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Osark Flyers RC Club

by Amanda Coke   April 30, 2020

This past weekend I was enjoying a great time flying in Northwest Arkansas at the Osark Flyers RC Club near Fayetteville. During this chaotic time there is one hobby that we can do and follow CDC guidelines- Social distance flying! The field has a wonderful grass runway and plenty of covered area to sit and enjoy a nice day of planes tearing up the skies.

  picture  picture 
 Member rodney Darling, AVP Amanda Darling Member Doug Wilkerson Dave Gehle 


Hight Desert Jet Fly In.

by Brian Regan   October 28, 2019

Jets. I attended ARCC's Hight desert Jet Fly In here in Albuquerque. They had 24 pilots and lots of fun. Weather was not so well on Thursday and Friday. Saturday was perfect. There was lots of spectators watching the jets. At noon there was a walk of planes.
Phill Knuckles was CD and with his wife Sharron they did a great job. Very well organized. They had lots of help from the local club.
This was the second Jet fly in here in Albuquerque. It was great. Next year I think it will be even better. The word is out. ARCC puts on a real good fly in. Join them next year and have a great time.

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 A jet that just landed and one getting ready to take off. Phill and Sharron. The ran a excellent event. 


Hot Air Huckfest

by Brian Regan   October 6, 2019

Greetings from Albuquerque NM. I attended the Hot Air Huckfest on Saturday. They Had 13 pilots. Saturday flying was great. Mike did a great job with this event. Lots of open flying. Mike had some help from the local club ARCC. Along with the event, Albuquerque was having the balloon fiesta. Airplanes and balloons filling the sky. What a site.
Come out to New Mexico next year and have a great time looping the loop and defying the ground. You will have a good time.

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 Marlin getting ready to fly. Mike. The event organizer. 


El Paso RC Annual Ray Hall

by Tom Holmsley   October 1, 2019

Sunday, September 8, 2019
As usual, the Annual Ray Hall Memorial event sponsored by The El Paso Radio Controllers was a big hit with lots of flying, good fellowship, and great food. President Fritz Gatlin and officers Bobby Avvacato (VP), Dennis Linden (Sec. Treas), and Mike Greeson (Safety Officer), supervised the activities assisted by Ray Welch (CD). The judges were Jill Myrick, Paul Rucker, and Lalo Anaya. And the wonderful cooks were Gina Merli, Kathy Linden, Aiden Linden, and Maddi Linden. Then there was Kevin Parker, the announcer, who added much color to it all. The Horizon RCers and The Alamogordo RC Club were well represented and added to the fun. The day ended with the presentation of awards and an extensive raffle. With lots of good memories, everyone is already looking forward to next year.
The award winners were L to R:
Philip Evans, Alamogordo
Maurice Evans, Alamogordo
Phil Gibson, El Paso
Ernie Morris, Alamogordo
Todd Penka, Alamogordo President
Tony Lovett
See photo below.

  picture  picture 
 Ray Hall Participants Award Winners 


Bomber Field

by Johnny Hunt   September 25, 2019

I attended the B17 fly in at Bomber Field on September 20th. 84 pilots on Friday had a great time a lot of flying. If you get a chance attend one of their fly in please go even to watch.

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 Lots of planes One of the B17 there. 


Steve And Nate's Most Excellent Fun Fly

by Brian Regan   September 22, 2019

Last weekend I went up to Farmington NM for, Steve And Nate's Most Excellent Fun Fly. It was a blast. The weather was great on Saturday. Sunday it started raining. Some got a few flights in before the rain. Steve with the help of the San Juan Radio Control club did a great job. The entry fee is a donation. For that you get Doughnuts and coffee both mornings and lunch and dinner on Saturday. They had a potluck Friday night.
There was lots of flying from the 30 or so pilots. It was also real laid back.
Plan on coming for next years event. You will have an Excellent time.

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 The pilots. Paul Jarvis thank the club members. 


San Juan Radio Control Club Electric Fun Fly

by Brian Regan   June 15, 2019

The electricity was in the air. No, really it was. The San Juan Radio Control Club held a electric fun fly. I didn't count the pilots. It was a real laid back event. Lots of open flying. I only came up for the morning to see watts going on. They were going to keep flying into the night.
So with a few planes in the air, the bench talk was just as fun. You could get a expert opinion on everything. That was what makes this event so fun. Everyone was welcome to share stories of building and flying. That's what we do. This group of flyers is a lot of fun.
If you ever get a chance to come up to Farmington, New Mexico, you won't be disappointed. Come fly with them.

Brian Regan



PAMPA fun-fly

by Cliff Town   June 3, 2019

we had the pampa fun-fly. Had a great time , the weather was a little rainy sat, but great on Sunday, sunny and no wind. We flew four events two on sat and two on Sunday, spot landing, and balloon drop Sat. & pony-express, limbow on Sunday. We had about 20 sum flyers. They had free hamburgers both days. Lot of open flying both days. Had a great time The Buffalo Club is having there fun-fly next Saturday June 8 it will be a great time to. Sorry you missed Pampa fun-fly, but you can still make Buffalo's in Amarillo sat.


ARKS fly-in

by Cliff Town   May 20, 2019

well we had a great time in Amarillo at the ARKS fly-in weather was a little windy sat. but still lots of flying going on. sunday not much wind and three planes in the air all the time.$5.00 meal at noon both days was great. They gave away about $1000.00 dollars worth of planes and motors. The club is always very friendly and help full, had a great time. Lots of war birds, and smaller planes of all kinds, 40%, 35%, just planes of all kinds, and lots of them. I did get a count, but I would say around 30 to 35 flyers. Lots of fun, BS, & flying. and by the way they have a very nice field and set up very safely. Happy flying people, see you around.


Cavanaugh Flight Museum

by Johnny Hunt   May 6, 2019

On May 4 Ed Kettler a safety officer for the Fort Worth Thunderbirds’s RC Club invited members to the. Cavanaugh Flight Museum where he is a volunteer for over 20 years and a crew member of their B25. It was fun day for all. If you get a chance visit the air museum near you.

  picture  picture 
 Ed Kettler is 3rd from left. He was able to take us places the public can not go. 


Young Eagles page 2.

by Brian Regan   May 5, 2019

I got this from Stan Pres of ARCC.

Hello all,

The Young Eagles event at Double Eagle II went off without a hitch yesterday. The EAA folks thanked us for our efforts and invited us back for there next Young Eagles event. The two RC Flight Sims were in use most of the day and we gave away a number of magazines. Brian Reagan had a number of handouts to give away courtesy of the AMA.

The EAA tried a new way of running the event which worked very well and moved the kids through in an orderly fashion with little waiting in line to fly unlike last years event. The weather was great and we got to see a couple of unusual aircraft including a fancy auto-gyro. We were allowed to drive our vehicles to the hangar for loading and unloading our planes and equipment which made for easy set up and tear down.

I meant to take pictures, but was so busy talking to kids and adults that the event was over before I realized I'd not gotten any pictures.

I want to thank all of you that gave of your time and equipment to make our display the success that it was. We had several members from the RRRCC that stayed the whole time. Without their help we would have been a bit rushed. So a BIG THANK YOU to all who helped. My apologies for not knowing that a free pancake breakfast was provided. Most of us had already fueled up before we got there. The sausage sure smelled good!





Young eagles

by Brian Regan   May 5, 2019

May the force be with you. Yes I know, pretty corny. The Young Eagles had a fly in at Double Eagle 2 airport in Albuiquerque. The Rio Rancho and Albuquerque Radio control club brought planes and simulators. The pilots give up there time and money to let the kids fly with them. What a cool bunch of men an women. There were over 70 kids of all ages. One young man that really wanted to go was just too young. He will be in the air one day.
I am thankful for the pilots and volunteers for the work they did to teach all those young aviators.
Look for a Young Eagle event in your area. It is a lot of fun.

Brian Regan

 Joshua having a go on the simulator. 


bad weather

by Cliff Town   January 13, 2019

up here in the tx and okla panhandle the weather is not so great right now. not much going on right now. so about 10 of us flyers in this area are going to YUMA AZ. to fly for 1 or 2 weeks some will stay longer. weather there is great this time of year. flyers are very friendly and they are from all over the U.S.. so if you can, come and go with us lots of fun. They have a big fun-fly the last weekend of feb. that we all go to.


Albuquerque Soaring Association F-3 Contest

by Brian Regan   November 20, 2018

I just attended ASA's F-3 glider contest. Our VP Lawrence and AVP John were also there. Steve Moskal did a great job keeping the event going. There were 26 pilots trying to get a 6 minute flight in a 10 minute window and then a spot landing. It is not as easy as it sounds.
I learned a lot watching and talking at this event.
ASA has an event almost every month. They are a very active club. It was a well run event.

  picture  picture 
 Lawrence, Efrin and Steve at the pilots meeting. Trying to get together for a group picture. 


Nate & Steve's Most Excellent Fun Fly

by Brian Regan   September 17, 2018

I just attended the 12th annual Nate & Steve's Most Excellent Fun Fly. For the last 12 years Nate & Steve have been hosting this event. All planes are welcome and fun is mandatory. We had fun. There was lots of flying. The weather was great.
Lunch was great. They served burgers and dogs. The cost was a donation to the club. After lunch prizes were passed out. Stan from California brought many prizes. The more you flew the better chance to win one.
Next year will be the 13th fly in. They are already planning for more fun and excellent flying.


Road Runner Scale Classic 2018

by Brian Regan   September 9, 2018

The Road Runner Scale Classic was a fun event this weekend. 30 plus pilots and lots of aircraft. ARCC did a missing man flight on Saturday morning. We lost too many friends this year. The weather was perfect. Light winds and low temps kept us flying late each day. The BBQ dinner on Saturday night was real good.
ARCC did a great airshow. Please take time to thank the members that gave up their time to make this a great event. Thanks ARCC.
Next year should be even better. Come fly with them. You will have a good time.

Brian Regan



by Brian Regan   June 26, 2018

I just attended the ARCC June Fun Fly. It was a blast. We had a small turn out and lots of fun. I think the was about 25 pilots. Every one got lots of flights. On Saturday Norm and Lenny flew their turbines. Pretty cool. The winds were light and the temp was HOT. We finished the first day around 12:30pm.
Sunday was a little warmer. Wait, I mean hotter. There was only a few pilots having a good time. The club did a great job. It takes a lot of work putting on an event. Les, Rick, keith,Stan and Vic did a great job.
Come out and fly with them in September. They are have a scale meet. It was fun last year.Should be just as fun this year.


Alamogordo (New Mexico) RCers Club Picnic

by Tom Holmsley   May 3, 2018

The Alamogordo RCers sponsered a very pleasant and fun club picnic at their great field April 28. It was very well attended and the food was delicious prepared mostly by club president Todd Penka. Note the twin Corsairs flown by Maurice Morgan and his son Mike. T Morgan family is shown below.

  picture  picture 
 LtoR Michael's family Sophi, Emilia, Mike, Heidi, son Phil, Maurice, wife Edith Walt Packwood with his 107 inch wing span Phoenix Super Cub with a DLE 50 


High Desert Jet Fly-In

by Brian Regan   April 23, 2018

I attended ARCC's first jet fly in this weekend. They had over 20 pilots and lots of help from the club. The event was held for 4 days. Thursday was a practice day to get use to the altitude here in Albuquerque. Open flying was the plan for the rest of the weekend. The wind did not help the first 2 days. It as just too windy to fly. Saturday was a lot better. The sky was all cloudy but, little wind. They had a dinner Saturday evening. Sunday the sun came out and those that didn't head home, had a good time.
This was ARCC's first Jet event. From what I saw, it was great. ARCC did a first rate job and all had a good time.
Jets jets jets. All I can say is WOW.

Brian Regan
District VIII AVP

  picture  picture 
 Norm with his new project. Real nice plane. Rick from Arizona. Another cool looking jet. 


MVMAC Toys For Tots

by Brian Regan   December 10, 2017

Toys for Tots. What a great idea for a fun fly. Just bring a ten dollar toy and fly. The MVMAC in Las Cruces did just that. I went down there for this fly in. There were about 20 plus pilots and great weather. Their newly paved runways are nice and smooth.
I would like to thank Janet and Char for their work. They did the sign up for pilots, sold raffle tickets, and coffee, hot chocolate. They did it with a smile. It was a real fun event.
Give a new toy, fly your planes and have fun. What could be better?

Brian Regan

  picture  picture 
 Janet and Char doing a great job for the club. The reason we came to fly. Thanks Toys For Tots. 


El Paso Radio Controllers Ray Hall Event

by Tom Holmsley   December 6, 2017

The El Paso Radio Controllers held their annual Ray Hall Memorial Scale Model Airplane event on September 3, 2017 to honor Ray Hall and all members who have passed away since. Their field was established around 60 years ago in north east El Paso, and has been an outstanding club ever since. There were 60 airplanes and 28 pilots registered. There was plenty of flying, fellowship, and good food making for a great time for everyone. The C.D. was Fritz Gatlin.
The Officers are:
John Geyer, President
Joe Salazar, VP
Dennis Lee Linden, Treasurer
Rick Gatlin, Web Master
Mike Greeson, Safety Officer


Horizon City Swap Meet

by Tom Holmsley   December 6, 2017

The Horizon City RC Fliers met July 30, 2017 at Danny Sander's field for a great swap meet with lots of fun flying, good fellowship and plenty of good food. The Horizon City RC Fliers is an exceptional group that has been flying on the east side of El Paso for many years.
The club officers are:
Jeff McMillin President
John Verslype, VP
Mike Taylor, Secretary
Manfred Balster, Treasurer/Web Master
Preston Ramos, Safety Officer


2017 Tucson Winter Scale Classic

by Brian Regan   December 1, 2017

Thanksgiving weekend I traveled with Howard Chapman to Tucson for the Winter Scale Classic. There were over 40 pilots this year. The weather was great on Saturday and not bad on Sunday. Light wind kept them flying into the afternoon. I can't remember how many times I have attended this event. It is always fun. Lots of relaxed flying. The only requirement was to have a good time. We did.
Once again TRCC put on a real fun event.

Brian Regan

 Rick and his cool Camel. 


Activity in South Louisiana

by Jerry Walters   November 29, 2017

In the past two months the flying event activities have been picking up as we enter winter. Formal competition pattern events at RAMS, War Birds at Larks, Heli's at Rams and AOA, and Funfly's at Berwick,Baton Rouge, and AOA have drawn big crowds.

By the way, I've been advised that the AMA is now accepting Field Improvement Grant applications for 2018.

Rumor has it that Lafayette Escadrille has lost it's lease and the old flying site will be taken over by another club. Stay tuned on that.


ARCC Scale Classic 2017 Day Two

by Brian Regan   September 10, 2017

ARCC Scale Classic on day 2 was just as good as day one. The weather was not too hot with light winds. They had lots of open flying.
This event was moved from June to September to avoid the heat and attract more pilots. I think it was a success. They hope to make it bigger next year.
I had a real good time.I know every one did too. I was happy to see all the help the club got this year. Thanks to Les and Vick for all the work they put in.
Hope to see more out there next year. You will have fun.


  picture  picture 
 Noel, pilots choice for a cool Spad VIII The pilots, well some of them. 


ARCC Scale Classic 2017 Day One.

by Brian Regan   September 10, 2017

I attended ARCC's scale classic this weekend. There was 40 pilots this year. When I pulled into the parking lot for the swap meet on Friday night, I was surprised by the number of motor homes. The weekend was going to be great.
Saturday morning came and the flying got started. There were lots of cool planes.
The day ended with a Mexican meal that evening. The food was great. The first day went very well and I know a good time was had by all.


  picture  picture 
 Some of the planes this weekend. Dave Drake prepairing to fly his Monocoupe. 


ARCC Fly In, Swap Meet & Kids Day

by Brian Regan   June 18, 2017

This Weekend ARCC (Albuquerque Radio Control Club) held a new event for them. On Friday there was a swap meet. It was well attended. This was done at 4 in the afternoon. Lots of stuff to swap.
Saturday was the fly in and kids day. There were several kids flying on the buddy box. All planes survived and it was fun. The open flying was good. A little cross wind made it tricky.
Sunday was a better day. The wind was down the runway. A low turn out was due to it being Fathers Day. Still, there was 24 pilots and lots of fun.
ARCC did an excellent job keeping it low keyed and fun. Thanks to Les, Rich, Keith,Stan and Vick. I know I missed a few others helpers.
Come on out to Albuquerque and see their new runway. It's great.

Brian Regan



Ozark Flyers Benefit Fly-In

by Olen Rutherford   November 16, 2016

Every year in late October, the Ozark Flyers of Fayettville, Arkansas hosts a benefit fly-in. This years event was for the Juvenile Research Diabetes Foundation. Dennis Carter, President; Jim Harris, Secretary Treasure and Clay Heffner, Safety Officer do a great job hosting this event.In attendance this year was Emma Brown and Brody Tucker Juvenile Diabetes patients. Dennis and Jim presented the JRDF a check for $735.00. With a bad weather forecast for wind, 40 pilots including myself showed up to support the event. Put this even on your list for next year.

Olen Rutherford
Arkansas AVP
See you at a flying field somewhere.

  picture  picture 


Fairview, OK 65th Fly In and Air Show

by Bill Holland   November 15, 2016

Fairview, Oklahoma held their 65th Annual Air Show. This is the oldest free fly in and air show in North America traditionally held on the Saturday near Veteran's Day. This year the Tulsa Glue Dobbers sponsored the R/C acts that performed in the afternoon air show. This is a blend of both full scale and R/C acts. The morning starts early with a pancake breakfast at 7:00 am. Pilots from Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, and Missouri flew their planes in for the day along with many spectators who drove to the show. The food continues with lunch prior to the air show starting at 12:30 pm. This years R/C demonstration team consisted of Mike Pennell, Scott Kidder, Austin Chadwick, Claude Christ, and Ed Gross. Yours truly served as the R/C Air Boss and also flew in the show. Additional support and spotters included Sharon Holland, Jim Ellis, Calvin Ellis, and Jim Slocum from the OK Sooner Squadron. It was a spectacular two hour show with just outstanding weather. The Tulsa Glue Dobbers did an outstanding job and I greatly appreciate them volunteering to serve as the host club. The R/C portion is always a crowd favorite and would not have been possible without their support! Be sure and make this show next year. The people, pilots, and food are great. This is a special day to honor our Veterans!

  picture  picture 
 2016 R/C Demo Team Mike Pennell assisted by Claude Christ flying the big L4. 


Spaceport Drone Summit

by Brian Regan   November 13, 2016

This weekend I attended the Spaceport Drone Summit. This was the first one. They hope to have it next year. The weekend was a success. The drone racing was fast. There was a area for drone photography. There was a area for fixed wing demos and static display. Our VP Lawrence was there with his friend Johnny Hunt. Tony Stillman and Mark held down the AMA tent. Jim Tiller, District VIIII VP was in charge of the fixed wing display.
A group a pilots came up from Las Cruces and El Paso to fly their planes. They put on a lo of flights for the spectators.
This was a fun event. With some advertising it could become a big event. The Spaceport staff was great.
I had a good time and will go back next year. Hope to see you there.

  picture  picture 
 Teng, Gary And Shaun preparing to race. A young guest, Malcolm and jet flyer Jim. 


Aeromodelers Of Acadiana Fall Fun Fly Huge Success (Nov. 5)

by Jerry Walters   November 12, 2016

After having to cancel their May Fun Fly the AOA team finally had dry weather and pulled off a huge event. After going from flooding to draught flyers from far and near were hungry for a great event and they got one. With 48 registered pilots, a great raffle, night flying, camping, and the Star Taco food truck everyone had a smile. Fixed wing and helicopters shared the airspace with only a few mishaps. AOA and their friends are looking forward to the first Weekend in November 2017 for a repeat performance.

On November 12 the WARPS Club in Berwick, LA. will open its' gates for another great event.




by Brian Regan   October 16, 2016

This weekend I traveled to Las Cruces NM for Mesilla Valley Model Airplane Club's new field warming. Howard chapman road down with me. There were 5 members from Albuquerqe's AOK club.
John Womack was the CD and did a great job. There was about 25 pilots or more, I didn't count them. Lots of open flying and talk.
This event was held to warm up their new field. It is a good place to come to. There are 2 runways and lots of shade. When the city completes all the little things the club would like to have done, it will be even better. I had a real good time flying with the club. It was just a bunch of friendly flyers having a great time.
I will be back next year, Hope to see you then.

Brian Regan
District VIII AVP

  picture  picture 
 One of the flight lines. John Womack. He was the CD. Great job. 


Steve and Nate’s Most Excellent Fun Fly

by Brian Regan   September 10, 2016

Today Sept, 10th, Howard and I went up to Farmington, NM for Steve and Nate’s Most Excellent Fun Fly. The weather was great. It was not windy as expected. There were 36 pilots signed up. This was the 10th year of their event. It is hosted by Steve & Nate. The supply the prizes and food. All is free. There was a donation box to help. Lots of flying was the norm. I had a great time. I have never had a bad time there. The treat all visitors like family. I am looking forward to next year.

Brian Regan

 Nate & Steve. They did a great job. 


ARCC Labor Day Air Show 2016

by Brian Regan   September 4, 2016

This weekend i attended ARCC's Labor Day Air Show. It was held at Maloof Memorial field in Albuquerque. Rick and Keith were in charge and did a swell job. They had lots of help from Stan, Mark, Wanda, Jimmy, and Chuck. There were a few others too. The event is just open flying. Saturday was not too hot with a slight cross wind. Sunday was a little windy with the wind straight down the runway. It was great.
On Saturday Lawrence Tougas was the to answer questons about what he would do as the next AMA president if elected. Please go to his web site and see what he is all about.( ) He could make a good president. The choice is up to you.
Every year this event has been a lot of fun. It is a lot of work but worth it. I had a great time.If you get a chance, stop by and fly with them. It was fun.

Brian Regan

  picture  picture 
 Art and Howard discussing gravity. Rick and Keith sitting back letting us have all the fun. Great job guys. 


Rocky Mountain Flying Machine Open House

by Brian Regan   June 6, 2016

On Sunday RMFM held their 2nd annual open house. It was hot and a little windy. While the attendance was down, it was still real fun. They had a couple guest try there hand at flying. Grins all around.
I was hoping for more guest. Those that attended had a great time.
One safety item. Don't let anyone take pictures at the end of the runway dead center. We had a guest walk out to do just that. We brought him back in and later he found out why we can't let him stand there. A plane landed right where he would have been standing. Remember Safety is every ones job.

Come out next year and help make this a cool event.

Brian Regan

  picture  picture 
 Art levy from Santa Fe. Bob & Kent. 


AOK at the 75th Anniversary of Kirtland AFB.

by Brian Regan   June 6, 2016

AOK (Aeromodelers of Kirtland) joined in to celebrate Kirtland AFB 75th anniversary. The club put on demo flights and a static display. There were lots of people and questions. Don't touch that was heard often.
Thanks to all who showed up to help. It was a good time.

Brian Regan


2016 Warbirds Over Tucson

by Brian Regan   April 18, 2016

This weekend I traveled down to Tucson for Warbirds Over Tucson. There were 26 pilots and lots of airplanes. TRCC did a great job keeping the flying going. Saturday it was almost cold with wind. We flew a lot any way. This event is pretty laid back. The only requirement was to have fun. I think we did. On Sunday i got a chance to fly with a third scale Pup, a quarter scale DR1 and my Dr1. It was real fun trying to keep close enough to get a picture with all 3 planes.
Thanks TRCC for having another great event.

Brian Regan

 Brett, Jerry and Dave withe the WW1 planes. 


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