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It's Spring

by Tony Breyen   May 5, 2016

It's SPRING and the builder is probably disappointed, because the long evenings of working has now been replaced by sunlight hours and his friends are saying let's go fly. The gather is sad because all the swapmeets are over for the winter and he has nothing to do with himself either.
But the flyer is rejoicing it's time to dust them off, drag them out and get those planes in the air.
But do you need to get out there and find something broke that you forgot from last year and your buddies all gig and laugh and give you a hard time.
So have we done our spring once over for those loose servo arms, wires,and screws that worked out slowly last year.The things we said
"I'll get it this winter" in other words is it really ready.
So tighten it ,glue it , iron it give it a look over make sure it's safe and ready.
And have a fun flying season.


Thinking safe

by Tony Breyen   March 2, 2016

I hope we all have a good place to store our airplane fuel . I stopped by a friends house last week and he had his gas and his nitro in a couple cans inside the house and even near a hot water heater I pointed it out to him and he just didn't think about it. Please think about this storeage even if you have to leave them outside on the back porch and where animals can't get to them. I use last year's fuel for my weedeaters and or mower. I think it would be good practice not to run last years gas especially with the ethanol that's involved today. Using your old gas in your lawn equipment you can always say sorry honey I can't do the yard today it's broke I guess I'll just go fly have fun all.


RRCC 50th Annivesary Party Come help us celebrate

by Tony Breyen   February 10, 2016

RRCC 50th Annivesary Party
Come help us celebrate 50 Years of Model Aviation!
Calling all current and former members of RRCC, you and your guests are welcome to join us for a weekend of celebration, fellowship and flying!

Weekend plans include:
Cavanaugh Flight Museum Guided Tour: 2p to 4p Saturday April 9th. Tickets are $10.00 per person, and must be purchased at the museum. The Cavanaugh Museum is located at 4572 Claire Chennault, Addison TX, 75001. For more details and directions, visit the Cavanaugh Museum website here:

Reception and Banquet: 6p to 9p, Saturday April 9th. Tickets are $50.00 per person. All current, and former members are encouraged to attend! Please bring a guest! Location: Courtyard by Mariott in Allen Texas, near the Allen Events Center. Appetizers and Cash Bar reception from 6 to 6:30. Dinner and Program 6:30 to 9. Special guests and speakers during the program. Dinner Menu: Salmon or Chicken Entree, variety vegetables, salad and dessert.
Please RSVP by using one of the methods below.

Open Flying: All Day - Sunday April 10th. All guests and members welcome out to fly. Field location is here:

Please RSVP for Banquet Saturday Night by clicking one of the below options. Please RSVP by February 11th. Banquet purchases will need to be paid by March 30th.


Thinking safely

by Tony Breyen   January 14, 2016

Well I hope you're enjoying the building season I know I have lots of projects on the table maybe too many.
A very special thank you to Mark Johnston for all your hard work and devotion to this district the last several years.
And thank you Brian Reagan for posting a safety blog last month.
And I would like to welcome Lawrence Harville as the new VP I look forward to working with him.
Instead of a long explanation of the video I posted just remember things take time to heal watch the video. note the table in the back of the room the plane was tied to he tied the front wheels not the back that's his mistake
Copy and paste the link below in your browser

Being safe is in all of our favor


Thinking Safe

by Tony Breyen   November 17, 2015

Well now another season has come and gone. I hope you got threw the season without any accidents or bad mishaps. There is still some days left flying but most of us maybe consider getting batteries in storage mode for a lot of planes the we don't fly as much this winter. When lipo batteries first came out there was all kinds of ideas and stories. Now many good articles say the same thing about storage and discharge into a storage mode. Proper storage of the batteries is key because a fire hazard. This is something we should all pay close attention to. For myself half my fleet is electric and I own probably over 40 batteries. I personally have all my batteries in storage mode unless I'm going to go fly.
There still the old Gas and Nitro rigs that will need to be ran to get the fuel out of him and put in some after run oil.

Tony Breyen
AVP Saftey
Remember if you fly it's a sport if you build it's a hobby enjoy both.


Wichita Falls Fun Fly

by Tony Breyen   October 3, 2015

Lots of sunshine,no wind and tons of pizza. The crowd was small but the day turned out great. We had guys from Duncan OK and Graham TX. to help the day be enjoyable. Some kids from the local civil air patrol came to learn so we put them on the buddybox and also helped them with their plane. Patrick Mason came to do the noon time show and did a awesome job. And the very lovely Mimi ran around taking lots of pictures of the day.
This couple is an awesome pair that makes any event they show up for more enjoyable. Check out her Facebook page Model aviation memories by Mimi.

  picture  picture 


Thinking Safe

by Tony Breyen   September 10, 2015

Safety......seriously that's what we're talking about today. But why not, it's not just for a Monday morning tailgate meeting at our job. Remember our hobby requires a lot of paying attention from sticking a hand in a prop or stabbing ourselves with a screwdriver. How many times have you cut yourself installing covering or burned yourself soldering connections? My name is Tony Breyen I am the AVP in Wichita Falls and what I'd like to do is challenge the other AVP's to pick a subject about safety and then write about it. If we each did one a year we have something every month. Pick the month of your birthday of course that means we'll probably have 6 in October. (Which would include me)
OK I'll go first let me pick a subject oh I know you pick up your cell phone and you dial a number . A person on the other says 911 what is your emergency?
My friend he just got hit with an RC airplane and he's bleeding I need an ambulance.
Operator on other end says sir you're on a cell phone what is your location.
You : I'm at the RC flying field
Operator : yes sir I understand ...just exactly where is that.
Now you try to give directions, rattled trying to help your friend did you get them right how much time have you wasted?
I would suggest each club appoint someone to contact the local 911 service in your area and let them know the name of your field and the location and then get the word out. Those precious moments could make the difference or even if you're just by yourself you can call 911 I'm having chest pain I'm at the RC field if 911 knows where that is it could make a real difference.


Abilene Radio control imac tune up

by Tony Breyen   July 11, 2015

A great turnout at the abilene radio control club 3D and IMAC tuneup today 20+ 42% airplanes. From Texas and Oklahoma getting ready for the next major competition and a meet to be held here next year. Instead of the usual hamburger we had barbecue ,potato salad and banana pudding a great lunch Very friendly bunch of guys would definitely suggest coming fly with them.



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