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Senior Pattern Aerobatics

by Johnny Hunt   October 11, 2019

I was at the SPA event the Fort Worth Thunderbirds’s RC club put on last Saturday October 5th. It was a beautiful day and lots of flying.

  picture  picture 
 Judges hard at work Flying maneuvers smoothly 


Bomber Field

by Johnny Hunt   September 25, 2019

I attended the B17 fly in at Bomber Field on September 20th. 84 pilots on Friday had a great time a lot of flying. If you get a chance attend one of their fly in please go even to watch.

  picture  picture 
 Lots of planes One of the B17 there. 


Cavanaugh Flight Museum

by Johnny Hunt   May 6, 2019

On May 4 Ed Kettler a safety officer for the Fort Worth Thunderbirds’s RC Club invited members to the. Cavanaugh Flight Museum where he is a volunteer for over 20 years and a crew member of their B25. It was fun day for all. If you get a chance visit the air museum near you.

  picture  picture 
 Ed Kettler is 3rd from left. He was able to take us places the public can not go. 

Fly-In / Fun-Fly

Richardson Radio Control Club Spring Fun Fly

by Johnny Hunt   March 13, 2019

Let’s get out there and support this clubs that on this events. Whether you fly at the event are not come on out and meet new people.tap on my fun fly events and see flyer it’s on March 30 2019.



New things coming

by Johnny Hunt   February 7, 2019

I was at my granddaughter graduation from OSU last may in Stillwater Oklahoma. While I was there I looked up the local Rc flying club which is the Steelwater RC Flyers and found out they share a field with the OKS University Unmanned Aircraft Flight Station. I met a very nice young man named Will Clay he builds his own equipment and fly’s both UAV and drones. He uses the drone with GPS to count and locate the cows on the ranch and uses the UAV to check on the fence line. He has his Part 107.

  picture  picture 
 This his command station for his UAV This Will with his UAC. 



by Johnny Hunt   January 10, 2019

I and Lawrence Harville where invited to a glider contest in Albuquerque New Mexico. I fly scale and some fun fly planes. It was very interesting to whatch their skill in these timed events. If you haven’t tried it I suggest you do. I will definitely have one in my stable of planes.


Vice President

Lawrence Harville


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