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HATBOX FLY IN 2017- More Photos!

by Bill Holland   October 16, 2017

Here are a few more pictures from the event. Mike Pennell captured a great shot of Howard Davidson feeding the pilots during Gaines' morning pilot briefing. Olen Rutherford is keeping a close eye on Howard! Sharon and I brought out the big 1/2 scale Dr.1 and was able to get one flight in before the winds picked up.
Great fun was had by all again this year! Special thanks to Mike Pennell for the great photos!

  picture  picture 
 Howard attempting to feed the crowd! The 1/2 scale Fokker Dr 1. 



by Bill Holland   October 16, 2017

The TRAMPS hosted the 16th annual Hatbox Fly In October 13-14 in Muskogee, OK. Gaines Smith and the entire TRAMPS organization did an excellent job. Pilots from throughout Oklahoma and Arkansas attended. The pilots did have a challenge dealing with winds each day. All types of aircraft were campaigned from WW1 to jets. Bill Cunningham put on a show with his huge 1/5th scale F-16 in Thunderbird colors. Saturday morning a few minutes past 7:00am nine WW1 aircraft flew their traditional Dawn Patrol flight. Olen Rutherford who is the AVP for Arkansas made is way over to Okie land again this year. Come and join the TRAMPS in 2018 for the 17th annual Hatbox Fly In!

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 Gaines Smith giving his pilot briefing. Bill Cunningham with his F-16. Aircraft length is 10 feet! 



by Bill Holland   July 18, 2017

The 3rd Annual Oklahoma Dawn Patrol was held at Mike Harvey Field hosted by the Oklahoma Sooner Squadron on July 7th - 8th. Thirty one pilots form Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Wisconsin were in attendance. The event continues to grow each year. Shortly after the crack of dawn 9 pilots began the traditional dawn patrol flight. Immediately following the flight was a pancake and sausage breakfast. Flight resumed shortly after 9 am. Two additional AVPs attended the event. They were Olen Rutherford from Arkansas and Marc "Doc" Shelstrom from Wisconsin. Bill Holland presented Jim Pittman with a Making a Difference certificate on behalf of the club. Jim is a great supporter of the club. He and his wife Cheryl provide use of their large hangar to store aircraft over night. Mark your calendars for the 4th annual OK Dawn Patrol on July 6-7, 2018!

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 Jim Pittman presented certificate by Bill Holland and OK Sooner Squadron Aircraft staging for dawn flight Saturday at 6 am 

Fly-In / Fun-Fly

Charlie Spencer Memorial Fly In

by Bill Holland   July 18, 2017

The Shawnee Thunderbirds honored Charlie Spencer who passed away this past June by holding a Fly In at their club field on July 16th. Charlie was active all types of modeling during his life. He owned a hobby shop, was the national IMAA Safety Officer, and was an owner of Giant Scale Twins. Charlie and his wife Bev traveled all over the country and loved to share this great hobby with all. The Thunderbirds will be assisting Bev with an estate sale of Charlie's huge collection of RC equipment and planes.

 Bev Spencer with Thunderbird Leadership at club field with Bill Holland 


Fairview, OK 65th Fly In and Air Show

by Bill Holland   November 15, 2016

Fairview, Oklahoma held their 65th Annual Air Show. This is the oldest free fly in and air show in North America traditionally held on the Saturday near Veteran's Day. This year the Tulsa Glue Dobbers sponsored the R/C acts that performed in the afternoon air show. This is a blend of both full scale and R/C acts. The morning starts early with a pancake breakfast at 7:00 am. Pilots from Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, and Missouri flew their planes in for the day along with many spectators who drove to the show. The food continues with lunch prior to the air show starting at 12:30 pm. This years R/C demonstration team consisted of Mike Pennell, Scott Kidder, Austin Chadwick, Claude Christ, and Ed Gross. Yours truly served as the R/C Air Boss and also flew in the show. Additional support and spotters included Sharon Holland, Jim Ellis, Calvin Ellis, and Jim Slocum from the OK Sooner Squadron. It was a spectacular two hour show with just outstanding weather. The Tulsa Glue Dobbers did an outstanding job and I greatly appreciate them volunteering to serve as the host club. The R/C portion is always a crowd favorite and would not have been possible without their support! Be sure and make this show next year. The people, pilots, and food are great. This is a special day to honor our Veterans!

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 2016 R/C Demo Team Mike Pennell assisted by Claude Christ flying the big L4. 



by Bill Holland   October 9, 2016

The annual Hatbox Fly In at Hatbox Field in Muskogee, OK was held October 7th - 8th. This is an annual event hosted by the TRAMPS R/C club. Over 40 pilots from Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas attended the two day event. The TRAMPS get outstanding support from the City of Muskogee making this a must attend event. Great food and over $1000 in pilot prizes. Friday morning pilots were greeted with early rain followed by overcast skies and strong north winds. Later in the afternoon the winds calmed down and blue sky was the norm. Saturday was absolutely beautiful with sunshine and light winds! The skies were filled everything from WW1 to jets all day. The traditional Dawn Patrol flight launched at 7:15am with a 8 WW1 aircraft awakening those camping on site! District 8 VP Lawrence Harville attended Friday. Two other AVPs from District 8 also attended in addition to myself. They were Olen Rutherford from Arkansas and Johnny Hunt from Texas. Congrats to the TRAMPS for another great event this year.

 Dawn Patrol 2016 Squadron 


NW OK Flyers 2016 Fun Fly

by Bill Holland   September 9, 2016

T 17th Annual Fun-fly hosted by the NW Oklahoma R/C Flyers was held at their club field in Mooreland, OK. Jim and Calvin Ellis from the OK Sooner Squadron attended the event on my behalf. Darwin Loomis was the CD and put on a great event. Pilots from Texas, Kansas, and Oklahoma numbering over 40 attended the traditional Labor Day event. Darwin put on a great event with prizes and great food. Many of the pilots camped on site in their RVs. The flying site is a private full scale airport. The hangar was used to serve the great food during the event. The event continues to grow yearly and strongly recommend you come out next year!

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 Darwin Loomis with pilots attending the event following briefing. Hangar used for the great food and fellowship. 


Warbirds Over Tulsa September 2015

by Bill Holland   September 7, 2015

The Tulsa Glue Dobbers hosted their 6th Annual Warbirds Over Tulsa on September 4th - 5th at the Glue Dobber field. The weather was warm with light winds making this a great flying event. Pilots from Oklahoma and as far away as Kansas City campaigned their warbirds over the two day event. Claude Christ did a great job as the CD supported by his club members. The Glue Dobbers always draw a large crowd of spectators an this year was no different. Friday the local television station was out that morning doing live feeds from the field!! Great food and fellowship make this event a must for warbird pilots! Make your plans to attend the 7th Annual Warbirds Over Tulsa.

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 Pilot group photo from Warbirds Over Tulsa 2015. Tulsa Glue Dobbers posing with a pic of the famous WWI Ace "Fingers"! 


General Aviation Day - Westside R/C Flyers

by Bill Holland   August 23, 2015

The Westside R/C Flyers hosted their General Aviation Day on August 22nd at their club field in Yukon, OK. This event features any size general aviation non-military aircraft. Awards were given to the top three scale aircraft. Pilots from as far away as Amarillo attended this annual event. Westside will be hosting their annual Military Aviation Day on October 3rd. The Westside club is a great group of modelers. They put on a great event and always make sure you do not leave hungry!

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 Westside R/C Club members at GAD August 22, 2015 General Aviation Day Flight Lilne in Yukon, OK 


OKies Invade Wisconsin

by Bill Holland   August 17, 2015

Members from the Oklahoma Sooner Squadron,the TRAMPS, and yours truly attended the Midwest Warbirds and Classics on August 13 - 15 in Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin. The event was a huge success with over 130 pilots and 400 aircraft. Great fun and showed them the Oklahoma boys could fly in the wind!
This is a well done event and one that should be on your bucket list.

 OK Sooner Squadron and TRAMPS August 15, 2015 


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