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Red Stick Scale Event/Cajun Helifest

by Jerry Walters   March 26, 2017

I traveled over to the west side of Baton Rouge on Saturday to Erwinville, La. for the Red Stick Classic Scale Competition. Unfortunately the drive was in the pouring down rain with the hopes of a bright spot over Baton rouge RC's club site. It didn't happen that way unfortunately. The rain prevented an early start for the event but the food and conversation was fine as usual. They finally got one round off in the late afternoon and had a weather hold due to fog again on Sunday. I haven't seen the final tally yet.

The Cajun Helifest at RAMS in Crowley had a great turn out and only had a couple of short rain delays on Saturday morning. Those guys will fly under almost any conditions.



Red Stick Classic Scale Contest

by Jerry Walters   May 2, 2016

April 8, 9, 10
Baton Rouge R/C Club
Erwinville, LA, just West of Red Stick (Baton Rouge)
Beautiful, but sometimes windy weather made the event great and sometimes challenging. The scale work was awesome and even included a true turboprop built and flown by Derrick Martin of the Aeromodelers of Acadiana Club. I even got to meet our esteemed District VIII leader, Lawrence Harville, at the event.

 Derrick Martin with his turboprop 


TRCC Winter Scale Classic.

by Brian Regan   November 30, 2015

I attended TRCC's Winter Scale Classic in Tucson Thanksgiving weekend. The weather was a little cool with light winds. Bob Snook was the CD and did a great job. There was lots of open flying. Highlight of the weekend for me was flying in the WW1 gaggle. There was a 1/3rd scale pup, 1/4 scale D7 and DR1, and a Hanger 9 D7. We had a couple real good passes and one that was a little to close. Some how we missed each other.
I went to Chuck Brook's house with Howard to do a little hanger talk. It got deep. The flyers from Albuquerque were, Howard, Pat, Harry, Mark, Tom and me. We had a great time.
I look forward to next year. This was and is a real good event to come to. Hope to see you there next year.

Brian Regan

 The winners of WW1 planes. Brett, Rick, & Dave. 


U.S. Scale Master Championships

by    October 21, 2015

This year the event was held at Bomber Field on October 8th-11th. I was able to attend the event on Saturday and watch many of the flights. They event had 31 pilots in attendance and of that total 22 were from District VIII. The event was well done and the weather was outstanding.




by Jerry Walters   October 6, 2015

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of attending the LARKS Warbird event in Sulphur, LA. The weather was beautiful and 22 registered pilots flew some beautiful warbirds. The LARKS field is beautiful with a 600' paved runway and a 7200 sq.ft. pavilion with work benches and picnic tables. The CD Lynn Hinch rounded up some delicious burgers, boudin, etc. The hospitality was great.

I also had the pleasure of presenting AMA Appreciation Awards to Danny Oliver and Lynn Hinch.

  picture  picture 
 Danny Oliver and Lynn Hinch Receive AMA Appreciation Certificates Along the flight line 


Texas Warbirds

by    October 3, 2015

On September 26th I also attended the Texas Warbirds event being held at the north Dallas RC Club. Ed Kettler was the CD of the event and had 50 pilots come out to support the event. The public and club were out in force to help and watch the event. Great weather for the event and in talking with pilots everyone had a great time.

I want to go back next year and take planes to fly. It looked like a blast!

Awards that were given are as follows.

World War I:
1. Dale O’Daniel, Fokker DR-1
2. Scott Grissman, Fokker D-VII
3. Jon Parker, Fokker Eindecker

World War II:
1. Steve Forrest, B-24
2. Steve Forrest, P-51B “Old Crow”
3. Lyle Vasser, B-25

Best Bomber: Randy Larsen, B-17

Best Postwar: Bob Mueller, PBM Mariner

Best Jet: Tom Blakeney, Sea Vixen

Best in Show: James Poole, La-7

Smokin’ Hole: Bob Hubbard, SB2C Helldiver

  picture  picture 
 All of the pilots took time for me to get a photo. Lad Doctor flew with lots of help from club members who helped design his setup 


Warbirds Over Tulsa September 2015

by Bill Holland   September 7, 2015

The Tulsa Glue Dobbers hosted their 6th Annual Warbirds Over Tulsa on September 4th - 5th at the Glue Dobber field. The weather was warm with light winds making this a great flying event. Pilots from Oklahoma and as far away as Kansas City campaigned their warbirds over the two day event. Claude Christ did a great job as the CD supported by his club members. The Glue Dobbers always draw a large crowd of spectators an this year was no different. Friday the local television station was out that morning doing live feeds from the field!! Great food and fellowship make this event a must for warbird pilots! Make your plans to attend the 7th Annual Warbirds Over Tulsa.

  picture  picture 
 Pilot group photo from Warbirds Over Tulsa 2015. Tulsa Glue Dobbers posing with a pic of the famous WWI Ace "Fingers"! 


West Texas Warbirds

by    September 4, 2015

On August 28th and 29th the Wings Miniature Aircraft Society held their annual warbird meet in Abernathy Texas. This years event had 26 pilots they also were showing off new sections of pavement and pilots area that was constructed using money from the field assistance grants that they received. The flying was a blast with lost of great aircraft. WWII, jets and lots of other aircraft in military colors.

The contest director was Brian McLarty he had lots of help from all of the club members. They did a great job with the event.

Jimmy cowman brought out his B-17 and flew with Mike Liabel from the Houston area with his B-24 and.a B-25 all three were beautiful aircraft. Nick and Jon Johnson flew a couple of very nice turbines. They also had a couple of turbo prop aircraft but we're unable to get in the air.

A great event for the warbird crowd to come fly, have a good time and eat some great BBQ.

  picture  picture 
 Abernathy pilots that were available at picture time The row of aircraft was impressive 


General Aviation Day - Westside R/C Flyers

by Bill Holland   August 23, 2015

The Westside R/C Flyers hosted their General Aviation Day on August 22nd at their club field in Yukon, OK. This event features any size general aviation non-military aircraft. Awards were given to the top three scale aircraft. Pilots from as far away as Amarillo attended this annual event. Westside will be hosting their annual Military Aviation Day on October 3rd. The Westside club is a great group of modelers. They put on a great event and always make sure you do not leave hungry!

  picture  picture 
 Westside R/C Club members at GAD August 22, 2015 General Aviation Day Flight Lilne in Yukon, OK 


OKies Invade Wisconsin

by Bill Holland   August 17, 2015

Members from the Oklahoma Sooner Squadron,the TRAMPS, and yours truly attended the Midwest Warbirds and Classics on August 13 - 15 in Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin. The event was a huge success with over 130 pilots and 400 aircraft. Great fun and showed them the Oklahoma boys could fly in the wind!
This is a well done event and one that should be on your bucket list.

 OK Sooner Squadron and TRAMPS August 15, 2015 


warbird fly in

by Olen Rutherford   August 16, 2015

On Aug. 7-9 to get away from the hot weather, a group of pilots and their families attended the Northern Alliance Military Fly-In in Owatonna Minnesota. A total of eleven pilots from Ark. and Okla. were enjoying the great weather and hospitality ending with a fantastic BBQ dinner on Sat. night. With a total of 106 registered pilots, CD Calvin Branton and the crew put on one of the best fly ins in the country.

  picture  picture 


RMFM Scale fly in.

by Brian Regan   August 16, 2015

Date line, August 15th & 16th. Rocky Mountain Flying Machine (RMFM)has a scale fly in. It was held at Maloof Memorial Air park fro the second year in a row. The road to RMFM'S field was washed out again. There were 16 pilots. The weather was great. The flying was fun. Howard Chapman was the CD and he did a great job. He had Dave Haygood and Bob Thompson as Assistant CD's. Now they will be able to become a CD for future events.
The attendance was low for some reason. I think the few that came out had a great time.
Special thanks to Howard for letting RMFM twist his arm into running this event. He did a good job. Thanks to those that came to help.

Brian Regan

  picture  picture 
 Norm preparing his Tigercat for flight. A meeting of the minds. Not much brain power there. 


Dawn Patrol Guthrie Oklahoma

by    July 11, 2015

On Saturday morning at 5:55am 7 aircraft flew at dawn. We had neuiport 17, 28, sopwith pup x2, 3 - D-7 all 1/3 scale. This was the first official Dawn Patrol Event in District VIII. 24 pilots were in attendance from Oklahoma, Arkansas and New Mexico.

Plans are already in place for next year and there will be a breakfast after the dawn flight.

Plane storage was in a nice hanger so that no one had to take any thing apart.

  picture  picture 
   As with the Dawn Flight 7 pilots took off together for the local news media. 


ARCC Scale Fly In.

by Brian Regan   July 10, 2015

On June 27th & 28th I attended ARCC's All scale fly-in in Albuquerque New Mexico. There was 40 pilots and plenty of planes. Saturday the winds were variable and would change directions many times during a flight due to a cold front moving through the area. Unfortunately the unpredictable winds contributed to several planes going down. Sunday was much better. I think everyone had a good time. If you like laid back flying events, this is a good one to come to. Check them out next June. You will Have fun.

The Rocky Mountain Flying Machine (Albuquerque) is having their scale meet August 15th & 16th. This will also be a fun event. Laid back and lots of flying.

Brian Regan

AMA District 8 AVP

  picture  picture 
 Stan Johnson won the Pilots Choice Award This beautiful B-17 unfortunately made a crash landing on the runway 


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