more complicated models (some stick and tissue models). On behalf of the AMA I would like to thank the members of the TCF that helped with this event and I would especially like to thank Jim Rice for taking the lead on this program. I believe that this program has the potential to grow and get some youngsters interested in model aviation.


  picture  picture 
 TCF Members Participating in the Program Walter Boone III doing some 3D flying for the group 


Tri City Flyers National Model Aviation Day Fly-In

by Ed Valls   September 3, 2015

Hello everyone. On August 8, 2015 the Tri City Flyers (TCF)hosted their third National Model Aviation Day Fly-In. The event was open to all types of model. We had a mix of remote controlled models as well as a few modelers flying in our control line circle. I was fortunate enough to CD the event and it was a privilege to CD this wonderful fund raiser.

This year the TCF decided to donate all proceeds to Boysville in San Antonio. Boysville has been in existence since 1943. Here is their mission statement.

"Our campus is designed to help children in crisis who cannot remain in their own home for a variety of reasons. Our children come from homes that are in crisis, due to emotional, physical or sexual abuse. Sometimes a parent cannot take care of the child due to a terminal illness and do not have the support of family to take care of the children. Children who come to Boysville come from various backgrounds. Boysville does not look at the child’s past…we look at their future. By providing food, shelter, clothing and medical services, we are able to provide the basic necessities needed to make the child feel safe and comfortable at Boysville. Our residents do not wonder if they will eat at night or if they will have a safe place to sleep. With our education services, our children realize their potential. We encourage education. We encourage them to explore college, trade or military options. Options that previously seemed like a dream. We are able to pull children out of abuse cycles or poverty cycles and teach them to become an active part of society."

We were quite honored to have Dave Mc Ilvoy (former CEO of Boysville) and Steve Herlich (chief philanthropy officer for Boysville) attend the event. During the pilots meeting, Steve provided a brief overview of the Boysville mission.

This year we had a wonderful turnout of twenty seven pilots attend our event. I heard a number of the pilots say they enjoyed the event and would come back next year.

The TCF club is proud to say that they donated $1300 to Boysville. The club donated all of the food and drinks. The club would also like to thank American Legion Post from Converse, TX. and the VFW Post from Universal City, TX. for their financial contributions to the effort. Additionally, three club anonymously members donated a total of $300 toward the Boysville contribution.

If you would like to learn more about the Boysville mission, please visit:

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 Group Photo of all Pilots and TCF Staff Steve Herlich gets some stick time from Jim Rice as Gary Looks On 


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