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Osark Flyers RC Club

by Amanda Coke   April 30, 2020

This past weekend I was enjoying a great time flying in Northwest Arkansas at the Osark Flyers RC Club near Fayetteville. During this chaotic time there is one hobby that we can do and follow CDC guidelines- Social distance flying! The field has a wonderful grass runway and plenty of covered area to sit and enjoy a nice day of planes tearing up the skies.

  picture  picture 
 Member rodney Darling, AVP Amanda Darling Member Doug Wilkerson Dave Gehle 


San Antonio Swap Meet

by Johnny Longoria   March 1, 2020

I went to the Tri City Flyers 2020 Swap Meet. Couldn't make it on Friday but went Saturday. Seems that all the tables were sold out before the event. Many great deals to be had. It's always great to start the year off by seeing old friends and meeting new.
I was congratulated by quite a few on my new AVP position and talked to Ed Valls who stepped down from the position. He gave me a few pointers and I plan on going to the Central and South Texas area events to meet more of our members.
Until next time...
Keep Your Wings Level

 Me and my A10 

District News

New AMA District-8 Website Under Development

by Sonny Coleman   February 8, 2020

URL Link to new website:

New site in the final stages of development.

Check it out!

Sonny Coleman
AMA District-8 Webmaster


Mike Vawters Memorial - Charity Fundraiser

by Benny Behrens   December 8, 2019

On November 16, 2019 Alvin RC Model Airplane Association held its annual charity fundraiser at its field in Alvin, TX. The club had planned a fun fly for the previous week which had to be canceled due to wet field conditions. Due to the many items donated for sale at the fundraiser Alvin RC decided to hold a simple event consisting of sale of items through silent auction, priced “garage sale” items, several tables were set up with donated items where attendees could simply take what they wanted and donate based on their conscience and of course simple donations were accepted also.

Even though weather conditions were poor and attendance was not what the club hoped the event was a success and generated $2,150 in donations. The money donated was used to purchase gift cards which were given to the Brazoria County Sheriff’s Department. The Sheriff’s Deputies then distribute the cards to less fortunate individuals/families in the county.

This has really turned into a great way to work with the Sheriff’s Department to support local folks at Christmas time. Thanks to everyone that donated and helped make the event a success.

  picture  picture 
 L to R Lewis Mack, Tom Youens, Sheriff Dept Rep, Benny Behrens Letter from Brazoria County Sheriff 

Fly-In / Fun-Fly

Guymon Fun Fly

by Amanda Coke   November 11, 2019

Sorry for the late post... Technical issues!! A wrong turn in the middle of the Oklahoma Panhandle brought some history to the Guymon Fun Fly in September. A cold front and high winds on Sunday did not keep 12 pilots from showing up ready to tear up the skies at Guymon Flying Tigers RC Club. There was a wide variety of planes and a really neat jet. The club had several awesome raffles such as P-51, Super Tiger and a Chipmunk.Lunch was an out of this world hamburger, french fries and homemade cobbler.
The maintenance crew for the Commemorative Airforce's B-17G,“Texas Raiders” that is stationed out of Conroe Texas. Took a wrong turn and made a memorable visit to Lear Field.One of the guys, Paul Bienvenu, The Woodlands TX, saw the P-51 that was one of our three Fun Fly pilots’ drawings, fell in love with it, and registered.Sunday came with good news that Paul had won the P-51.The P-51 will escort the Texas Raiders B-17G from here to El Reno Ok via being in the tail section of the B-17G.

  picture  picture 


ARCC Un-swap meet

by Brian Regan   November 4, 2019

Un-swap meet? What is it? ARCC had a Un-swap meet last Saturday. Les Beason came up with this idea. The stuff you have left after a swap meet just takes up space in your work shop. An un-swap meet was designed to get rid of that stuff. Here is how it works. Fill up a box with stuff, mark the box with the contents and seal the box. You can't look in the box. Just pick a box or two and take it home. It could be anything.
The turn out was light. Everything was taken. One man took almost all of it. It was fun and a little weird. I hope we do it again.
It was a great day of flying too. A little cold to start and then it got nice. I got in a couple flights and then called it a day.
If you get a chance, try a un-swap meet sometime. It will make you laugh.

 Here is Les giving away his un-swap stuff. 


Hight Desert Jet Fly In.

by Brian Regan   October 28, 2019

Jets. I attended ARCC's Hight desert Jet Fly In here in Albuquerque. They had 24 pilots and lots of fun. Weather was not so well on Thursday and Friday. Saturday was perfect. There was lots of spectators watching the jets. At noon there was a walk of planes.
Phill Knuckles was CD and with his wife Sharron they did a great job. Very well organized. They had lots of help from the local club.
This was the second Jet fly in here in Albuquerque. It was great. Next year I think it will be even better. The word is out. ARCC puts on a real good fly in. Join them next year and have a great time.

  picture  picture 
 A jet that just landed and one getting ready to take off. Phill and Sharron. The ran a excellent event. 


Senior Pattern Aerobatics

by Johnny Hunt   October 11, 2019

I was at the SPA event the Fort Worth Thunderbirds’s RC club put on last Saturday October 5th. It was a beautiful day and lots of flying.

  picture  picture 
 Judges hard at work Flying maneuvers smoothly 

District News


by Lawrence Harville   October 7, 2019

Dear member –

We need your assistance in an urgent matter. Late last week, the FAA unexpectedly informed us that, contrary to earlier commitments to AMA, the agency is planning to limit all recreational model aircraft operations to 400 feet in controlled airspace – with no exceptions. Additionally, the FAA is proposing restrictions in uncontrolled airspace to altitudes that could present safety issues as well as limit some model aircraft operations altogether. We were stunned by this proposal and are pushing back, but we need your help.

We urge you to send a letter to your elected representatives in Congress and ask them to contact the FAA on this critical issue. Please visit to contact your representative.

Congress specifically granted the FAA the flexibility to allow operations over 400 feet if safety would not be affected. The FAA has not provided AMA with any data that proves that our operations are a safety risk. As you know, our model aircraft operations do not pose any safety or security risk to local airports or aircraft. The FAA needs to honor the Congressional directive to work with AMA on these issues.

Because of the negative impact on so many AMA members and clubs, we are going to fight this proposal with every resource at our disposal. You, our members, are our best resource.

To have the maximum impact on this proposed policy as possible, please share this message with your friends, family and fellow club members who love our hobby. To learn more about this policy, please click here. Also monitor your emails for new information as we work to fight this restrictive policy. As always, we are committed to doing everything possible to protect the model aviation hobby. If you have questions, please contact us at (765)287-1256 or


The AMA Government Affairs Team


Hot Air Huckfest

by Brian Regan   October 6, 2019

Greetings from Albuquerque NM. I attended the Hot Air Huckfest on Saturday. They Had 13 pilots. Saturday flying was great. Mike did a great job with this event. Lots of open flying. Mike had some help from the local club ARCC. Along with the event, Albuquerque was having the balloon fiesta. Airplanes and balloons filling the sky. What a site.
Come out to New Mexico next year and have a great time looping the loop and defying the ground. You will have a good time.

  picture  picture 
 Marlin getting ready to fly. Mike. The event organizer. 


El Paso RC Annual Ray Hall

by Tom Holmsley   October 1, 2019

Sunday, September 8, 2019
As usual, the Annual Ray Hall Memorial event sponsored by The El Paso Radio Controllers was a big hit with lots of flying, good fellowship, and great food. President Fritz Gatlin and officers Bobby Avvacato (VP), Dennis Linden (Sec. Treas), and Mike Greeson (Safety Officer), supervised the activities assisted by Ray Welch (CD). The judges were Jill Myrick, Paul Rucker, and Lalo Anaya. And the wonderful cooks were Gina Merli, Kathy Linden, Aiden Linden, and Maddi Linden. Then there was Kevin Parker, the announcer, who added much color to it all. The Horizon RCers and The Alamogordo RC Club were well represented and added to the fun. The day ended with the presentation of awards and an extensive raffle. With lots of good memories, everyone is already looking forward to next year.
The award winners were L to R:
Philip Evans, Alamogordo
Maurice Evans, Alamogordo
Phil Gibson, El Paso
Ernie Morris, Alamogordo
Todd Penka, Alamogordo President
Tony Lovett
See photo below.

  picture  picture 
 Ray Hall Participants Award Winners 


Bomber Field

by Johnny Hunt   September 25, 2019

I attended the B17 fly in at Bomber Field on September 20th. 84 pilots on Friday had a great time a lot of flying. If you get a chance attend one of their fly in please go even to watch.

  picture  picture 
 Lots of planes One of the B17 there. 


Steve And Nate's Most Excellent Fun Fly

by Brian Regan   September 22, 2019

Last weekend I went up to Farmington NM for, Steve And Nate's Most Excellent Fun Fly. It was a blast. The weather was great on Saturday. Sunday it started raining. Some got a few flights in before the rain. Steve with the help of the San Juan Radio Control club did a great job. The entry fee is a donation. For that you get Doughnuts and coffee both mornings and lunch and dinner on Saturday. They had a potluck Friday night.
There was lots of flying from the 30 or so pilots. It was also real laid back.
Plan on coming for next years event. You will have an Excellent time.

  picture  picture 
 The pilots. Paul Jarvis thank the club members. 



by Amanda Coke   August 6, 2019

Good Afternoon All,
Amarillo Arks club will be having their Annual War Bird Event this coming weekend August 10th and 11th at the ARKS field (Amarillo). Proceeds from this years event will be donated to the Honor Flight Society that provides veterans travel expenses to Washington DC. The Amarillo ARKS club will also make an additional donation to this very worthy cause to honor our military veterans for the sacrifices they have made for our great nation insuring our freedoms. Please plan to attend this very worth while event there is sure to be some excellent fellowship, nice airplanes and possibly a full scale fly over of military aircraft. Lunch will be available.

For Additional Information please call Mark Cavitt 806-672-4868 if no answer please leave message I will return your call.


ASYMCA Summer Learning Adventure

by Tom Holmsley   July 30, 2019

About 35 future pilots ages 6-12 visited the El Paso Radio Controllers today (July 29, 2019). They were participating in the Learning Adventure program from the Armed Services YMCA, and today's events gave them new knowledge about aviation. Several EPRC pilots were present to give them first hand experience with airplanes and how to fly them. There were several flight demonstrations followed by ground school training which led to each youngster actually flying by use of the buddy box. Fritz Gatlin, the EPRC President, organized the activities which included the presentation to each participant a club letter with a patch, a propeller, and a hand tossed glider.
Officers from the ASYMCA were there to oversee the activities which was a big help for the club. They were:
Paola Camacho, Teacher Assistent
Nadine Carrillo, Child Care Provider
Diana Bengson, Development Manager
Betty Ramirez, Program Coordinator
Isabel Ortiz, Bus Driver
On departure, one of the ASYMCA adults commented to me that she had heard one of the youngsters say "this is the best field trip they have ever had".
A big congratulations to all the ASYMCA and EPRC members who participated, and we're looking forward to seeing a whole new batch of aviators in the future.

  picture  picture 
 Dennis Lynden, treas; Tony Flores, Amelio Dimas, Honesty Cornelius, Ben Saldana Joe Pritchard, ASYMCA Exec. Director, with curious new aviatrixes. 


EPRC Hosts Military

by Tom Holmsley   July 1, 2019

On Sunday, June 30,2019, The El Paso Radio Controllers hosted a social event for The Armed Services YMCA and the Fort Bliss Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers. The event provided an opportunity for individuals in these two organizations to learn more about our hobby and give them an idea about how they can get involved. Activities included hands on flight training and demonstrations for both fixed wing and drones as well as a brisquet lunch followed by a drawing. Attendance was great, and everyone had a good time.

  picture  picture 
 Armed Forces YMCA and EPRC officers Members of the Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers from Ft. Bliss 


RRCC First Annual Swap Meet and Auction

by Lawrence Harville   June 28, 2019

To All RC Modelers,

The RRCC First Annual Swap Meet and Auction will be held in the Allen High School Cafeteria on August 31st from 8:00AM - 1:30PM (see flyer for breakdown of check in times, auction times, help with hotel reservations and restaurants from the Allen Chamber of Commerce)

Reservations will begin upon your receipt of this message and end on August 25th. Tables are $15.00 each.

Reservations will be on a first come first serve basis.

There are two ways to reserve tables.

This information is also located at:

1. If you prefer to pay by check, go to and click on Go To Swap Meet Page and Register Online Button. This will take you to a page where you can open and print the flyer. You will find a registration form at the bottom of the flyer that you can fill out. Mail your check and registration form to:


Attn: Treasurer

P.O. Box 860131

Plano, Texas 75086-0131

2. If you prefer to pay with Pay Pal, Follow the same instructions above only this time click the button Go to Online Registration. Once you click this button a reservation form will appear that you will need to fill out before pressing the SUBMIT button. After clicking the submit button you will see a page with a RRCC Logo. Click this logo. On the following page CLICK ADD TO CART. You are now in the RRCC Store where you will resubmit Qty of tables you wish to reserve. You will now click Check out with Pay Pal. Make sure you complete the process to the point of logging into your pay pal and selecting method of payment and you getting a verification from Pay Pal that you have paid.

You should receive a confirmation email from me and receipt within 24 to 36 hours of payment.

*****There is adequate space for anyone wanting to sell RC related merchandise and planes. For this reason, NO OUTSIDE sales will be allowed at the event.

If for some reason you fail to reserve a table prior to the event, one of the RRCC event staff will make every effort to provide space for you.

Additional fees will apply.

For any questions please go to:

Or contact Ed Kranz at:


Fly-In / Fun-Fly

Fort Bend RC Club PAWS and Planes

by Lawrence Harville   June 19, 2019

Fort Bend RC Club
This past weekend, on June 15, we held a major fundraising
community-service event. We hosted the Fort Bend Animal Services
Department’s pet adoption program in a fly-in we called “PAWS and
Planes.” PAWS is an acronym for Pets Are Worth Saving, a program
championed by our county’s Commissioner Vincent Morales. Commissioner
Morales is important to our club since our facility is on a county-owned
landfill as part of their reclamation program. He and Animal Services’
Barbara Vass addressed our event’s gathering at the beginning of the
event, stating their program is aiming for zero-euthanasia, and is well
on its way.

The fundraiser received direct donations to the PAWS program by members
and guests, generated funds from the raffling of gift baskets, and took
in money selling our fresh grilled ground sirloin burgers, chips and
drinks. Barbara Vass was very pleased with the outcome, as indicated
in the newspaper article.

Our Fort Bend Radio Control Club also achieved its desired objective of
community exposure with the goal of demonstrating the enjoyment of safe
R/C flying in hopes of increasing our membership. Several guests
indicated their interest in joining our FBRC and AMA.

You will find enclosed several jpg files of our event, including two
newspaper articles and several photos of the event to show its scale.

I have already submitted some of this information to Mandee Mikulski to
support our application for the AMA Club Recognition and Reward Program.

I promise to be responsive to any questions you may have in regards to
this most successful event.

Rick Lamprecht

  picture  picture 


San Juan Radio Control Club Electric Fun Fly

by Brian Regan   June 15, 2019

The electricity was in the air. No, really it was. The San Juan Radio Control Club held a electric fun fly. I didn't count the pilots. It was a real laid back event. Lots of open flying. I only came up for the morning to see watts going on. They were going to keep flying into the night.
So with a few planes in the air, the bench talk was just as fun. You could get a expert opinion on everything. That was what makes this event so fun. Everyone was welcome to share stories of building and flying. That's what we do. This group of flyers is a lot of fun.
If you ever get a chance to come up to Farmington, New Mexico, you won't be disappointed. Come fly with them.

Brian Regan


Fly-In / Fun-Fly

Fort Bend RC Club Giant Scale Aerobatic/3D Fly In

by Benny Behrens   June 15, 2019

On Saturday June 8, 2019 I had the pleasure to attend Fort Bend RC Club’s Giant Scale Aerobatic/3D Fly In. Fort Bend’s field is located in Rosenberg, Texas (southwest of Houston).

The event was well attended by pilots and spectators and most of all some first class airplanes and flying. Fort Bend RC has a very nice facility including air-conditioned club house, restrooms, covered shade area and paved runways.

The weather was great which allowed pilots to fly most anything they had all day long. This was a nice change from earlier in the year when several other events were cancelled or postponed.

I believe everyone enjoyed the day, the food and the flying. It was a safe and well done event…Thanks to all the volunteers that put it together…Benny

  picture  picture 


PAMPA fun-fly

by Cliff Town   June 3, 2019

we had the pampa fun-fly. Had a great time , the weather was a little rainy sat, but great on Sunday, sunny and no wind. We flew four events two on sat and two on Sunday, spot landing, and balloon drop Sat. & pony-express, limbow on Sunday. We had about 20 sum flyers. They had free hamburgers both days. Lot of open flying both days. Had a great time The Buffalo Club is having there fun-fly next Saturday June 8 it will be a great time to. Sorry you missed Pampa fun-fly, but you can still make Buffalo's in Amarillo sat.


ARKS fly-in

by Cliff Town   May 20, 2019

well we had a great time in Amarillo at the ARKS fly-in weather was a little windy sat. but still lots of flying going on. sunday not much wind and three planes in the air all the time.$5.00 meal at noon both days was great. They gave away about $1000.00 dollars worth of planes and motors. The club is always very friendly and help full, had a great time. Lots of war birds, and smaller planes of all kinds, 40%, 35%, just planes of all kinds, and lots of them. I did get a count, but I would say around 30 to 35 flyers. Lots of fun, BS, & flying. and by the way they have a very nice field and set up very safely. Happy flying people, see you around.

Free Flight

Change of DATE

by Lawrence Harville   May 14, 2019

Free Flighters,
Please note the rescheduling of this weekend's contest at Hamilton. If you know of anybody planning on coming this weekend please pass this on to them.
Mike Fedor


The Texas Cloud Climbers 27 th. ANNUAL SPRING CUP scheduled for May
18 th. and 19 th. at the Hamilton, Texas airport is CHANGED TO May 25 th. & 26 th.

The field is too muddy and impassible with rain forecast for Sat. May 18 th.
We regret the change and hope for good conditions the 25 th. & 26 th.

Please change your reservations.

We hope to see you there,

Faust Parker

District News

Great Day in Alamogordo, New Mexico

by Tom Holmsley   May 12, 2019

The Alamogordo RCers annual club picnic was held at their flying field starting early on Saturday morning, May 11, 2019. The eager early birds were rewarded with a beautiful, clear morning which made their flying that much more fun. They gathered with their planes for the photo below. They are L to R:
Dawn Packwood
Walt Packwood
Terry Ott
Maurice Morgan, Safety Officer
Todd Penka, President
Mike Taylor, Horizon Club
Tom Jacoby, Event Manager and Secretary.
Harry Johnson
David B. Smith
Charlie Bice

A highlight of the day was the superb picnic lunch cooked by President Todd Penka with dishes provided by other members.

Since this is always such a nice annual event, we're already looking forward to next year.

 The Alamogordo RCers Early Birds 


Cavanaugh Flight Museum

by Johnny Hunt   May 6, 2019

On May 4 Ed Kettler a safety officer for the Fort Worth Thunderbirds’s RC Club invited members to the. Cavanaugh Flight Museum where he is a volunteer for over 20 years and a crew member of their B25. It was fun day for all. If you get a chance visit the air museum near you.

  picture  picture 
 Ed Kettler is 3rd from left. He was able to take us places the public can not go. 


Young Eagles page 2.

by Brian Regan   May 5, 2019

I got this from Stan Pres of ARCC.

Hello all,

The Young Eagles event at Double Eagle II went off without a hitch yesterday. The EAA folks thanked us for our efforts and invited us back for there next Young Eagles event. The two RC Flight Sims were in use most of the day and we gave away a number of magazines. Brian Reagan had a number of handouts to give away courtesy of the AMA.

The EAA tried a new way of running the event which worked very well and moved the kids through in an orderly fashion with little waiting in line to fly unlike last years event. The weather was great and we got to see a couple of unusual aircraft including a fancy auto-gyro. We were allowed to drive our vehicles to the hangar for loading and unloading our planes and equipment which made for easy set up and tear down.

I meant to take pictures, but was so busy talking to kids and adults that the event was over before I realized I'd not gotten any pictures.

I want to thank all of you that gave of your time and equipment to make our display the success that it was. We had several members from the RRRCC that stayed the whole time. Without their help we would have been a bit rushed. So a BIG THANK YOU to all who helped. My apologies for not knowing that a free pancake breakfast was provided. Most of us had already fueled up before we got there. The sausage sure smelled good!





Young eagles

by Brian Regan   May 5, 2019

May the force be with you. Yes I know, pretty corny. The Young Eagles had a fly in at Double Eagle 2 airport in Albuiquerque. The Rio Rancho and Albuquerque Radio control club brought planes and simulators. The pilots give up there time and money to let the kids fly with them. What a cool bunch of men an women. There were over 70 kids of all ages. One young man that really wanted to go was just too young. He will be in the air one day.
I am thankful for the pilots and volunteers for the work they did to teach all those young aviators.
Look for a Young Eagle event in your area. It is a lot of fun.

Brian Regan

 Joshua having a go on the simulator. 


IMAC Event, El Paso

by Tom Holmsley   April 30, 2019

The 2nd Annual Southwest and South Central Smackdown International Miniature Aerobatic Club (IMAC) Meet at the Border was hosted by The Horizon City RC flyers at Danny's field April 27th and 28th, 2019 in El Paso.

There were 27 flyers from the combined South Central and Southwest IMAC regions. Those coordinating the event where Texas Regional Director and CD Dan Powell from Callisburg, Texas; CD Mike Taylor from the Horizon Club; Amanda Coke, AMA District 8 Contest Coordinator from Dalhart, Texas; and Alex Dreiling, Southwest IMAC Regional Director from Phoenix.

The photo below shows Dan Powell, Texas Regional IMAC Director on the left followed by the winners from left to right.
1st Unlimited: Alex Dreiling, SW
1st Advanced and 2nd in Seniors: Michael Marcellin, SW
1st Freestyle: Mel Nipkow, SW
2nd Sportsman: Richard Crutchfield, SW
1st Sportsman: Mike Triebe, SW
3rd Seniors: Jacques Telles, SW
1st Basic: Jimmy Allen, SC
3rd Basic: Amanda Coke, SC
3rd Sportsman: Allen Delger, SC
1st Intermediate: Rhett Lambert, SC
2nd Basic: Joe Adame, SC
Rudy Voldrich, Contestant Intermediate, SC

Congratulations to the Southwest Region who took the trophy as overall winner.

This outstanding IMAC event was the 2nd for the Horizon Club, and they are hoping to sponsor it again next year.

  picture  picture 
 Alex Dreiling, Southwest Regional Director, 1st Unlimited, and high score trophy Contest winners as shown above. 


Alvin - 29th Annual Big Bird Fly In

by Benny Behrens   April 23, 2019

On Saturday April 20, 2019 the Alvin Radio Control Model Airplane Association (ARCMAA) held its 29th annual Big Bird Fly In and 15th annual Swap Meet. The weather was absolutely perfect – clear, very mild breeze and cool – don’t know how Fred Daniels, CD found the contact info for Mother Nature but hope he saves it. The club had close to 20 pilots registered along with local RC visitors from local clubs and local spectators. With the weather as perfect as it was the pilots should have gotten all the flying they wanted.

The entire event was a success and very well done. It ran very smooth, no safety issues and no crashes that I witnessed.

Airplane entries were a complete cross section of airplanes in our hobby from large scale cubs to large warbirds and everything in between.

The first photo below is a group shot of some of the pilots, CD Fred Daniels, some of the airplanes entered and me. The second photo is Alvin RC’s hard working dedicated Hamburger Team responsible for “the best hamburgers in Texas”!!!

Thanks to all of the pilots, visitors, spectators and all of the club volunteers that made this event a success. Benny Behrens, AVP Houston area

  picture  picture 
 Group Photo Of Pilots "Greatest Hamburgers in Texas" team 


San Juan Radio Control Club Swap meet.

by Brian Regan   April 21, 2019

Yesterday morning Howard and I got up early and drove to Farmington New Mexico for a swap meet hosted by SJRCC. There were a few sellers and some lookers. Two ARCC members came up too. The weather was great. Those that were flying had a good time. It is fun to visit this club. They are a lot like all clubs. Lots of laughing and telling stories.
Visit this club and fly with them. You will have a good time.

Brian Regan


Cajun Helifest 2019

by Clay Ricks   April 18, 2019

Cajun Helifest 2019 was amazing. This was my first time at the event. The first thing I noticed was the hospitality. The folks from Southern Louisiana were amazing. I never felt more welcome so quickly at an event. They've put on a great event for several years now. The event drew in people from all over the country.

I personally love cajun and creole food and they didn't let me down. One night we had crawfish and another we had gumbo. Even had a little boudin one morning.

The most interesting thing was the heli fishing. They had a contest in which a string was attached to the heli and then they hovered over the pond in an attempt to catch a fish. The winner got a nibble so unfortunately I didn't get to see one caught but I'm told that they have caught some in previous years.

I'd like to say thank you to guys that do the work to host the event. I will be back for sure.

  picture  picture 
 BB Smith and Jon Martin serving some crawfish Heli fishermen 


WAMS Swapmeet 2019 Weatherford, TX

by Clay Ricks   April 18, 2019

I was able to attend the WAMS annual swapmeet once again this year. The club hosts an excellent swapmeet every year. It's a great time of the year to get everyone together, see some old friends and make some new friends. If you've never been, I highly encourage you to make the trip next year.

They use the Weatherford High School which allows several rows of tables. They also run an auction at the end of the event.

  picture  picture 
 AVP's Johnny Hunt, Tony Breyen, and Clay Ricks Okie's visiting;Tommy, Kevin, Frank A, Richard, Gerald, Bill, Frank B, and Lewis 

District News

Public Relations Grants

by Lawrence Harville   April 14, 2019

How to receive up to $300 for your public relations coverage for AMA club

How to receive up to $300 for your public relations coverage with the AMA Club Recognition and Reward Program

Involve your AMA chartered club in support of an activity that is beneficial to a local charity or community activity…receive positive recognition in the form of television coverage, radio coverage, or print coverage; and receive additional recognition and a financial reward from AMA.

How to qualify for the Club Recognition and Reward Program.
1. Your club hosts a fun-fly, and all proceeds generated during the event are donated to the local Ronald McDonald House. If your activity and donation are highlighted by a local newspaper/magazine, radio station, television station, or Web Site, your club qualifies for the AMA Club Recognition and Reward Program. 2. Your club may decide to donate a certain number of man-hours to a park for the purpose of picking up trash along the access road every month. If your club is recognized in a positive manner by the media for its ongoing efforts, you would qualify for the AMA Club Recognition and Reward Program.

If you have additional questions, contact Chris Brooks, Public Relations Manager, at (765) 287- 1256, extension 276 or Return the Club Recognition and Reward Program form to: Chris Brooks Public Relations Manager 5161 E. Memorial Dr. Muncie IN 47302 765-287-1256 Ext. 276

Lawrence Harville
AMA District VIII
Vice President

Last Flight

Dave Hoffman Long Term member of JSCRCC

by Benny Behrens   April 7, 2019

Below is an excerpt from an article by Mike Laible, President of Johnson Space Center RC Club’s (JSCRCC) newsletter:

"This month I start the column with mixed feelings. Last week I just found out that Dave Hoffman passed away last year. He meant so much to this club and was treasurer for over 40 years. Dave was so proud of being a part of the JSCRCC and always helped the club and had a huge heart for instructing new members. Over the years his flying subsided some but up until a couple of years ago was still treasurer. It was a tough decision for him to step down, but he put the club before his own desires.”

At JSCRCC’s 2017 Warbird event I had the honor to present a District VIII Service Award to Dave. Dave had been a member of JSCRCC for 50 years and was the club Treasurer for almost the same 50 years. Dave will be missed by the club’s members and by all the modeling community he touched during those years….Benny Behrens, District VIII AVP – Houston area.

  picture  picture 
 Dave at JSCRCC's 2017 Warbird with his award Mike Laible JSCRCC President with Dave 

District News

New AVP in Oklahoma

by Clay Ricks   March 14, 2019

First off, a little about me. I live in Duncan, OK and I'm the club president here at the local field, Chisholm Trail RC Squadron.

Aviation is a lifelong passion for me. I honestly cannot remember a time in my life that I wasn't obsessed with flight. I got my first model airplane around the age of 10. I flew some as a kid growing up but not as much as I wanted.

After high school, I attended the University of Louisiana at Monroe where I earned a bachelor's degree in aviation business. It was during my college years that I truly got into model aviation. My friends and I would fly every chance that we could get out.

However, life doesn't always go as you planned and I ended up working as a pipeline corrosion technician in Oklahoma. It was here that I met my wife and we now have a family here in Duncan.

Once I started flying with the club in Duncan is when I started to get into giant scale and then into 3D. I currently fly a variety of aircraft types including 3D (primary), helicopters, scale planes, and sport planes. Simply put if it flies I like it.

I host an event here each year and I attend events all over the district. I will be attending several this year spanning across Oklahoma, Texas, and Louisiana.

My goals as an AVP include meeting and talking with AMA members at events, helping members and clubs with issues that arise, and I'd like to see more flying events in the state of Oklahoma.

I look forward to meeting and doing some flying with you all.

  picture  picture 

Fly-In / Fun-Fly

Richardson Radio Control Club Spring Fun Fly

by Johnny Hunt   March 13, 2019

Let’s get out there and support this clubs that on this events. Whether you fly at the event are not come on out and meet new people.tap on my fun fly events and see flyer it’s on March 30 2019.


Fly-In / Fun-Fly

EPRC Flying Cupids

by Tom Holmsley   February 27, 2019

The El Paso Radio Controllers held their "Flying Cupids" Fun-Fly and Swap Meet on February 9, 2019 at Patriot Field, their home field. The events were timed loops, timed flight, and spot landing. 1st, 2nd, 3rd place medallions, donated by Ray Welch, were presented to the winners. Congratulations to Rick Quast, the over all champion. There was also a raffle for a P-47 donated be Ray Welch and won by Tony Lovett, and a P-51 UMX donated by Phil Gibson, won by Kevin Parker. An added attraction was firing paint balls at a MIG-27 piloted by Bobby Avvacato. Tony Lovett scored the only hit on this plane.
All this was topped off with tasty brisquet, baked beans, chips and a drink.
It was a very fun day for everyone with perfect weather.

  picture  picture 
 Kevin Parker, Rick Quast(Champion), Tony Lovett, Eric Truster, Guy Barber Paint Ball Squadron, Tony Lovett scored only hit, Bobby Avvacato, pilot. 


New things coming

by Johnny Hunt   February 7, 2019

I was at my granddaughter graduation from OSU last may in Stillwater Oklahoma. While I was there I looked up the local Rc flying club which is the Steelwater RC Flyers and found out they share a field with the OKS University Unmanned Aircraft Flight Station. I met a very nice young man named Will Clay he builds his own equipment and fly’s both UAV and drones. He uses the drone with GPS to count and locate the cows on the ranch and uses the UAV to check on the fence line. He has his Part 107.

  picture  picture 
 This his command station for his UAV This Will with his UAC. 



by Stew Moore   February 5, 2019

I attended the MASA swap meet this last Saturday in EL DORADO, ARKANSAS .Also attending were DIST VIII AVP'S Gary Strickland and Olen Rutherford .It is normally a mixture of electric to large gas R/C and a large segment of CONTROL LINE equipment in a great facility .The club has a very nice R/C and CONTROL LINE field on the East side of town . Lunch and breakfast snacks are always available .Jason Cunningham and the guys put on a good event - swap meet , r/c or control line .
I had a great time at the end talking to Olen Rutherford as we spent a significant amount of time recalling our early model airplane and AMA experiences plus many of the great modelers we had known .

Just a reminder--- The Texarkana Texas club will have a swap meet on FEB 16th at Gary Strickland's facility in Nash, Texas

  picture  picture 


New At This!!

by Stan Kopreski   January 28, 2019

This is my first post, and I am still learning how to use this page.. BUT, stay tuned, I intend to catch you up on the 2018 events that were held in Central Arkansas.. As of this writing, it looks like I will be covering as much of Dist VIII as I can this year..I mostly fly scale helicopters and also scale planes, from small electrics to large gassers.
If I can be of any help, please feel free to contact me.. Usually 9am till 8pm

Thank You,

Stan Kopreski

 My 2012 Scale NATS winner 

Fly-In / Fun-Fly

New At This!!

by Stan Kopreski   January 28, 2019

This is my first post, and I am still learning how to use this page.. BUT, stay tuned, I intend to catch you up on the 2018 events that were held in Central Arkansas.. As of this writing, it looks like I will be covering as much of Dist VIII as I can this year..I mostly fly scale helicopters and also scale planes, from small electrics to large gassers.
If I can be of any help, please feel free to contact me.. Usually 9am till 8pm

Thank You,

Stan Kopreski


Mesilla Valley Swap Meet

by Tom Holmsley   January 20, 2019

The Mesilla Valley Model Aircraft Club from Las Cruces, New Mexico, held a large swap meet on January 19, 2019. There were at least 15 tables loaded with a large variety of planes, kits, engines, radios, building materials and all kinds of related accessories in addition to fresh cooked breakfast burritos for all the shoppers. In addition to the Mesilla Valley Valley Club, Alamogordo, and Horizon City also had booths, and there was a raffle as well. All together, it was a fun event, and lots of shoppers went home happy with their new found treasures.

  picture  picture 
 A view of the Swap Meet area with shoppers. Alan Siegwart, President of the Mesilla Valley Club over-seeing the swap meet. h 


bad weather

by Cliff Town   January 13, 2019

up here in the tx and okla panhandle the weather is not so great right now. not much going on right now. so about 10 of us flyers in this area are going to YUMA AZ. to fly for 1 or 2 weeks some will stay longer. weather there is great this time of year. flyers are very friendly and they are from all over the U.S.. so if you can, come and go with us lots of fun. They have a big fun-fly the last weekend of feb. that we all go to.



by Johnny Hunt   January 10, 2019

I and Lawrence Harville where invited to a glider contest in Albuquerque New Mexico. I fly scale and some fun fly planes. It was very interesting to whatch their skill in these timed events. If you haven’t tried it I suggest you do. I will definitely have one in my stable of planes.

Fly-In / Fun-Fly

Horizon City R/C Flyers Memorial Fly-In

by Tom Holmsley   December 20, 2018

On October 28, 2018, the Horizon City R/C Flyers Club hosted their Memorial Fun-In to remember club members who have taken their final flight. Great weather and good participation made this a very enjoyable event which included not only airplanes, but rockets as well. It was a nice tribute to those who have passed away.

  picture  picture 
 Mike Taylor preparing for a rocket launch. Dave Blanke getting ready to fly his Somethin' Extra. 


Alvin RC - Charity Fund Raiser Fun Fly

by Benny Behrens   December 15, 2018

This year Alvin RC Model Airplane Association had to cancel their Charity Fun Fly due to rain and wet field conditions. At the club’s last meeting it was decided to ask for donations and as a result of this effort we were able to give the Sheriff $700 in $50 gift cards for distribution to less fortunate folks by his deputies. Below is a letter from the Sheriff expressing his appreciation:

{979) 864-2214
December 12, 2018

Mr. Benny Behrens, President
Alvin Radio Control Model Airplane Association

On behalf of myself and the Brazoria County Sheriff's Office I want to thank you and all members of the Alvin Radio Control Model Airplane Association for your contribution to the citizens of Brazoria County.

I understand that this year due to extreme weather you were unable to hold your "Fly ln Fundraiser" but instead members of the club donated $700.00 which you wish to contribute to the Sheriff s Office in the form of cash cards. The Sheriff’s Office through its deputies will identify citizens in need some still from the effects of the last three years of flooding and other hardships and will then distribute these cash cards to those citizens.

Again, I wish to thank you and your fellow members for such a generous act and for giving the Sheriff's Office a chance to be a part of your team to help those in need.
Charles S. Wagner, Sheriff
Brazoria County, Texas”

Thanks to everyone that contributed and wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Great New Year full of great flying weather...Benny

District News

FAA Registration Requirements

by Lawrence Harville   December 14, 2018

There has been some confusion about FAA registration and model aircraft as it relates to new federal regulations passed by Congress earlier this year. Below is a series of commonly asked questions and answers.

Q: Do I have to register every model aircraft or drone separately or can I register once and use that single number on all of my models?
A: Section 349 does not require you to register each model separately. You only need to register your name, physical address, and email address once. You can continue to use your assigned single FAA number for all of your models.

Q: When will my registration number expire?
A: Traditionally numbers need renewed after three years. Anyone who registered before December 12, 2017 will have their registration date automatically extended two years to 2020 at no charge. The only caveat to this free extension is for those individuals who specifically requested that his or her name be taken off the FAA registration database.

Q: Do only drones and multirotor operators need to register?
A: Anyone who flies a model that can freely navigate in the air and uses a remote control device (e.g. RC transmitter) is required to register. This includes drones, traditional fixed wing model aircraft, model helicopters, and other remote controlled model aircraft. If you exclusively fly models under .55 pounds, indoors, control line, or free flight models - you do not need to register.

Q: Do I need to list both my AMA number and my federal registration number on my aircraft?
A: Yes, you need to list both your AMA number and Federal registration number on your aircraft.

Q: I only fly CL, FF, or indoors - do I need to register?
A: No. If you exclusively fly indoors, FF, or CL you do not need to register.

Q: How do I check my expiration date, number, or renew?
A: You can access your FAA account at This site will allow you to view your personal FAA registration number and expiration date.


Albuquerque Soaring Association F-3 Contest

by Brian Regan   November 20, 2018

I just attended ASA's F-3 glider contest. Our VP Lawrence and AVP John were also there. Steve Moskal did a great job keeping the event going. There were 26 pilots trying to get a 6 minute flight in a 10 minute window and then a spot landing. It is not as easy as it sounds.
I learned a lot watching and talking at this event.
ASA has an event almost every month. They are a very active club. It was a well run event.

  picture  picture 
 Lawrence, Efrin and Steve at the pilots meeting. Trying to get together for a group picture. 

District News

FAA number to expire

by Lawrence Harville   November 16, 2018

All renewals have been extended by two years. Most renewals are now due late 2020. Members can check their new expiration date by visiting If they forgot their password, they can reset it at that site.

We are sharing this information in the Model Aviation, earlier this week in the blogs, and in the next AMA Today.

Chad Budreau
Interim Executive Director AMA

District News

AMA club Roster

by Lawrence Harville   November 14, 2018

After tooooo long a delay
the AMA Club Roster page is working

District News

AMA Final Flight Honor Roll

by Lawrence Harville   November 13, 2018

The AMA honors members who have passed away in 2018, If you know of someone and would like to have them on the AMA Final Flight Honor Roll----send me their names to me.

Last Flight

Mike Vawters

by Benny Behrens   October 28, 2018

In August of 2018, Alvin RC Model Airplane Association lost one of its most dedicated and well-liked club members, Mike Vawters. As Vice-President and Safety Officer, he provided the club with invaluable leadership and expertise through the years. Alvin RC's yearly Fun Fly, now named after him, is to honor him for his contributions to the club and to the hobby. We are continuing his idea of having this Charity Fund Raiser Fun Fly Event to welcome other clubs to our flying field just to have an enjoyable day of flying, camaraderie and to support a very worth while cause.

Mike you will missed by the club members and your friends in the local RC community.

  picture  picture 
 Mike (on the right) presenting Sheriff Wagner with $1700 in gift cards last year Mike with his latest Warbird 


Nate & Steve's Most Excellent Fun Fly

by Brian Regan   September 17, 2018

I just attended the 12th annual Nate & Steve's Most Excellent Fun Fly. For the last 12 years Nate & Steve have been hosting this event. All planes are welcome and fun is mandatory. We had fun. There was lots of flying. The weather was great.
Lunch was great. They served burgers and dogs. The cost was a donation to the club. After lunch prizes were passed out. Stan from California brought many prizes. The more you flew the better chance to win one.
Next year will be the 13th fly in. They are already planning for more fun and excellent flying.

Fly-In / Fun-Fly

El Paso Radio Controllers Ray Hall Fun Fly

by Tom Holmsley   September 17, 2018

The El Paso Radio Controllers held their Annual Ray Hall event on Sunday, September 9, 2018. Participation was outstanding with the clubs from Alamogordo, Horizon City, and El Paso represented.
Military Flying awards went to:
1st, Michael Morgan, Corsair, Horizon
2nd, Tony Lovette, P-47,El Paso
3rd, Oliver Bimberg, DR-1, Horizon.
Civilian awards went to:
1st, Todd Penka, Piper Tri-Pacer, Alamogordo
2nd, Phil Gibson, Cessna 150, El Paso
3rd, Ernie Morris, Stinson Reliant, Alamogordo
There were many other awards including several for static display.
The support team was large and included organizers, judges and great cooks who presented a fabulous meal.
This was a fun day and a great tribute to our hobby.

  picture  picture 
 All Ray Hall Memorial award winners. Support team for Ray Hall Memorial 


Road Runner Scale Classic 2018

by Brian Regan   September 9, 2018

The Road Runner Scale Classic was a fun event this weekend. 30 plus pilots and lots of aircraft. ARCC did a missing man flight on Saturday morning. We lost too many friends this year. The weather was perfect. Light winds and low temps kept us flying late each day. The BBQ dinner on Saturday night was real good.
ARCC did a great airshow. Please take time to thank the members that gave up their time to make this a great event. Thanks ARCC.
Next year should be even better. Come fly with them. You will have a good time.

Brian Regan

Fly-In / Fun-Fly

El Paso Radio Controllers Meet for Model Aviation Day August 11, 2018

by Tom Holmsley   August 12, 2018

The El Paso Radio Controllers met to celebrate Model Aviation Day, and it was a fun time for all. There was a lunch and raffle and good flying. Not only did regular members participate, but there were a number of visitors as well. It was a great day to celebrate our great hobby.

Fly-In / Fun-Fly

Mesilla Valley RC Association Fun Fly

by Tom Holmsley   July 30, 2018

On June 9, 2018, the Mesilla Valley RC Association held a Fun Fly at their field in Las Cruces, New Mexico. There was a lot of activity with fliers coming from Alamogordo, El Paso, and Horizon City. There were awards for Pilots Choice, People's Choice, and a Contest Director's Award. Pilots Choice went to Tom Holmsley, AMA AVP, with Peoples Choice going to Todd Penca, President from Alamogordo. The CD's award (Mike Moore) was won by 3 pilots from Alamogordo all flying magnificent Corsairs in formation. They were Maurice Morgan, Michael Morgan (son), and Fred Upshaw.
There was also a drawing for prizes donated by Bitgo Hobbies and club members. Al Sigert donated an Albatross which was won by Rey Quiambao, EPRC, and Dod Fordham donated a Yak which was won by Javier Garcia of Horizon City. There were other drawing winners including Antonio Flores Jr. who won a Rascal kit and a $50 gift certificate from Bitgo Hobbies. David Blanke from Horizon City won a gift certificate from Olive Garden, and member White got a gift certificate from Applebee's.
Congratulations to the MVRCers for hosting such a fine event.

  picture  picture 
 Antonio Flores, Jr, EPRC Rey Quiambao, EPRC 



by Brian Regan   June 26, 2018

I just attended the ARCC June Fun Fly. It was a blast. We had a small turn out and lots of fun. I think the was about 25 pilots. Every one got lots of flights. On Saturday Norm and Lenny flew their turbines. Pretty cool. The winds were light and the temp was HOT. We finished the first day around 12:30pm.
Sunday was a little warmer. Wait, I mean hotter. There was only a few pilots having a good time. The club did a great job. It takes a lot of work putting on an event. Les, Rick, keith,Stan and Vic did a great job.
Come out and fly with them in September. They are have a scale meet. It was fun last year.Should be just as fun this year.


Texas City RC Warbird

by Benny Behrens   May 15, 2018

Saturday May 12, 2018 I visited the Texas City RC Club’s (TCRCC) annual Warbird Fly-In. Unfortunately TCRCC’s original date earlier in the year got rained out but for a reschedule date they picked a great day - weather was perfect and the event was well attended with pilots and visitors. The club volunteers had the field in great shape and did a great job of planning and managing the event. CD Harvey Capel and Larry Ammons, Club President did a very good job of keeping the event running smooth and safe.

With 24 pilots there were many types and sizes of military aircraft that represented a great cross section of history and provided a great show for the spectators and visitors. Two gaggles were flown which added to the excitement.

The weather was typical spring conditions - cool and very flyable with the flight line full for most of the day. Texas City’s field is really a very nice facility with large air-conditioned clubhouse, full restrooms, lots of shade for planes and spectators along with plenty parking.

Thanks folks for a great event…

  picture  picture 
 Pilots for first gaggle - Harvey Capel CD is fifth from left in white shirt Why Harvey Capel won the "Smoking Hole" award!!! 


IMAC Competition, Horizon City RC Fliers

by Tom Holmsley   May 4, 2018

A great International Miniature Aerobatic Club (IMAC) Smack Down event was held April 28 and 29 at the Horizon City RC Fliers Club field near El Paso. There were 22 fliers from the combined Southwest and South Central IMAC Regions. This includes Louisana, Mississippi, Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Texas, and Arkansas. Those coordinating the event were Southwest Regional Director Doug Pilcher from Sherman, Texas, Area Director Rich Whitlow from Baton Rouge, Lousiana, Area Director Dave Powell from Sherman Texas, and Mike Taylor and others from the Horizon City Club. Competition was divided into Basic, Sportsman, Intermediate, Advanced, and Unlimited classes with 10 maneuvers in each class. There was no limitation as to the type of plane, but there was a size restriction of 48 inch wing span up to 42 percent, and no minimun age. In this event, Rhett Lambert, age 15, was the youngest contestant, and he was first in Sportsman Class and Freestyle. He attended the NATS in Muncie and is qualified to compete in World competition.
The winners in each class were:
Free Style, Danny Sander
Sportsman, Rhett Lambert (and Freestyle)
Intermediate, Michael Marcellin (and Raw Score)
Advanced, Randy Wagner
Unlimited, Bill Adams (and Seniors over 50)
Their photos are shown below.
This outstanding IMAC event was the first for the Horizin City RC Fliers and already plans are being considered for next year.
Congratulations to all for making this such a fine event.

 L to R Randy Wagner, Michael Marcellin, Bill Adams, Danny Sander, Rhett Lamber 


Alamogordo (New Mexico) RCers Club Picnic

by Tom Holmsley   May 3, 2018

The Alamogordo RCers sponsered a very pleasant and fun club picnic at their great field April 28. It was very well attended and the food was delicious prepared mostly by club president Todd Penka. Note the twin Corsairs flown by Maurice Morgan and his son Mike. T Morgan family is shown below.

  picture  picture 
 LtoR Michael's family Sophi, Emilia, Mike, Heidi, son Phil, Maurice, wife Edith Walt Packwood with his 107 inch wing span Phoenix Super Cub with a DLE 50 


Warbirds Over Johnson Space Center 2018

by Benny Behrens   May 2, 2018

On Saturday April 28, 2018 I had the privilege to visit Johnson Space Center RC Club’s (JSCRCC) Warbird Fly-In. The event was a great success with approximately 38 pilots registered.

JSCRCC has somewhat of a unique situation in that their field is located within the fence line of JSC and to reach the field/event pilots and spectators have to pre-register enough in advance to allow security time to clear them. Their security folks did a great job in hassle free handling of the security checks and it did not appear to be any real burden or restriction on attendance. The security folks were very helpful and courteous at the entrance gate. In addition to the registered pilots many visitors/spectators were in attendance. Weather for the event was perfect with wind right down the runway. As with all events volunteers are critical and JSCRCC’s crew did a great job.

There were many, many different type military aircraft from small electrics to large scale WWI and WWII combat aircraft. Pilots came from as far away as Fort Worth and Austin.

After 911 JSCRCC stopped having events for several years due to tighter security policies but three years ago JSCRCC decided to try holding an event working with security. It is obvious their event is growing and becoming a popular classic in the area.

Thanks to all of the pilots and club volunteers that made this a very successful and enjoyable event…I am sure everyone enjoyed themselves….I know I did.

  picture  picture 
 Pit crew work Randy Larsen's new "Lone Ranger" 


High Desert Jet Fly-In

by Brian Regan   April 23, 2018

I attended ARCC's first jet fly in this weekend. They had over 20 pilots and lots of help from the club. The event was held for 4 days. Thursday was a practice day to get use to the altitude here in Albuquerque. Open flying was the plan for the rest of the weekend. The wind did not help the first 2 days. It as just too windy to fly. Saturday was a lot better. The sky was all cloudy but, little wind. They had a dinner Saturday evening. Sunday the sun came out and those that didn't head home, had a good time.
This was ARCC's first Jet event. From what I saw, it was great. ARCC did a first rate job and all had a good time.
Jets jets jets. All I can say is WOW.

Brian Regan
District VIII AVP

  picture  picture 
 Norm with his new project. Real nice plane. Rick from Arizona. Another cool looking jet. 

District News

Horizon City RC Fliers

by Tom Holmsley   April 6, 2018

The Horizon City RC Fliers utilize two flying sites. One field was built by Danny Sander (kneeling in the green shirt), and to show Danny their appreciation for his contribution, members of the club presented this Horizon A-26 to him.

 Members of the Horizon City RC Fliers with Danny Sander in the green shirt. 

Fly-In / Fun-Fly

Warbirds over Acadiana

by Jerry Walters   March 31, 2018

Aeromodelers of Acadiana will present it's second annual Warbirds over Acadiana event on Saturday, June 23 at their field in Breaux Bridge Louisiana. Watch their Facebook page for ongoing information.

  picture  picture 
 One of the fine aircraft from last years event   

District News

3 Generations Change Windsock

by Tom Holmsley   March 27, 2018

Three generations replaced the windsock at the El Paso Radio Controllers Patriot Field. Don Geyer (standing right) started flying at the EPRC field in 1963, but started U-Control in the 1940s and also flew in Alaska and Germany. His son John, also standing, has been flying RC for many years, and he brought his son Ryan (on the ladder) into the hobby at an early age. All 3 are avid fliers and great supporters of the club.

 Don Geyer, standing right, John Geyer also standing, Ryan Geyer on the ladder. 

District News

Event Calendar Change

by Lawrence Harville   February 16, 2018

We have made a change in the Event Calendar, the new version is a direct link to the AMA EVENT CALENDAR.

We did this to give you a more up to date listing of ALL events in District VIII. Previously some events were either not listed on our D8 site but would show up on AMA site and sometimes the delay of posting was lengthy, now as soon as any event is approved and posted on the AMA site--YOU HAVE ACCESS.

Another bonus of the AMA site is you can look up events in any state in the USA, helps plan your vacation and where you want to go.

If you have any questions-drop me a line at or give me a call.
I think after you look it over you will be very pleased, it is a very user friendly site.


El Paso Radio Controllers STEM Event

by Tom Holmsley   February 12, 2018

On Saturday, February 10, The El Paso Radio Controllers participated in a Science, Technology, Engineering,and Mathematics Fair at the Harmony School of Innovation. They were able to inform the public about the hobby and their club and share information about The AMA.

 Holly Geyer, John Geyer pres, Ryan Geyer, Tom Holmsley, Fritz Gatlin, RickGatli 

District News

Site to Flying fields

by Lawrence Harville   February 7, 2018

AirMap is a site promoted by AMA to help us find model fields and to help show you who/what is around us
Airfields, Heliports, Schools, AMA flying sites

Some of you guys who are SMARTER than me (OK, I know that is a large group)
Check out the site go through the drop downs and check

I just started but if you want to see AMA fields it will show every field in USA--I suggest a smaller area then you can click on any field and it will give you name of the field, same with all types of infor

Let me know what you think--
Go to site
hit Use Airmap
I hit
CLICK ON Brown circle if there is a site Model or full scale -click on it for info

I just started--there may be better use of the site--I DONT KNOW YET
check it out
let ALL of us know what you think---is it good --waste of time WHAT?

District News

Drones are being watched

by Lawrence Harville   January 11, 2018

the politicians are watching drones all the time

District News

Richardson Radio Control Club 2017 Science fair project-scale 747

by Lawrence Harville   December 29, 2017

A report from Harold J. Walsh II from Richardson RC Club

Mark Cole
2017 Science fair project. Scratch building out of foam a scale 747 with electric ducted fan engines

What do you do when your 14 year old son comes out of a store with 32 sheets of foam board and wants to build a remote control 747? Interesting question! You go with it!
We had been into model aircraft for a while, but had never built a plane from scratch. I thought that he wanted to build a plane similar to the flight test foam planes that he had previously built. That was way off from want he wanted to build! As we started to layout the plane on the ping pong table, I soon realized what he wanted to build was much bigger and a giant scale plane. He said he wanted to build a scale 747 that was 9-10 foot long with 4 electric ducted fans. I knew it would be a huge project that was probably beyond our skill level, but I went with his idea.
At the same time we began the building process, my son needed an idea for an 8th grade science fair project. We mentioned his model plane project to his teacher and showed him a few early pictures. The teacher recommended that he should use it as his science fair engineering project. Great, we killed two birds with one stone! We had three months until it was due.
Knowing that time would be an issue, we got busy building and trouble shooting the many problems we encountered. The goal for the science fair was to mainly use foam board and hot glue to build a plane that could taxi, takeoff, controllably fly for at least 15 seconds, and land without a structural failure.
Once we had the rolling, partially covered fuselage and the wings in place, we noticed that we had significant wing droop and flex in the fuselage. We needed more strength so we doubled the foam ribs, added foam stringers, added balsa supports, and a few carbon fiber rods in each wing.
At this point, we began to wonder where we could flight test the plane. A nearby hobby shop referred us to a local RC flying club, RRCC (Richardson Radio Control Club) who had their own paved airpark. I contacted the president and was invited out to a fun fly event. This was the lifeline we needed to finish the project!
The wealth of knowledge that we had tapped into was invaluable. We met a RRCC member, Brad. He offered to advise us on the project and help test the engines. As it turned out, he helped us to finish the build. I am pretty sure we wouldn’t have finished the project on time without his expertise! I will just say the last three weeks before the project was due included many late nights and full build days.
In the end, the airplane weighed 41 pounds with approximately 45 pounds of thrust. We installed four 90mm EFD and ran 2 - 4s batteries in series (8s) and 22,000 mah. To ensure we had the best possibility for a successful flight, we asked Brad, with his years of experience, to fly the first flight.

We finished the airplane late on the Saturday night before the project was due, which left us one day for the test flight. The weather that day was perfect for RC flying. The airplane taxied and lifted off in 136 feet. The climb performance and handling was great and Brad said it flew really nice. Midway through the flight we lost power on all the engines. This was due to a de-soldering of a Battery series connector that we had purchased. Luckily, Brad was able to turn toward the runway and glide it down for safe landing. We were using a separate receiver battery pack for the flight controls!!
Building this airplane was a huge learning process for me and my son. It included many hours of father son time with a common goal-priceless! For the weeks following, my son and I would say to each other “IT FLEW!” As for the science fair grade and competition, he is still waiting to hear back.

  picture  picture 

District News

How to receive up to $300 for your public relations coverage

by Lawrence Harville   December 24, 2017

How to receive up to $300 for your public relations coverage with the AMA Club Recognition and Reward Program

Involve your AMA chartered club in support of an activity that is beneficial to a local charity or community activity…receive positive recognition in the form of television coverage, radio coverage, or print coverage; and receive additional recognition and a financial reward from AMA.

How to qualify for the Club Recognition and Reward Program.
1. Your club hosts a fun-fly, and all proceeds generated during the event are donated to the local Ronald McDonald House. If your activity and donation are highlighted by a local newspaper/magazine, radio station, television station, or Web Site, your club qualifies for the AMA Club Recognition and Reward Program. 2. Your club may decide to donate a certain number of man-hours to a park for the purpose of picking up trash along the access road every month. If your club is recognized in a positive manner by the media for its ongoing efforts, you would qualify for the AMA Club Recognition and Reward Program.

If you have additional questions, contact Chris Brooks, Public Relations Manager, at (765) 287- 1256, extension 276 or Return the Club Recognition and Reward Program form to: Chris Brooks Public Relations Manager 5161 E. Memorial Dr. Muncie IN 47302 765-287-1256 Ext. 276


Alvin RC - Charity Fund Raiser Fun Fly 12-2-17

by Benny Behrens   December 11, 2017

On Saturday December 2, 2017 the Alvin Radio Control Model Airplane Assoc. (Alvin RC) held a Fun Fly Fund Raiser. The proceeds from the event were to be used to purchase cash gift cards for distribution to less fortunate folks through the Deputies of the Brazoria County Sheriff Department.

Last year Alvin RC had the same plans but due to heavy rains the event had to be cancelled. This year event day could not have been better with clear skies, temperatures in the low to mid 70’s and a light breeze right down the runway. We had a very good turnout of pilots, visitors from other chartered clubs in the area and local spectators. The event was open to all types of airplanes so long as they could be flown within the overfly limits of Alvin RC’s field.

What made the event a huge success was the contributions and donation of money as well as RC ARF’s, equipment and materials (plus one strawberry/chocolate cake) from club members as well as members of other local clubs. All items were either raffled, included in a silent auction or sold outright. As a result of essentially everything being donated the club had very little cost related to the event and was able to use almost 100% of the proceeds to purchase the gift cards.

On Friday December 8th Mike Vawters Club VP, Safety Officer and Event Organizer along with Benny Behrens Club President and District VIII AVP met with and delivered 34 - $50 gift cards to Sheriff Charles Wagner of Brazoria County. The letter below sums up the Sheriff’s feelings on the event.

"Alvin Radio Control Model Airplane Association

Dear Sir:

On behalf of myself and the Brazoria County Sheriff s Office I want to thank you and all members of the Alvin Radio Control Model Airplane Association for your contribution to the citizens of Brazoria County.

I understand that on December 2, 2017 your association held a "Fly In" and that as a result of this event where able to raise $1700.00 which you wish to contribute to the Sheriff s Office in the form of cash cards. The Sheriff s Office through its deputies will identify citizens in need as a result of this year's flooding and other hardships and distribute these cash cards to those citizens.

Again, I wish to thank you and your fellow members for such a generous act and for giving the Sheriff s Office a chance to be a part of your team to help those in need.


Charles S. Wagner, Sheriff Brazoria County, Texas"

It has been an honor to do this and thanks to everyone that helped make this a great success. Thanks…Benny Behrens – AVP Houston

  picture  picture 
 Items for sale or silent auction Ken White closest and Pete McIntosh on Rt Benny Behrens on left, Sheriff Charles Wagner and Mike Vawters on right 


MVMAC Toys For Tots

by Brian Regan   December 10, 2017

Toys for Tots. What a great idea for a fun fly. Just bring a ten dollar toy and fly. The MVMAC in Las Cruces did just that. I went down there for this fly in. There were about 20 plus pilots and great weather. Their newly paved runways are nice and smooth.
I would like to thank Janet and Char for their work. They did the sign up for pilots, sold raffle tickets, and coffee, hot chocolate. They did it with a smile. It was a real fun event.
Give a new toy, fly your planes and have fun. What could be better?

Brian Regan

  picture  picture 
 Janet and Char doing a great job for the club. The reason we came to fly. Thanks Toys For Tots. 


El Paso Radio Controllers Ray Hall Event

by Tom Holmsley   December 6, 2017

The El Paso Radio Controllers held their annual Ray Hall Memorial Scale Model Airplane event on September 3, 2017 to honor Ray Hall and all members who have passed away since. Their field was established around 60 years ago in north east El Paso, and has been an outstanding club ever since. There were 60 airplanes and 28 pilots registered. There was plenty of flying, fellowship, and good food making for a great time for everyone. The C.D. was Fritz Gatlin.
The Officers are:
John Geyer, President
Joe Salazar, VP
Dennis Lee Linden, Treasurer
Rick Gatlin, Web Master
Mike Greeson, Safety Officer


Horizon City Swap Meet

by Tom Holmsley   December 6, 2017

The Horizon City RC Fliers met July 30, 2017 at Danny Sander's field for a great swap meet with lots of fun flying, good fellowship and plenty of good food. The Horizon City RC Fliers is an exceptional group that has been flying on the east side of El Paso for many years.
The club officers are:
Jeff McMillin President
John Verslype, VP
Mike Taylor, Secretary
Manfred Balster, Treasurer/Web Master
Preston Ramos, Safety Officer

Fly-In / Fun-Fly

Alamogordo RCers, July 8, 2017

by Tom Holmsley   December 5, 2017

The Alamogordo RCers is a great club in New Mexico located in the cradle of American's space program. It has a beautiful year 'round flying site at the foot of the Sacramento Mountains near the White Sands National Monument, The New Mexico Museum of Space History, and Holloman Air Force Base.
Their event took place on July 8, 2017. It was well attended and lots of fun with a variety of interesting air planes.
Their officers are:
Todd Pemka, President
John Harris, Treasurer
Maurice Morgan, Safety Officer

Fly-In / Fun-Fly

Mesilla Valley Model Airplane Club

by Tom Holmsley   December 5, 2017

June 10, 2017,was a great day for the Mesilla Valley Model Airplane Club in Las Cruces, New Mexico. The club was started in 1959 and is still very active today. They have an outstanding field with two paved runways and lots of shade courtesy of the City of Las Cruces.
19 pilots signed up for several fun events including a paint ball shoot-out, open flying, and drone flying.
Congratulations to the MVMAC and wish them continued success in the future.
Jerry de Long, President
Fred Upshaw, Safety Officer
Mike Moore, Contest Director
John Womack, Co-Contest Director


2017 Tucson Winter Scale Classic

by Brian Regan   December 1, 2017

Thanksgiving weekend I traveled with Howard Chapman to Tucson for the Winter Scale Classic. There were over 40 pilots this year. The weather was great on Saturday and not bad on Sunday. Light wind kept them flying into the afternoon. I can't remember how many times I have attended this event. It is always fun. Lots of relaxed flying. The only requirement was to have a good time. We did.
Once again TRCC put on a real fun event.

Brian Regan

 Rick and his cool Camel. 


Activity in South Louisiana

by Jerry Walters   November 29, 2017

In the past two months the flying event activities have been picking up as we enter winter. Formal competition pattern events at RAMS, War Birds at Larks, Heli's at Rams and AOA, and Funfly's at Berwick,Baton Rouge, and AOA have drawn big crowds.

By the way, I've been advised that the AMA is now accepting Field Improvement Grant applications for 2018.

Rumor has it that Lafayette Escadrille has lost it's lease and the old flying site will be taken over by another club. Stay tuned on that.


Southeast Texas Warbird Rally

by Benny Behrens   November 4, 2017

On October 27th and 28th Jetero RC Club hosted their annual Southeast Texas Warbird Rally. I was unable to attend due to a timing conflict but Michael Jackson, CD sent the following write-up and it looks like I missed a great event:

On October 27th and 28th the Southeast Texas Warbird Rally hosted by the Jetero RC Club turned out to be an awesome event, despite the cold and windy conditions. We had 52 pilots that did an outstanding job of putting on a great show during the two day event. The highlight of the weekend was an epic 21 plane gaggle where all aircraft took off, flew well, and landed without incident. Lawrence Harville, AMA District VIII Vice President, attended the event on Friday and appeared to be having a really nice time. Thanks for coming Lawrence!!! We ended the day on Friday with some delicious catfish dinners catered by Mike’s Restaurant from Dayton, TX. Everyone was full and happy
The 2017 award winners are as follows:
Best WWI: Mark Kramer with the Balsa USA Sopwith Pup (The plane flew surprisingly well in the high winds)
Best WWII: Keith Fontenott with the Phoenix Models Spitfire (Keith did a fantastic job of weathering and detailing this aircraft)
Best Civilian: Deryl Rolle with the RV4 (Darryl flew this plane really well, Speed Fresh style)
Best Multi Engine: Randy Larsen with the F-82 (TRULY AWSOOOOOME!! This aircraft is a show stopper. Very nice flying Randy)
Fastest Warbird: Greg Yancy with the fast and furious Sweet Caroline P-51 Mustang
Best of Show: Larry Hultman and Glenn J Snedden with the two Ziroli Skyraiders (beautifully detailed and flown very well by both pilots)
Congratulations to all the award winners. Great job guys!!!
The Grand Raffle prize this year was the Top Flite Giant Scale Tarheel Hal P-47D Thunderbolt with Robart pneumatic main
retracts. The lucky winner was Andre Medveczky. Congrats Andre!!!
This success of the event would not have been possible without the support from the Jetero club members. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication. A BIG THANK YOU to this year’s warbird sponsors: Randy’s Hobbies, Samano’s Hobbies, New Creations, VQ Warbirds, Tower Hobbies, Hobbico, Callie Graphics, Tru-Turn, Sullivan Products, RTL Fasteners, Bob Smith Industries, Big Dog RC, Pete and Mary Ruth Cyer, and the Jetero RC Club members.
I can’t forget my Texas Warbird Thunder Pilot brothers. Thank you all for making this an outstanding flying season. We went to many meets this year and flew hard and put on an outstanding show each and every time. GREAT JOB GUYS!!!!
Best Regards,
Michael "No Loops" Jackson

  picture  picture 


HATBOX FLY IN 2017- More Photos!

by Bill Holland   October 16, 2017

Here are a few more pictures from the event. Mike Pennell captured a great shot of Howard Davidson feeding the pilots during Gaines' morning pilot briefing. Olen Rutherford is keeping a close eye on Howard! Sharon and I brought out the big 1/2 scale Dr.1 and was able to get one flight in before the winds picked up.
Great fun was had by all again this year! Special thanks to Mike Pennell for the great photos!

  picture  picture 
 Howard attempting to feed the crowd! The 1/2 scale Fokker Dr 1. 



by Bill Holland   October 16, 2017

The TRAMPS hosted the 16th annual Hatbox Fly In October 13-14 in Muskogee, OK. Gaines Smith and the entire TRAMPS organization did an excellent job. Pilots from throughout Oklahoma and Arkansas attended. The pilots did have a challenge dealing with winds each day. All types of aircraft were campaigned from WW1 to jets. Bill Cunningham put on a show with his huge 1/5th scale F-16 in Thunderbird colors. Saturday morning a few minutes past 7:00am nine WW1 aircraft flew their traditional Dawn Patrol flight. Olen Rutherford who is the AVP for Arkansas made is way over to Okie land again this year. Come and join the TRAMPS in 2018 for the 17th annual Hatbox Fly In!

  picture  picture 
 Gaines Smith giving his pilot briefing. Bill Cunningham with his F-16. Aircraft length is 10 feet! 

Last Flight

District X looses a great man.

by Brian Regan   September 13, 2017

On Tuesday September 12th we lost Chuck Brooks. Chuck flew a lot of planes and was in air shows over the years. He helped anyone that wanted to learn to fly. He was a husband, Father and friend. I will miss his smile as he flew his P47. He liked all planes. He always made me feel at home when I would visit him.
Chuck was my fiend. He made me laugh.

 Chuck Brooks. 


ARCC Scale Classic 2017 Day Two

by Brian Regan   September 10, 2017

ARCC Scale Classic on day 2 was just as good as day one. The weather was not too hot with light winds. They had lots of open flying.
This event was moved from June to September to avoid the heat and attract more pilots. I think it was a success. They hope to make it bigger next year.
I had a real good time.I know every one did too. I was happy to see all the help the club got this year. Thanks to Les and Vick for all the work they put in.
Hope to see more out there next year. You will have fun.


  picture  picture 
 Noel, pilots choice for a cool Spad VIII The pilots, well some of them. 


ARCC Scale Classic 2017 Day One.

by Brian Regan   September 10, 2017

I attended ARCC's scale classic this weekend. There was 40 pilots this year. When I pulled into the parking lot for the swap meet on Friday night, I was surprised by the number of motor homes. The weekend was going to be great.
Saturday morning came and the flying got started. There were lots of cool planes.
The day ended with a Mexican meal that evening. The food was great. The first day went very well and I know a good time was had by all.


  picture  picture 
 Some of the planes this weekend. Dave Drake prepairing to fly his Monocoupe. 

District News

AMA Executive Vice President Election 2017

by Lawrence Harville   August 31, 2017

The AMA election for Executive Vice President is coming up.

You have a choice this year---Elections mean something --if you dont vote -Dont complain
You have two choices--you wanted something done--now you do your part.
Listed in Alpha order
Randy Cameron, Lawrence Tougas

Randy Cameron
Springfield, Missouri
The fabric of AMA is its 82 year history of members like you!
• AMA needs to listen better to our best asset — you the members!
• AMA must build its future and protect traditional model aviation!
I ask that you vote for me, Randy Cameron for AMA EVP and help protect model aviation.
Since introduced to Control Line flying decades ago by my father, I have enjoyed every aspect of our hobby. With four sons and eleven grandchildren, my wife Fina and I are now teaching our fourth generation of family flyers.
My interests in our hobby are wide. I have flown Control Line, Free Flight, IMAC, 3D, combat, and sport aircraft. I’ve held every club officer position in multiple clubs over the past 35 plus years, in civilian life and while in the Air Force for 22 years.
I have been an AMA Leader Member since the mid-1980s and became a contest director in the 90’s. I served as the District VI Contest Coordinator for ten years and as a District VI Associate Vice President for prior to becoming the District VI Vice President.
As an AMA Vice President on the Executive Council, I’ve served as committee chairman to AMA Special Interest Groups (SIGs), and the Property Acquisition and Development Committee (PADCOM), working to improve the AMA headquarters flying sites — home of the AMA NATs and other events. I also worked to streamline the Flying Site Improvement grant process.
The federal, Special Rule for Model Aviation must be protected! AMA is strong in providing both federal and local government advocacy. This must continue. I am the only EVP candidate that has walked the halls of Congress in Washington DC, to protect model aviation. I am also the only EVP candidate with a proven record of working to defeat local and state legislation harmful to our hobby.
The only way we can help solve the drone issues is to educate drone fliers, and bring the safe and responsible ones into our organization. A recent survey showed that fully 90% of all AMA chartered clubs are welcoming the newest multi-rotor technologies. Today, 21% of new AMA members are multi-rotor enthusiasts. The significant down-turn in media-reported drone sightings and incidents is an important validation that AMA’s efforts and influence within this community are working! I have been a staunch supporter of our marketing efforts which has allowed our membership to grow from 142,000 to approximately 200,000 members today.
The fabric of AMA is its 82 year history and members like you. In 1936 AMA was built on the principals of education, advancing technological, and providing one national voice for all modelers. From the beginning of Free Flight, to Control Line, and then Radio Control, each new technology was accepted. Numerous AMA clubs are reporting that when they welcome new interests, such as multi-rotors, these new fliers are discovering, and becoming, fixed wing and helicopter pilots as well. Just as we’ve done in the past, we must embrace new technologies to keep younger generations interested in model aviation
AMA needs to listen better to our best asset—you the members! AMA must improve on programs that; attract and involve youth in our hobby, foster club growth, provide assistance for improving and purchasing flying sites, and other important programs.
Communication to our members must improve. Existing membership and club programs are not widely recognized. AMA must improve and provide easily accessible and efficient member benefits, and eliminate costs to the members and the AMA alike.
With your vote I will bring your issues to AMA and the Executive Council, and ensure member’s needs are met.
Please email for more information.

Lawrence Tougas
Fairfield, California

The AMA has lost its way.
The AMA has stopped listening to its members.
The AMA was founded by traditional Modelers and needs to remember that.
If you agree then please vote for me Lawrence Tougas to be the next Executive Vice President (EVP) of the AMA.
Last year I ran for President of the AMA on a similar platform. I believed then and I believe now that the majority of members in the AMA have been and always will be traditional modelers; whom I define as pilots of fixed and rotary wing models whether they be free flight, control line, or radio controlled. This is opposed to the newest segment of modeling, drone modeling.
I do not believe we should ban drone modelers from the AMA, far from that, I think as long as they fly responsibly and follow our safety code they are welcome to join. My issue is the irresponsible drone modelers who have caught the media’s attention. Their actions must be stopped before more harm is done.
The number of drone modelers in the AMA has plateaued at 8% of total membership. As the current District X VP I have access to our membership numbers and have been observing this trend for some time. One issue I see is that we spend much more than 8% of our staff’s time on issues associated with drone modeling. The Executive Council has spent the last several years addressing drone issues well out of proportion to 8% of our time.
I think there should be more or less a balance of our time and resources spent between the various modeling disciplines. The claim that drone modeling will be a great source of future membership is simply not being reflected in our membership data. That fact has to be recognized and the AMA’s time and money need to be rebalanced to support our core constituency which is overwhelmingly traditional modelers. Elect me as your EVP and I will make that my goal.
I have served as the AMA’s District X Vice President for almost 7 years. During this time I have worked on our Finance, Election and Insurance Committees. During my time on the Executive Council there have been times when I have disagreed with programs that we were developing. When those times come I am not afraid to speak truth to power. You can count on me to keep what is best for our membership as my number one priority.
I have made it a point to travel the district attending events and meetings with as many clubs as possible. I fly competitively. I currently fly Precision Aerobatics in the Advanced class and have attended the last 4 NATS. I have spent 26 years working as an Engineer with a major U.S. airline. During that time I have dealt with the FAA extensively. I have over 23 years of experience in the FAA rulemaking process. I am the only candidate with this much experience with the FAA.

Please follow my campaign at,
Like me on Facebook at
Follow me on Twitter at

Lawrence Tougas
AMA 232

P.S. Remember if you want the AMA to be balanced in the way it treats its members then I am the right choice for AMA EVP.

District News

Club Disaster Relief Program

by Lawrence Harville   August 30, 2017

To everyone involved in model aviation in any way, the first priority-- our loved ones, friends, neighbors and homes. Hobbies are put on the back burner for now, but in these hard times and many more to come, be assured the AMA 200,00 members and District 8 with over 56,000 members will be here for you. There will be here time to resume modeling. In order to give time to those in need, the AMA Executive Council voted unanimously to automatically extend the following year Leader Club status and extend for 120 days beyond the March 31 deadline Club Charter renewals on a case by case basis for those affected by Hurricane Harvey. AMA has other programs to assist club.

Fly-In / Fun-Fly

Texas Cloud Busters NMAD Fun Fly

by Benny Behrens   August 21, 2017

Mont Wright of Texas Cloud Busters sent me a brief report on their AMA National Model Aviation Day Celebration:
“Our club held an AMA National Model Aviation Fly Day on August 12th, 2017. We registered our event with AMA to commemorate and celebrate our hobby. Our club’s field is located at Jack Brooks Park, Kitty Hawk, Hitchcock, Texas. We had members, guest and family members come out to enjoy a fun day of flying, hot dogs & hamburgers and some good all Texas warm weather”.

  picture  picture 
 Pilots and future pilots Make ready area at a very nice facility 


Kingsbury Memorial Cancelled

by Lawrence Harville   August 9, 2017

9/30/2017 - 10/1/2017 -- Kingsbury, TX (C) DTRI CITY FLYERS CELEB OF FLIGHT/RICE MEMORIAL. Site: Old Kingsbury Aerodrome. Douglas Line CD PH: 210-325-5160 Email: Visit: Sanction #17/1201. **********************EVENT CANCELLED*********************************** Sponsor: TRI CITY FLYERS

District News

Club Disaster Relief Program

by Lawrence Harville   August 8, 2017

Club Disaster Relief Program
When nature turns cruel, AMA is there for clubs.
The Academy’s most prized possessions, aside from its members, of course, are the thousands of AMA flying sites that are necessary to pursue aeromodeling at its best. When a natural disaster strikes, AMA has your back.
For chartered clubs that suffer damage to their sites through natural disasters such as tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquake, fire, or similar catastrophic events, AMA offers limited financial assistance (up to $500 per incident) to help clubs with the repairs needed to make sure that the damaged flying site is again accessible and usable to club members.
Please note: This is a grant, not a loan. It is not intended to pay for repairs to structures or facilities, except as to the extent to make the site and runway adequate for flying once again. Your club needs to provide adequate photos of and information about the damage for your application to qualify.
If you have any questions about the Club Disaster Relief Program, please call (765) 287-1256, extension 200, or email
application in PDF format.
Please email your application to Joyce Hager at or mail it to Academy of Model Aeronautics, 5161 E. Memorial Dr., Muncie IN 47302, attn: Joyce Hager.

Fly-In / Fun-Fly

San Antonio Prop Busters Build N Fly Fly-In

by Ed Valls   August 7, 2017

On behalf of the San Antonio Prop Busters I would like to announce their Second annual "Build n Fly Fly-In". The event is for any scratch built or kit built plane. It is not open to ARF's. So, if you have a plane built from a kit or from plans then please plan on attending the event. For more information please visit :

Fly-In / Fun-Fly

Tri City Flyers Event Cancellation

by Ed Valls   August 7, 2017

Hello everyone in District VIII. I am sorry to announce that the Tri City Flyers District VIII Memorial Fly-In has been cancelled for 2017. The Tri City Flyers will reschedule the event for 2018 but will probably have a different event date.

If any of you were planning to attend we regret the cancellation. If you know someone planning to attend please advise them of the event cancellation.

Ed Valls
President, Tri City Flyers



by Bill Holland   July 18, 2017

The 3rd Annual Oklahoma Dawn Patrol was held at Mike Harvey Field hosted by the Oklahoma Sooner Squadron on July 7th - 8th. Thirty one pilots form Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Wisconsin were in attendance. The event continues to grow each year. Shortly after the crack of dawn 9 pilots began the traditional dawn patrol flight. Immediately following the flight was a pancake and sausage breakfast. Flight resumed shortly after 9 am. Two additional AVPs attended the event. They were Olen Rutherford from Arkansas and Marc "Doc" Shelstrom from Wisconsin. Bill Holland presented Jim Pittman with a Making a Difference certificate on behalf of the club. Jim is a great supporter of the club. He and his wife Cheryl provide use of their large hangar to store aircraft over night. Mark your calendars for the 4th annual OK Dawn Patrol on July 6-7, 2018!

  picture  picture 
 Jim Pittman presented certificate by Bill Holland and OK Sooner Squadron Aircraft staging for dawn flight Saturday at 6 am 

Fly-In / Fun-Fly

Charlie Spencer Memorial Fly In

by Bill Holland   July 18, 2017

The Shawnee Thunderbirds honored Charlie Spencer who passed away this past June by holding a Fly In at their club field on July 16th. Charlie was active all types of modeling during his life. He owned a hobby shop, was the national IMAA Safety Officer, and was an owner of Giant Scale Twins. Charlie and his wife Bev traveled all over the country and loved to share this great hobby with all. The Thunderbirds will be assisting Bev with an estate sale of Charlie's huge collection of RC equipment and planes.

 Bev Spencer with Thunderbird Leadership at club field with Bill Holland 

District News

FAA 5 dollar registration refund

by Lawrence Harville   July 5, 2017

Drone hobbyists no longer have to register with the FAA. Those who did can delete their registration and receive a refund for the $5 registration fee — two major community concerns.

According to the FAA website, “If you are an owner operating exclusively in compliance with section 336 and you wish to delete your registration and receive a refund of your registration fee, you may do so by accessing a registration deletion and self-certification form (PDF) and mailing it to the FAA at the address designated on the form.”

That’s right: If you’re flying a drone recreationally and you registered with the FAA, you can get your 5 bucks back. And if you don’t want your personal information publicly accessible through the FAA’s registration database, you no longer have to volunteer it. Though keep in mind that commercial drone pilots still need to register with the FAA.

District News

Drone Flyer Arrested

by Lawrence Harville   July 5, 2017

He is not and has never been and AMA member 1


June Events

by Jerry Walters   June 29, 2017

I had the pleasure to attend two events in June.
The Larks club in Sulphur, La., celebrated an early Model Aviation Day because of scheduling conflicts with the official day coming in August. The flying was great and I got to renew old acquaintances and meet a bunch of new avid modelers.
The Aeromodelers of Acadiana in Breaux Bridge celebrated their first annual Warbird event. Starting with a raising of the flag by a local Boy Scout troop and ending with a great home cooked jambalaya feast. Warbird enthusiasts from as far away as Monroe, La., Sulphur, Beaumont, Houma, New Orleans and many others had a great time. Looks like this was the first of many to come.
The summer rains, heat, and humidity are setting in and I suspect the frequency of events will slow down for a few months. I'm not wishing my life away but looking forward to an early, cool fall.


ARCC Fly In, Swap Meet & Kids Day

by Brian Regan   June 18, 2017

This Weekend ARCC (Albuquerque Radio Control Club) held a new event for them. On Friday there was a swap meet. It was well attended. This was done at 4 in the afternoon. Lots of stuff to swap.
Saturday was the fly in and kids day. There were several kids flying on the buddy box. All planes survived and it was fun. The open flying was good. A little cross wind made it tricky.
Sunday was a better day. The wind was down the runway. A low turn out was due to it being Fathers Day. Still, there was 24 pilots and lots of fun.
ARCC did an excellent job keeping it low keyed and fun. Thanks to Les, Rich, Keith,Stan and Vick. I know I missed a few others helpers.
Come on out to Albuquerque and see their new runway. It's great.

Brian Regan



Red Stick RC New Field Dedication

by Jerry Walters   May 9, 2017

I had the pleasure of attending the Red Stick RC new field dedication this past Sunday. Like a lot of clubs, Red Stick lost their field last year and was faced with the quandary of finding a new location. Somehow they have developed an outstanding relationship with BREC (recreational and park commission in Baton Rouge) and dedicated their new flying site at Farr Park. BREC has granted them a 20 year free lease and assisted with much of the initial construction work. Even the nearby eagles that have there nest in a tree only 500' away have welcomed the club. I had the pleasure of presenting Dist.VIII appreciation awards to three members that provided much "sweat Equity" to the project. Red Stick can now continue its' proud 30 year history.

  picture  picture 
 Presentation of Appreciation Awards Ribbon Cutting 


Lost Squadron IMAC

by Olen Rutherford   April 27, 2017

On April 8, I attended (as a spectator) the South Central Season Opener for IMAC, hosted by the Farm Club of Wrightsville, Arkansas.The Lost Squadron IMAC with Bobby Moran CD, Jack Bowell Co-CD, and Regional Director, Doug Pilcher and Club members ran a very good contest.The event drew 23 registered pilots from Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi. With great hospitality, catfish and hush puppies for lunch, prepared by Michael Patterson and Dale Womack, it was a great week end. Try to be there next year.

Olen Rutherford
Arkansas AVP
See you at a flying field somewhere.

  picture  picture 


JSC RCC Annual Warbird

by Benny Behrens   April 24, 2017

On Saturday April 22, 2017 I had the privilege to visit Johnson Space Center RC Club’s (JSCRCC) Warbird Fly-In. The event was a great success with almost 40 pilots registered.

JSCRCC has somewhat of a unique situation in that their field is located within the fence line of JSC and to reach the field/event pilots and spectators have to pre-register enough in advance to allow security time to clear them. Their security folks did a great job in hassle free handling of the security checks and it did not appear to be any real burden or restriction on attendance. The security folks were very helpful and courteous at the entrance gate. In addition to the registered pilots many visitors/spectators were in attendance. Weather for the event was perfect with wind right down the runway. As with all events volunteers are critical and JSCRCC’s crew did a great job.

There were many, many different type military aircraft from small electrics to large scale B-17’s and B-24. Pilots came from as far away as Fort Worth and Austin.

Near lunch time I had the honor to present a District VIII Service Award to Dave Hoffman. Dave has been a member of JSCRCC for 50 years and was the club Treasurer for almost the same 50 years. That is a “tough act to follow” – Congratulations Dave!

Thanks to all of the pilots and club volunteers that made this a very successful and enjoyable event…I am sure everyone enjoyed themselves….I know I did.

  picture  picture 
 Presenting Dave with his District VIII Service Award Dave Hoffman and friend Lisa Bingtson 


Alvin RC - 27th Big Bird Fly In

by Benny Behrens   April 24, 2017

On Saturday April 15, 2017 the Alvin Radio Control Model Airplane Association (ARCMAA) held its 27th annual Big Bird Fly In and 13th annual Swap Meet. The weather was very questionable up to two days before the event. Somehow Alvin RC got lucky – the weather cleared two days before the event and the ground dried and weather turned out perfect. The event was well attended with about 24 pilots registered along with many local RC visitors from local clubs and local spectators. Alvin was honored to have a reporter from the Alvin Sun visit our event. He was very impressed with the quality of planes and flying skills and is in the process of writing a front page article for the paper.

The entire event was a success and very well done, ran very smoothly and safely.

Airplane entries were a complete cross section of airplanes in our hobby from large scale cubs to large warbirds and everything in between.

Thanks to all of the pilots, visitors, spectators and all of the club volunteers that made this event a success.

  picture  picture 
 Some of the pilots just before start of flying Nice Cub 


Texas City RC Annual Warbird Fly In

by Benny Behrens   April 24, 2017

Saturday April 8, 2017 I visited the Texas City RC Club’s annual Warbird Fly-In. The weather was perfect and the event was a huge success with approximately 45 registered pilots, many swap meet participants, great raffle prizes and many spectators and visitors. The club volunteers really did a great job planning and managing this event.

The many types and sizes of military aircraft represented a great cross section of WWI through current military aircraft and provided a great show for the spectators and visitors. The weather was typical spring conditions - cool and very flyable with the flight line full for most of the day. Texas City’s field was in great condition and with improvements made during the last year the club was able to handle the number of pilots and spectators with no problems.

The flying included two turbine demonstrations and an attempt to break Jetero’s 18 warbird gaggle local record but fell short by about 6 planes. Still a great try!

Thanks folks for a great event…

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 Pilots gathering for warbird gaggle Busy flight line 


Red Stick Scale Event/Cajun Helifest

by Jerry Walters   March 26, 2017

I traveled over to the west side of Baton Rouge on Saturday to Erwinville, La. for the Red Stick Classic Scale Competition. Unfortunately the drive was in the pouring down rain with the hopes of a bright spot over Baton rouge RC's club site. It didn't happen that way unfortunately. The rain prevented an early start for the event but the food and conversation was fine as usual. They finally got one round off in the late afternoon and had a weather hold due to fog again on Sunday. I haven't seen the final tally yet.

The Cajun Helifest at RAMS in Crowley had a great turn out and only had a couple of short rain delays on Saturday morning. Those guys will fly under almost any conditions.



Model Aviators of South Arkansas 17th Annual Swap Meet

by Olen Rutherford   March 7, 2017

On Feb. the 4th the Model Aviators of South Arkansas' held their 17th annual swap meet in El Dorado, AR. An estimated 100 to 150 buyers and sellers came through the doors,with raffle numbers being called all day. At 2pm Sue Bryant won the big prize. In attendance this year was VP Lawrence Harville, AVP's Gary Strickland, Johnny Hunt and myself. CD Jason Cunningham and the MASA club members put on a good swap meet, with lots of food, a good time was had by all.

Olen Rutherford
Arkansas AVP
See you at a flying field somewhere.

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Last Flight

Vaughn Hefley memorial.

by Brian Regan   February 25, 2017

It is sad when one of our members pass away. Vaughn Hefley last flight was February 18th 2017. I first met him at Maloof Memorial RC Airfield here in Albuquerque NM. He helped me fly my first D7 at a scale contest. He was always willing to help new flyers. I don't know how many people he taught to fly.
Today we had a memorial at the field. There where a lot of friends there.
We will miss him.

Brian Regan

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 Some of the friends that came out to say goodbye. Dave flying a Cub in memory of Vaughn. 

District News

Goodbye 2016

by Brian Regan   December 26, 2016

Wow 2016 is almost gone. What a year it has been.We said goodbye to Mark Johnson, who did a outstanding job as VP and elected Lawrence Harville as the new VP. He has done a great job his first year. Please support and help him continue into 2017. We have a new AMA president. He will do a great job too.
The AMA helped us with the FAA. We can still fly our aircraft by the AMA rules. I hope the AMA and FAA will put politics aside and get back to flying.
I think we had a good year. WE lost a few members and gained some new members. The technology has grown leaps and bounds.
This year let's remember this is a hobby. We do it for fun. We want to take flying safely serious and have fun at the same time. Try to help the new flyers learn the safety rules. Make them feel welcome and want to come back.
Happy New Year.



Ozark Flyers Benefit Fly-In

by Olen Rutherford   November 16, 2016

Every year in late October, the Ozark Flyers of Fayettville, Arkansas hosts a benefit fly-in. This years event was for the Juvenile Research Diabetes Foundation. Dennis Carter, President; Jim Harris, Secretary Treasure and Clay Heffner, Safety Officer do a great job hosting this event.In attendance this year was Emma Brown and Brody Tucker Juvenile Diabetes patients. Dennis and Jim presented the JRDF a check for $735.00. With a bad weather forecast for wind, 40 pilots including myself showed up to support the event. Put this even on your list for next year.

Olen Rutherford
Arkansas AVP
See you at a flying field somewhere.

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Fairview, OK 65th Fly In and Air Show

by Bill Holland   November 15, 2016

Fairview, Oklahoma held their 65th Annual Air Show. This is the oldest free fly in and air show in North America traditionally held on the Saturday near Veteran's Day. This year the Tulsa Glue Dobbers sponsored the R/C acts that performed in the afternoon air show. This is a blend of both full scale and R/C acts. The morning starts early with a pancake breakfast at 7:00 am. Pilots from Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, and Missouri flew their planes in for the day along with many spectators who drove to the show. The food continues with lunch prior to the air show starting at 12:30 pm. This years R/C demonstration team consisted of Mike Pennell, Scott Kidder, Austin Chadwick, Claude Christ, and Ed Gross. Yours truly served as the R/C Air Boss and also flew in the show. Additional support and spotters included Sharon Holland, Jim Ellis, Calvin Ellis, and Jim Slocum from the OK Sooner Squadron. It was a spectacular two hour show with just outstanding weather. The Tulsa Glue Dobbers did an outstanding job and I greatly appreciate them volunteering to serve as the host club. The R/C portion is always a crowd favorite and would not have been possible without their support! Be sure and make this show next year. The people, pilots, and food are great. This is a special day to honor our Veterans!

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 2016 R/C Demo Team Mike Pennell assisted by Claude Christ flying the big L4. 

Fly-In / Fun-Fly

Conway Arkansas Fly-In

by Olen Rutherford   November 13, 2016

Tray Fowler and the members of the Conway RC Club on October 23 invited all pilots to attend their annual fly-in. Forty two pilots including myself were in attendance. The Conway Club has had a very good relationship with the Conway Parks and Recreation Department witch has giving them this flying field for many years.Put this fly-in on your list for next year.

Olen Rutherford
Arkansas AVP
See you at a flying field somewhere.

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Spaceport Drone Summit

by Brian Regan   November 13, 2016

This weekend I attended the Spaceport Drone Summit. This was the first one. They hope to have it next year. The weekend was a success. The drone racing was fast. There was a area for drone photography. There was a area for fixed wing demos and static display. Our VP Lawrence was there with his friend Johnny Hunt. Tony Stillman and Mark held down the AMA tent. Jim Tiller, District VIIII VP was in charge of the fixed wing display.
A group a pilots came up from Las Cruces and El Paso to fly their planes. They put on a lo of flights for the spectators.
This was a fun event. With some advertising it could become a big event. The Spaceport staff was great.
I had a good time and will go back next year. Hope to see you there.

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 Teng, Gary And Shaun preparing to race. A young guest, Malcolm and jet flyer Jim. 


Aeromodelers Of Acadiana Fall Fun Fly Huge Success (Nov. 5)

by Jerry Walters   November 12, 2016

After having to cancel their May Fun Fly the AOA team finally had dry weather and pulled off a huge event. After going from flooding to draught flyers from far and near were hungry for a great event and they got one. With 48 registered pilots, a great raffle, night flying, camping, and the Star Taco food truck everyone had a smile. Fixed wing and helicopters shared the airspace with only a few mishaps. AOA and their friends are looking forward to the first Weekend in November 2017 for a repeat performance.

On November 12 the WARPS Club in Berwick, LA. will open its' gates for another great event.


Fly-In / Fun-Fly

Arkansas Sky Tigers Fly-In

by Olen Rutherford   November 10, 2016

On October 15 the Arkansas Sky Tigers of Mayflower, Arkansas held their annual fly-in. In attendance were 23 registered pilots including myself. The Sky Tigers have been at their new flying field for the last couple of years. It's a great place to fly. Lance Olvey and the other club members are doing a fine job with the field. Try to join them at their event next year.

Olen Rutherford
Arkansas AVP
See you at a flying field some where.

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Jetero RC - Southeast Texas Warbird Rally

by Benny Behrens   October 31, 2016

On Friday October 28 and Saturday October 29 Jetero RC Club held their annual Southeast Texas Warbird Rally. This was one outstanding event with major participation. The following is a copy of the Facebook post prepared by Michael Jackson the event CD:

The Jetero RC Club would like to thank everyone that came out and participated in the Southeast Texas Warbird Rally. Thanks to the BIG GUY for the outstanding weather that resulted in there being 61 registered pilots and a host of spectators that attended the two day event.

This event would not have been possible without our great sponsors: Samano’s Hobbies, Remote Control Hobbies Spring, Randy’s Hobbies, RC Hobby Shop, Tru-Turn, Sullivan Products, Callie Graphics, BSI, RTL Fastener, Servo City, RedWing RC, RC Fueling Systems, and Tower Hobbies. Thank you all for supporting the Jetero warbird event. Hobbyist, please continue to support your local hobby shops as they have supported us over the years.

All the pilots including the famous Texas Warbird Thunder Flying Team did a fantastic job putting on a great show for all to see. There was continuous flying during the two day event with very few mishaps. Some crazy person came up with the bright idea of doing a 15 warbird gaggle to top a 14 warbird gaggle record that was set earlier this year. Well, the record was SHATTERED with 18 warbirds flying at once with not one casualty. During the entire gaggle we rocked to AC/DC’s Thunderstruck. It was a FAST, FURIOUS, and THUNDEROUS gaggle to be a part of and witness. AWESOME! AWESOME! AWESOME! A big thank you to all the courageous pilots that made the record breaking gaggle a success. WOW!!!

After all of the flying on Saturday we proceeded to the award ceremony. All of the pilots had very nice planes and did a fantastic job of flying them. The judging was tough. The award winners are as follows:

Best WWI Award: went to Albert Thibodaux for his Sopwith Pup.
Best WWII Award: went to Gary Smith for his scaled out B-17 Bomber.
Best Civilian Award: went to Larry Hultman for his PT-17 Stearman.
Best Multi-Engine Award: went to Len Haroldson for his F7F Tigercat.
Fastest Warbird Award: went to Paul “Low Pass” Curry (Lower! Lower!)
Dedicated Pilot Award: went to Randy “Firewall” Lawson (You Da Man)
Best of Show: went to Deryl “Speed Fresh” Rolle (Well deserved Speed)

Congratulations guys. You did a fine job.

This year the Grand Raffle Prize was a Top Flite P-47 Razorback ARF, Robart Pneumatic retracts with a large deluxe air kit. The LUCKY WINNER was Glenn Snedden. Congratulations Glenn!

I can’t forget about the Jetero supporting staff that worked tirelessly to keep the event running like a well-oiled machine. THANK YOU for all your hard work.

In closing, this has been a long, but great year of flying. I’ve made many friends and have enjoyed the camaraderie with all that have attended the fly-ins here in Texas and Louisiana. I encourage you all to get out and support other club’s events. If you don’t fly, buy a lunch or purchase raffle tickets. Anything will help. I’ve always said, when you support another club’s event they will reciprocate and support yours. Well, I’ve been missing out on the Texas Warbird Thunder gaggles, so I gotta go do some work on the P-47. As Arnold would say. “I’LL BE BACK”

Best Regards,
Michael "Distraction" Jackson

Picture Links:
Password = Windy2016

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 Pilots Meeting (additional photos available via links in text) Some of the entries (additional photos available via links in text) 

Fly-In / Fun-Fly

Boerne Aera Model Society Earns AMA Award

by Ed Valls   October 25, 2016

On October 8 I traveled to Boerne, Tx. to visit with the members of the Boerne Aero Model Society (BAMS). They were having their fall club fly-in and fun fly. A significant number of the club members were in attendance and all enjoyed seeing their club members "compete" in the fun fly events like the spot landing or the bomb toss. I watched the event and truly enjoyed the playful ribbing I heard from some members regarding their "friend's" spot landing or the bomb drop (actually a small flat washer with a simple streamer attached) which was "ejected" from a Styrofoam cup attached to the top of the model. A lot of fun was had by all.

At the lunch break I had the privilege of presenting the club with the AMA Silver Leader Club plaque and certificate. To put this accomplishment in perspective, consider that there are approximately 2400 AMA chartered clubs in the United States and around the world. Of these 2400 clubs, fewer than 150 have earned either the Bronze, Silver or Gold leader club awards. Congratulations to all of the BAMS's members for this wonderful achievement.

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 Proud members of BAMS with their Sliver Leader Club Plaque Presenting the Silver Leader Club plaque to BAMS club president George Sheffield 

Fly-In / Fun-Fly

San Antonio Prop Busters Fly-In

by Ed Valls   October 25, 2016

This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending the inaugural San Antonio Propbusters Build and Fly-In. This event was open to any plane built from a kit or plans. The event was not open to Almost Ready to Fly (ARF's) aircraft. With more than 20 pilots in attendance I believe all would consider the inaugural event a roaring success. Congrats to all of the members of the Propbusters. The following event report was submitted by George Wilson of the Propbusters.

Sometimes it seems like modeling is passé. In these days of instant gratification, who has time to build. The San Antonio Propbusters (SAPB) felt there were still a good number of real modelers around. To put that to the test, SAPB organized an event for modeler built aircraft.

On October 22nd, twenty two registered pilots brought out about forty hand built airplanes to show, to discuss and to fly. What a huge variety, from modest to spectacular, everyone had something to be proud of. Different was the word of the day. The construction techniques varied from traditional balsa to hot glued foam board. There was even one small electric whose primary components came out of the builders 3D printer.

The day could not have been better. The lunch was excellent and rewards were well received. The consensus among the pilots was they want to do it again next year. The SAPB hosts already have it in the planning stages.

George Wilson
San Antonio Propbusters

  picture  picture 
 Bob Severance conducts the pilots briefing Wide shot of the beautifully manicured 400 + ft. grass runway 

Fly-In / Fun-Fly

Space City RC - Fall Warbird Fly-In

by Benny Behrens   October 17, 2016

On Saturday October 15th I had the pleasure to visit Space City RC Club’s Fall Warbird Fly-In along with Lawrence Tougas, AMA Presidential Candidate. Lawrence and I visited several clubs the Houston area so local members could visit with Lawrence and discuss his views and his plans should he be elected as President of AMA. Space City, located in Katy, TX was our first stop.

Space City’s Warbird Fly-In was very well attended with 35+ pilots and many visitors and spectators. Pilots from as far away as Austin, TX were at the event. Warbirds of all sizes, types and wars were represented.

The event was very well organized and run very efficiently. The club leaders and event volunteers really demonstrated a very high level of enthusiasm and excitement which was contagious among the pilots and spectators. I am sure everyone really enjoyed themselves and had a great day. Thanks to everyone for their hospitality and their efforts to make this a great and safe event….Benny

  picture  picture 
 Pilots Meeting Pilots just before start of flying 

Fly-In / Fun-Fly

Fort Bend RC - St. Jude Hospital Charity

by Benny Behrens   October 17, 2016

On Saturday October 1, 2016 I had the pleasure to attend Fort Bend RC Club’s Charity Event – Fly-In for St. Jude’s Hospital. Fort Bend’s field is located in Rosenberg, Texas (southwest of Houston).

The event was very well attended by both pilots and spectators. Visitors had the opportunity to “try their hand” flying an RC plane with an instructor. In addition during lunch there were flight demonstrations including several impressive turbine aircraft.

Fort Bend RC has a very nice facility including air-conditioned club house, restrooms, covered shade area and paved runways.

I believe everyone enjoyed the day and enjoyed the demonstrations and great BBQ sandwiches – I know I did….Thanks to all of the members that put on a well done and safe charity event.

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 Canopy Area for spectators and make ready View of the flight line 



by Brian Regan   October 16, 2016

This weekend I traveled to Las Cruces NM for Mesilla Valley Model Airplane Club's new field warming. Howard chapman road down with me. There were 5 members from Albuquerqe's AOK club.
John Womack was the CD and did a great job. There was about 25 pilots or more, I didn't count them. Lots of open flying and talk.
This event was held to warm up their new field. It is a good place to come to. There are 2 runways and lots of shade. When the city completes all the little things the club would like to have done, it will be even better. I had a real good time flying with the club. It was just a bunch of friendly flyers having a great time.
I will be back next year, Hope to see you then.

Brian Regan
District VIII AVP

  picture  picture 
 One of the flight lines. John Womack. He was the CD. Great job. 

Fly-In / Fun-Fly

16th Annual District VIII Celebration of Flight

by Ed Valls   October 14, 2016

On September 24 and 25, 2016 the Tri City Flyers held their 16th annual District VIII Fly-In. The event is a celebration of flight and also honors and recognizes those District VIII members who have passed away during the year. This years even, as in recent years, was expertly CD'd by Frank Simas and hosted by the Tri City Flyers. Given the weather forecast, the event was considered a success and drew 37 pilots. The weather on Saturday was very favorable and a lot of the pilots got some good flying in. At the noon time lunch break Jim Rice read the names of the district VIII members who have passed away during the year and Jack Matlock then performed a short flight demonstration in honor of those lost during the year. Jim and Gary Rice also spent a lot of tie with their trainer "buddy boxing" guests.

AMA HQ. representatives Dave Mathewson (AMA Executive Director) and Ilona Maine (Safety and Member Benefits) attended and provided an update on the "state of the AMA" and addressed the status of Congressional legislation regarding model aviation. They also held a short Q&A during the Saturday evening BBQ dinner.

Jim and Linda Rice arranged for the funding for a Saturday night BBQ expertly cooked by Red Rich and his team of talented "chefs". The kitchen was expertly run by Ben and Kim Lewis with a lot of help from Ed Stout and other club members. Registration was run by Charles Roccaforte, Rick Corbell and George Sheffield.

Jim and Linda Rice also arranged for all of the pilot and raffle prizes. Many thanks to Jim and Linda for the outstanding efforts in coordinating the dinner and arranging for the prizes. I would also like to thank District VIII VP Lawrence Harville for his donation of AMA hats for the pilots prizes.

The weather forecast for Sunday was not good so CD Franks Simas called the event on Saturday after the dinner. However, he was at the field on Sunday for anyone that wished to come back and fly on Sunday. A number of the pilots did come back on Sunday and did a lot of flying.

A big congratulations to CD Frank Simas and the Tri City Flyers for another successful Celebration of Flight Fly-In.

  picture  picture 
 Group Shot of Some of the Pilots Attending Brian Strachan and his Pilot RC IMAC Aircraft after his wonderful flight deom 

Fly-In / Fun-Fly

First Annual Tri City Flyers Warbird Fly-In

by Ed Valls   October 14, 2016

The Tri City Flyers (San Antonio area) will be holding their first annual warbird fly-in on Saturday October 29, 2016. This is a one day event. Registration opens at 8 AM and flying will begin after a short pilots meeting. The event is open to any warbird from any era. Planes that served in the military as well as in civilian life are eligible but they MUST be in the appropriate military color scheme (example: a Piper Cub is eligible but must be in the green or olive drab and can not be "yellow"). Any size warbird qualifies for the event (small electrics to large prop planes or turbine/edf jets). Turbine pilots must have their waiver.

For more information please see the club website at:

Fly-In / Fun-Fly

San Antonio Propbusters Fly-In

by Ed Valls   October 14, 2016

Hi everyone. I just wanted to remind any the AMA District VIII members in the San Antonio area of the San Antonio Probusters fly this Saturday (October 22, 2016). The event is open to any plane built from a kit or from plans. It is not open to ARF's. The event will be held at the Propbusters field in Somerset, Texas (south of the San Antonio metroplex). The event will be from 9 AM to 2 PM. Everyone is welcome. I invite you to please visit the club website ( for more information and directions to the field.



by Bill Holland   October 9, 2016

The annual Hatbox Fly In at Hatbox Field in Muskogee, OK was held October 7th - 8th. This is an annual event hosted by the TRAMPS R/C club. Over 40 pilots from Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas attended the two day event. The TRAMPS get outstanding support from the City of Muskogee making this a must attend event. Great food and over $1000 in pilot prizes. Friday morning pilots were greeted with early rain followed by overcast skies and strong north winds. Later in the afternoon the winds calmed down and blue sky was the norm. Saturday was absolutely beautiful with sunshine and light winds! The skies were filled everything from WW1 to jets all day. The traditional Dawn Patrol flight launched at 7:15am with a 8 WW1 aircraft awakening those camping on site! District 8 VP Lawrence Harville attended Friday. Two other AVPs from District 8 also attended in addition to myself. They were Olen Rutherford from Arkansas and Johnny Hunt from Texas. Congrats to the TRAMPS for another great event this year.

 Dawn Patrol 2016 Squadron 


Steve and Nate’s Most Excellent Fun Fly

by Brian Regan   September 10, 2016

Today Sept, 10th, Howard and I went up to Farmington, NM for Steve and Nate’s Most Excellent Fun Fly. The weather was great. It was not windy as expected. There were 36 pilots signed up. This was the 10th year of their event. It is hosted by Steve & Nate. The supply the prizes and food. All is free. There was a donation box to help. Lots of flying was the norm. I had a great time. I have never had a bad time there. The treat all visitors like family. I am looking forward to next year.

Brian Regan

 Nate & Steve. They did a great job. 


NW OK Flyers 2016 Fun Fly

by Bill Holland   September 9, 2016

T 17th Annual Fun-fly hosted by the NW Oklahoma R/C Flyers was held at their club field in Mooreland, OK. Jim and Calvin Ellis from the OK Sooner Squadron attended the event on my behalf. Darwin Loomis was the CD and put on a great event. Pilots from Texas, Kansas, and Oklahoma numbering over 40 attended the traditional Labor Day event. Darwin put on a great event with prizes and great food. Many of the pilots camped on site in their RVs. The flying site is a private full scale airport. The hangar was used to serve the great food during the event. The event continues to grow yearly and strongly recommend you come out next year!

  picture  picture 
 Darwin Loomis with pilots attending the event following briefing. Hangar used for the great food and fellowship. 


ARCC Labor Day Air Show 2016

by Brian Regan   September 4, 2016

This weekend i attended ARCC's Labor Day Air Show. It was held at Maloof Memorial field in Albuquerque. Rick and Keith were in charge and did a swell job. They had lots of help from Stan, Mark, Wanda, Jimmy, and Chuck. There were a few others too. The event is just open flying. Saturday was not too hot with a slight cross wind. Sunday was a little windy with the wind straight down the runway. It was great.
On Saturday Lawrence Tougas was the to answer questons about what he would do as the next AMA president if elected. Please go to his web site and see what he is all about.( ) He could make a good president. The choice is up to you.
Every year this event has been a lot of fun. It is a lot of work but worth it. I had a great time.If you get a chance, stop by and fly with them. It was fun.

Brian Regan

  picture  picture 
 Art and Howard discussing gravity. Rick and Keith sitting back letting us have all the fun. Great job guys. 

Fly-In / Fun-Fly

North Alliance Military Fly-In

by Olen Rutherford   August 28, 2016

August 8-9, 26 people from district eight including pilots and families attended the North Alliance Military Fly-In in Owatonna, Minnesota. People started arriving as early as Tuesday. The Fly-In registered 110 pilots, including myself, from twelve states and Canada. Pilots from district eight in attendance were from the OK Sooner Squadron-Gutrie, Tulsa Glue Dobbers-Tulsa, T.R.A.M.P.S-Muskogee, all from Oklahoma and the Ozark Flyers from Fayetteville, Arkansas.
Calvin Branton, CD and the rest of club members have one of the most enjoyable fly-ins around the country; family friendly and just a good time by all, a great place to fly!

Olen Rutherford
Arkansas AVP
See you at a flying field somewhere.

  picture  picture 


LA Aeromodelers (Los Alamos NM)

by Brian Regan   August 2, 2016

Once a month or more the LA Aeromodelers get together on the weekend to fly. I was sent these pictures of some of the members. I have flown with them and had a great time. I hope to get up there this summer and fly with them. If you get a chance, look them up and visit their field. You will have fun.

 Some of the club members. 

Fly-In / Fun-Fly

National Model Aviation Day

by Ed Valls   July 27, 2016

Hello everyone. I would like to remind all of you in the San Antonio area of the National Model Aviation Day Fly-In. This year the AMA has chosen to donate the proceeds to the Wounded Warrior Foundation.

If you are not attending an event out of town, I would like to invite you to attend the Tri City Flyers (TCF) National Model Aviation Day. Since all clubs are free to choose a charity their club would like to support, the TCF has chosen to donate all event monies to Boysville of San Antonio. If you are not familiar with their work, I would invite you to please visit their website at: ( They do an outstanding job of caring for young boys and girls that are at risk and the TCF is proud to hold the event to benefit their organization. For more information on the event please visit :

Ed Valls

Last Flight

Tim Haskins June 2016

by Benny Behrens   July 25, 2016

Tim Haskins, long term member and Officer of Alvin RC Model Airplane Association (ARCMAA) passed away in June of 2016. Tim was an old fashion kind of modeler which included kit building and scratch building. He enjoyed all types and sizes of airplanes including WWI and WWII warbirds and had recently gotten into and was enjoying helicopters.

Tim was a common face at Alvin’s field and many events at other fields in the Houston area. He was known by many members of the local RC community and was always willing to help others as an instructor or simply by providing friendly assistance when needed. Tim was President of ARCMAA for several years and was instrumental in a major expansion of the club’s clubhouse.

Tim will be missed by his friends at RC flying fields around the Houston area.

 Tim Haskins 

Fly-In / Fun-Fly

Alvin RC - 26th Big Bird Fly In

by Benny Behrens   July 20, 2016

On Saturday July 16, 2016 the Alvin Radio Control Model Airplane Association (ARCMAA) held its 26th annual Big Bird Fly In and 12th annual Swap Meet. This event was rescheduled from March due to a rain out. This time the weather was typical Texas mid-July – no rain but a little “warm”. The event was well attended with about 26 pilots registered along with many local RC visitors from local clubs and spectators.

The event was opened with the playing of our National Anthem while the flag was very nicely displayed from Paul Curry’s Cub – very nice way to display our flag. I believe the entire event was very well done and run very smoothly and safely.

Airplane entries were a complete cross section of airplanes in our hobby from large scale cubs to large warbirds and everything in between.

At the noon time break CD Fred Daniels held a special ceremony re-naming Alvin’s flying field to “Vance Field”. This was done to honor Phil Vance who was a founding member of Alvin RC, which was chartered by the AMA in 1974. Phil began building and flying RC planes in the early 70’s and was a continuous active key member, trustee & officer of the club until his passing in May of this year. Phil was also instrumental in the purchasing of the land in the 80’s on which the club’s field is located today. Phil’s wife and several family members were present for the ceremony.

Thanks to all of the pilots, CD Fred Daniels and all of the club volunteers that made this a great event and ceremony…Benny Behrens, District VIII AVP

  picture  picture 
 Paul Curry of Space City displaying flag during playing of National Anthem Family members of Phil Vance attending the ceremony naming the field Vance Field 


Alamo RadioControl Society (ARCS) Swap Meet

by Ed Valls   July 17, 2016

On Friday, July 9, I had the pleasure of attending the ARCS Swap Meet held in San Antonio. The event was well attended and ARCS should be very proud of the event. The following article and photos was submitted by ARCS member Jim Witthauer.

The Alamo Radio Control Society of San Antonio Texas hosted an AMA sanctioned two-day swap meet July 8th and 9th. Nearly 300 people attended the event browsing the twenty-four vendors and fifty tables that filled an old fire house and the grounds to the fire house entrance. It was by far the biggest swap meet in the San Antonio area in recent memory. With plenty of food and drink available for the hungry and thirsty, the affair culminated in an auction led by Jim Rice, AMA Executive Council, and a raffle which included prizes donated by HobbyTown USA, and Al’s Hobbies both of San Antonio, and donations by ARCS members. Organized by club member Tom Richards the event was a sure success. Delighted with the event’s success ARCS is contemplating an annual fall swap meet when cooler weather prevails.

  picture  picture 

Fly-In / Fun-Fly

Show-Me Warbird Invitational of Missouri

by Olen Rutherford   July 16, 2016

The Show-Me Warbird Invitational on June 18th is sponsored by Steve Forrest. It is a fly-in to raise money for the Central Missouri Honor Flight for veterans of World War II, Korea, and Vietnam wars. Money raised is from donations. For this year, a total of $1531 was raised, which will go to the Honor Flight program. Steve and Nancy, with the help of Lyle Vasser, put on a great event and good food from the grill. Steve has one of the best grass flying fields that you'll find in the country. In attendance were 57 pilots (including myself) and over 70 Warbirds from Missouri, Indiana, Wisconsin, Illinois, Kansas, Texas, and Arkansas. I am honored to be invited to this event.

Olen Rutherford
Arkansas AVP
See you at a flying somewhere.

  picture  picture 

Fly-In / Fun-Fly

Warbirds Invitational Over Arkansas

by Olen Rutherford   July 16, 2016

The Warbirds Invitational over Arkansas Fly-In from June 9-12th was sponsored by Tom Hammer and organized by Dale Lacander. Tom has a very nice flying field located in the northern plateau of the Ozark Mountains at Eureka Springs, Arkansas, which is a beautiful part of Arkansas to see and visit. In attendance were 46 registered pilots (including myself)from Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Indiana. With great weather throughout the event, a good time was had by all.

Olen Rutherford
Arkansas AVP
See you at a flying field somewhere.

  picture  picture 

District News

Vice President Email

by Lawrence Harville   June 28, 2016

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2016 ARCC Scale Meet

by Brian Regan   June 26, 2016

I just got home from ARCC's scale meet here in Albuquerque. There was over 30 pilots and lots of planes. Rick, Keith & Vic did a great job. They had help during lunch from Stan. Most of the work for this weekend was done by Rick, Vic & Keith. Thanks for helping us have a great time.
Norm Redenchec won pilots choice with a cool tigercat. Baylor from Farmington won civilian with his cub and Paul Jarvis won beat military with a great P47.
Saturday was overcast with light winds straight down the run way. Sunday had a cross wind that ground most flying. The guys that flew had a blast.
Just want to thank the 3 club members ( Rick, Vic & Keith) for all their work. I wish the other club members at the event would have helped them. It would have made it a lot easier.
Great time was had by all who came out. Next event for them is the Labor Day fun fly. Lots of open flying.

Brian Regan

Brian Regan

 Three hard working members. Vic, Rick & Keith. 

Fly-In / Fun-Fly


by Olen Rutherford   June 25, 2016

SMALL, is a fly-in for all kinds of things to fly with engines-motors up to 25 size. From flying saucers to dinosaur period pteranodons, F-F, u-control and RC, they do it all. Starting on June 2ad through the 5th. Some pilots started arriving a day or two early just to have more time for the fun.
The SMALL fly-in has been a sanctioned event for 27 years. This year it was hosted by the FARM Club in Wrightsville, Arkansas and Bobby Moran CD.There were 52 registered pilots, in clouding myself, from Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma, South Carolina, North Carolina, Illinois, Nebraska, Missouri, Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio and California. The event starts the first week end in June each year. Be ready next year to come out and enjoy the fun.

Olen Rutherford
Arkansas AVP
See you at a flying field somewhere.

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Fly-In / Fun-Fly

Cecil Veneble Momorial Fly-In

by Olen Rutherford   June 25, 2016

May 30th the Flight Masters model airplane club hosted the annual Cecil Veneble Momorial Fly-In. The event to celebrate on May 19th the Fort Chaffee Redevelop Authority voted to donate 15 acres to the Club for their flying field. The Club has plans to purchase the adjacent land around the field. At 9 AM, Hardie Jefferies CD called a pilots meeting and the fun begin. There were 27 registered pilots, including myself, and former AVP Cecil Collum's grandson Anthony Thorne on the buddy box. In celebration, the Club provided us with free registration and a free catered lunch. The Club now has a very nice field with two runways and nice pavilions. They hoist two fly-ins a year, Memorial Day and Labor Day. Try to be there next year.

Olen Rutherford
Arkansas AVP
See you at a flying field somewhere.

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Fly-In / Fun-Fly

Brazoria County Modelers Assoc. Big Bird Fly In

by Benny Behrens   June 14, 2016

On Saturday June 11th I visited Brazoria County Modelers Association Big Bird Fly In. Their field is located in Oyster Creek, TX which is near Freeport, TX. The club has a great flying field with a 600 foot paved runway and almost unlimited overfly area. The event was well attended with approximately 28 registered pilots and many spectators. After all the rain within the week prior to the event the field was dry and weather conditions were great with a breeze right down the runway. Everyone got lots of flying in and the barbeque sandwich plates were great. The club’s members did a great job of running a smooth and safe event and I believe everyone had a great time.

  picture  picture 


Rocky Mountain Flying Machine Open House

by Brian Regan   June 6, 2016

On Sunday RMFM held their 2nd annual open house. It was hot and a little windy. While the attendance was down, it was still real fun. They had a couple guest try there hand at flying. Grins all around.
I was hoping for more guest. Those that attended had a great time.
One safety item. Don't let anyone take pictures at the end of the runway dead center. We had a guest walk out to do just that. We brought him back in and later he found out why we can't let him stand there. A plane landed right where he would have been standing. Remember Safety is every ones job.

Come out next year and help make this a cool event.

Brian Regan

  picture  picture 
 Art levy from Santa Fe. Bob & Kent. 


AOK at the 75th Anniversary of Kirtland AFB.

by Brian Regan   June 6, 2016

AOK (Aeromodelers of Kirtland) joined in to celebrate Kirtland AFB 75th anniversary. The club put on demo flights and a static display. There were lots of people and questions. Don't touch that was heard often.
Thanks to all who showed up to help. It was a good time.

Brian Regan

Fly-In / Fun-Fly

Warbirds Over Arkansas

by Olen Rutherford   June 2, 2016

Saturday, May 21, the M.A.R.K.S club of North Little Rock, Arkansas had their annual Warbirds Over Arkansas Fly-In.In attendance was 19 pilots, including myself. C D Stan Kopreski called the pilots meeting at 9:00 a.m. and the fun began. Randy Womack the club president, did a great job manning the grill for lunch.The club has ten categories, ranging from best of show to the oldest participant to fly. There is a fifty dollar prize to each class winner, chosen by a committee.
My number wasn't called for the raffle of a E-Flite Carbon-Z T-28 but Bobby Young's number was.
The M.A.R.K.S club has a well manicured grass field to fly from. Get your warbird ready and be there next year.

Olen Rutherford
Arkansas AVP
See you at a flying field somewhere

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Last Flight

Phillip Vance, Sr., May 10, 1928 - May 7, 2016

by Benny Behrens   May 17, 2016

On May 7, 2016 Phillip Vance, Sr. passed away. Phil was a founding member and Icon of the Alvin RC Modelers Association (Alvin RC) in Alvin, Texas and an avid RC modeler since the early 70’s. The following Remembrance was provided by Grady Owens, Treasurer of the Alvin RC Club
Alvin RC Club Remembers Phillip Vance, SR.
May 10, 1928 – May 7, 2016
I met Phil Vance in 2002 when I joined Alvin RC Modelers Association, more popularly known as Alvin RC Club. He was the club treasurer at the time. He signed my first membership card, took my dues, of course, and gave me a new member briefing. I quickly learned that Phil was the embodiment of the history and spirit of the Alvin RC Club, and reflecting on this man’s involvement and personal effort in club activities over many years, I must conclude that Phillip Vance was the Alvin RC Club.
Since the founding of the Club in 1975, it would be difficult to examine any activity that did not involve him. Over the years he has been President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Trustee. He has filled the Trustee role since 1983 and only recently gave it up because of poor health and advanced age.
He wrote a history of Alvin RC Club and put together a legacy file for us so that we can carry on in his absence. It can be said without hyperbole that this man made our club his life’s mission. It can also be said that he carried on that mission with great care, diligence, and integrity. He loved our hobby, he loved the fellowship of modelers, and he remained steadfast to Alvin RC Club - his club - to the end.
One last action is worth mentioning. Phil wrote his own position description for club trustee. An excerpt from that description says, “The role of the trustee is a call to leadership, leadership through cooperation between all club members, (and) leadership through group action.”
Phil Vance “did good.” We will miss him.
Rest in peace, Phil. I can see you flying a model airplane through heaven’s sky.
Grady Owens
Treasurer, Alvin RC Club

  picture  picture 
 Phil at the Alvin RC flying field Phil on his "Stick and Rudder" Transmitter holder 

Fly-In / Fun-Fly

Checota, OK Invitational Fly-In

by Olen Rutherford   May 15, 2016

On Saturday, May 7, I attended the Checotah, OK Invitational Fly-In, for all types of aircraft. The weather was great with winds light and mostly down the runway. Gaines Smith, CD, called the pilots meeting at 9 oclock and the 28 registered pilots took to the air.
The Checotah field and its members are part of the Muskogee T.R.A.M.P.S club. Rick McAdoo worked with city of Checotah and the parks department and now they have a very nice grass run way to fly from.
David Beaty did a great job of organizing the event. Rick McAdoo prepared a feast for lunch, more food than we could eat! It was a very enjoyable fly-in, you could fly all you wanted, if not, your fault.
Everyone had a good time. Check out the pictures and video at TRAMPS RC.ORG web site. See you there next year.

Olen Rutherford
Arkansas AVP

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Control Line

South Arkansas John Gunn Invitation C/L Stunt Championship

by Olen Rutherford   May 9, 2016

On April 29-30, I attended (as a spectator)the Model Aviators of South Arkansas, John Glenn Invitational Stunt Championship for unlimited profile, classic; (open) and precision aerobatics. The contest drew 16 competitors from Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma, Alabama, Georgia, and Paul Winter came over from England. First place in each category: Unlimited profile-John Blanchard; Advanced-Norm Faith; Expert-John Gilbert; Classic open-Dan Cranfill; Warbird Open-Joe Gilbert; Precision Aerobatics/Intermediate-John Blanchard; Advanced-Mark Troutman; Expert-Dan Cranfill. Pilots' Choice; Profile-Joe Bowman; P.A.-John Hill.

CD, Doug Patterson and Co-CD, Jason Cunningham, with help from the other club members and their wives, did a great job of managing the contest.

The M.A.S.A. Club of El Dorado, Arkansas, has a great place to fly, with blacktop and a grass circle for control line and a blacktop runway for RC. A fine place to enjoy the hobby and plenty of southern hospitality to go with it. Check them out.

Olen Rutherford
Arkansas AVP

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It's Spring

by Tony Breyen   May 5, 2016

It's SPRING and the builder is probably disappointed, because the long evenings of working has now been replaced by sunlight hours and his friends are saying let's go fly. The gather is sad because all the swapmeets are over for the winter and he has nothing to do with himself either.
But the flyer is rejoicing it's time to dust them off, drag them out and get those planes in the air.
But do you need to get out there and find something broke that you forgot from last year and your buddies all gig and laugh and give you a hard time.
So have we done our spring once over for those loose servo arms, wires,and screws that worked out slowly last year.The things we said
"I'll get it this winter" in other words is it really ready.
So tighten it ,glue it , iron it give it a look over make sure it's safe and ready.
And have a fun flying season.


Red Stick Classic Scale Contest

by Jerry Walters   May 2, 2016

April 8, 9, 10
Baton Rouge R/C Club
Erwinville, LA, just West of Red Stick (Baton Rouge)
Beautiful, but sometimes windy weather made the event great and sometimes challenging. The scale work was awesome and even included a true turboprop built and flown by Derrick Martin of the Aeromodelers of Acadiana Club. I even got to meet our esteemed District VIII leader, Lawrence Harville, at the event.

 Derrick Martin with his turboprop 


Warbirds over JSC 2016

by Benny Behrens   April 27, 2016

On Saturday April 23, 2016 I had the privilege to visit Johnson Space Center RC Club’s (JSCRCC) Warbird Fly-In. JSCRCC has held off holding events at their field at Johnson Space Center due to increased security restrictions after 9/11. Last year they decided to hold a Warbird event but with the requirement that all pilots and visitors had to preregister to allow security to clear them through the gate prior to the event. Last year their event went well and this year they had a really great and well attended event.

By observation their security folks did a great job in hassle free handling of the security checks and it did not appear to be any real burden or restriction on attendance. The security folks were very helpful and courteous at the entrance gate. JSCRCC had 37 pilots registered and many visitors/spectators. Weather for the event was great but due to the continuous rains several days prior to the event volunteers spent two days pumping water from the area to get the field ready for event day - it turned out perfect. As with all events volunteers are critical and JSCRCC’s crew did a great job.

There were many, many different type military aircraft from small electrics to large scale B-17’s and B-24. Entries included Butch McEachern’s beautifully build Boeing P-26 Peashooter. This year was highlighted by being Boeing’s Centennial and special awards were given for best Boeing Bomber and best Boeing warbird. Pilots came from as far away as Fort Worth and Austin.

Thanks to all of the pilots and club volunteers that made this a very successful and enjoyable event…I am sure everyone enjoyed themselves….I know I did…Thanks Benny Behrens, AVP Houston Area.

  picture  picture 
 Flag Raising Some of the Volunteers that made it happen 

Last Flight

Jack Webb 1931-2016

by Benny Behrens   April 20, 2016

Jack Alfred (John) Webb
Jack (John) Alfred Webb, 85, left this world peacefully in his sleep after a long battle with cancer on March
9, 2016. He was born, at home, on February 21, 1931 in Tonawanda, New York to the late Edwin Dyer
Webb Jr. and Daisy Phillips Webb. He is survived by his sister Carolyn Webb Gentz and brother in-law
Bruce Gentz of Grand Island, New York; nephew David Gentz with wife Mary Gentz with their children,
Phillip and Katie Gentz of Grand Island, New York; his daughters Molly Kistler with grandsons Zachary
and Nicholas Kistler of Friendswood, TX; Nora Webb of Pendleton, NY; and son, Edwin John Webb with
wife Meghann Clark Webb and grand-daughter Josephine Violet Clark Webb in Seattle, Washington.
At 17 years of age, Jack Webb earned Eagle Scout and The Distinguished Rifleman medal from the National Rifle
Association. At 19, he earned The God and Country Award. After graduated from North Tonawanda High School 1950,
he began working as a tool and die apprentice at Spaulding Fiber Co. 1950-1970. John joined the United States Coast
Guard Reserve. Jack was employed with Thiele- Coal and Feed, and Houdaille Hydraulics in Buffalo, NY; Grumman
Houston Corp.; J.W. Lighting Inc., and Fyco Tool and Die, Inc. all in Houston, TX. He retired on Feb. 1, 1996. Jack
resided in Friendswood.
Jack's hobbies were hunting, fishing, photography, shooting at the range, and radio controlled airplanes and boats. The
Alvin RC was an everyday reward, to talk with friends, fly his planes and be away from doctors and hospitals.
Jack was a fighter. He endured 6 rounds of chemotherapy and 3 experimental treatments. He stayed positive throughout
his battle, hoping the research that was being done with him could help others. He was a model to his children and
grandchildren of high work ethic, honesty and being prepared. Jack, his sense of humor and love of flying will be missed
There will be a family service in North Tonawanda, NY in May.
Published on from Mar. 23 to Apr. 5, 2016
Jack Webb Obituary: Jack Webb’s Obituary by the The Friendswood Journal. Page 1 of 1 04/19/2016

Fly-In / Fun-Fly

Hot Springs, Arkansas "Spring Fling"

by Olen Rutherford   April 18, 2016

On April 16 I attended the Hot Springs RC Club's "Spring Fling" Fly-In. The weather didn't cooperate with low clouds and drizzle. CD Mark Smith call a pilots meeting and 19 registered pilots voted to tough it out and fly. The club has a fantastic flying field not far from down town historic Hot Springs located in the beautiful Ouachita National Forest. Hot Springs is a resort town and a great place to visit. Put this one on your list for next year.

Olen Rutherford
Arkansas AVP

  picture  picture 


2016 Warbirds Over Tucson

by Brian Regan   April 18, 2016

This weekend I traveled down to Tucson for Warbirds Over Tucson. There were 26 pilots and lots of airplanes. TRCC did a great job keeping the flying going. Saturday it was almost cold with wind. We flew a lot any way. This event is pretty laid back. The only requirement was to have fun. I think we did. On Sunday i got a chance to fly with a third scale Pup, a quarter scale DR1 and my Dr1. It was real fun trying to keep close enough to get a picture with all 3 planes.
Thanks TRCC for having another great event.

Brian Regan

 Brett, Jerry and Dave withe the WW1 planes. 

District News

Contact your U.S. Senator now, the AMA needs your help!

by Lawrence Harville   April 14, 2016

Spread this to your local clubs-lets help get the word out.
Anyone feel free to use it.
Please pass the word and have your spouse, children, family and friends "write their Senators" in support of model aviation and Amendment 3596. Everyone's voice is needed.

Its easy and only takes a couple of minutes using AMA's web-based link. Doing so today is critical in support of recreational model aviation!
Thank you and here's the link: Just cut and paste

Pylon Racing

WACO Club Hosts Club40 & EF1 Pylon Races

by Douglas Staines   April 11, 2016

On Saturday, April 9, I was in attendance at the Heart of Texas Miniature Aircraft Club or 'HOTMAC' in Waco, Texas. Bill Flores US Congressman was also in attendance and was treated to some great Pylon Racing Action as well as some of the carnage of a few midair's. Steve Blackwell was CD for the event, the weather had a hint of rain but held off for most of the day. Steve Fabianke won the Club 40 event while Jason Duda took top honors in the EF1 event

  picture  picture 
 Club 40 Pylon Racing Winners 1st through 4th & Fastest Time EF1 Pylon Racing Winners 1st through 4th & Fastest Time 


WACO Club Invites US Congressman

by Douglas Staines   April 11, 2016

The following was submitted by C.C.Adams, HOTMAC Secretary/Treasurer

On Sat. April 9th the Heart of Texas Miniature Aircraft Club (HOTMAC) held Club 40/EF1 Races at the Club field in Waco, TX.

The Club invited Texas District 17 Congressman Bill Flores to attend and get up to speed on Model Aircraft Operations. It was his first visit to a Club Field. Club Officers were able to brief him on current FAA, AMA, and local club issues. A private pilot himself, he was aware of all the recent legislation regarding our hobby and basically left the club with a “don’t worry” feeling.

Doug Staines, AMA Associate Vice President District VIII was also in attendance and was able to brief Mr. Flores on how AMA initiatives fit in to the life of club and its’ members.

When the racers took a lunch break Mr. Flores participated in an FPV flight, got about 30 min. of buddy box time flying Horizon’s big electric T-28 and got demos of a well automated quad copter and an F-15 turbine.

When the Congressman left 2 hours after arrival he thanked all who participated and said he would put the club’s Sept Jet Rally on his calendar.

The HOTMAC club has used their airfield since the mid 1960’s without any airspace problems with the Waco Regional Airport 4.8 miles away. Last week the club received a draft Letter of Agreement from the FAA Control Tower and Airport Authority awarding plenty of airspace to fly in and only requiring a notification when flying after dark.

The Club 40 races were won by Steve Fabianke and the EF-1 by Jason Duda. Yes, the Congressman saw some “carnage”.

  picture  picture 
 AVP Doug Staines, talking with Congressman Bill Flores Congressman Bill Flores on the Buddy Box with HOTMAC Club VP Ronnie Dean 

District News

Rice University AIAA Design/Build/Fly Team

by Benny Behrens   April 10, 2016

On Saturday April 9 and Sunday April 10, 2016 Alvin RC Model Airplane Association had the pleasure to host a team of students from Rice University in Houston, TX. The team is in the test flight stages of their entries in the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) Design/Build/Fly competition. Alvin RC member Russell Bear served as their AMA pilot for the test flights.

A very brief description of the competition requirements:
• Design, build and fly two airplanes consisting of a Production version and a Manufacturing version.
• Production version is required to be capable of carrying a payload equal to a 32 oz. bottle of fluid as well as allow for disassembly/reassembly to provide for transport in the Manufacturing version.
• Manufacturing version is required to be capable of transporting the components of the Production version over a prescribed course making as many trips as necessary to transport and reassemble the Production version.
• Prepare and submit a detailed report of their entire project.
• The flight competition will include flying the manufacturing plane without a payload, flying the production plane with a payload, and transporting the subcomponents of the Production version within the Manufacturing version. All flying will be over a prescribed course and time frame. In addition pilots do not have to be members of the university but must be AMA pilots.
• Additional detailed information is available on AIAA’s website.

This is a challenging project and the final judging will take place April 15, 16 and 17.

Good luck to the Rice Team….

  picture  picture 
 Production Version on Left - Manufacturing Version on Right Some of the team members 


Texas City RC Annual Warbird and Crawfish Festival

by Benny Behrens   April 10, 2016

Saturday April 9, 2016 the Texas City RC Club held their annual Warbird Fly-In and Crawfish Festival. The event was a huge success with 39 registered pilots, many swap meet participants, great raffle prizes and many spectators and visitors. Travis LeDoux, the club Secretary, handled the Crawfish Festival and did an outstanding job of boiling the crawfish with potatoes and corn all seasoned perfectly.

There were many types and sizes of military aircraft represented providing a great show for the spectators and visitors. The weather was typical spring conditions - cool and very flyable with the flight line full for most of the day. The event was run very smooth and efficiently thanks to efforts of many club volunteers.

Thanks folks for a great event…

  picture  picture 
 Full Flight Line Some of the entries 


ARCC Spring Swap Meet 2016

by Brian Regan   April 9, 2016

It was a cool damp foggy morning. I arrived at the field to se several swappers set up for the day. Rick and Keith from ARCC helped line up the swappers. There was about 20 or more swappers. You could find almost anything. There was some fishing tackle too.
I think the early morning fog scared some buyers and sellers away. It was still a pretty good day. I sold a few things and gave away a few things. Thanks ARCC for doing another swap meet. They will do another one in the fall.

Brian Regan

 Rick and Keith from ARCC. 

Fly-In / Fun-Fly

Fort Bend RC Swap Meet and Fun Fly

by Benny Behrens   April 1, 2016

Looks like the event season in the Houston area is getting off to a busy start. Saturday March 26, 2016 there were several club membership meetings along with several Swap Meets and Fun Fly’s. Jetero held a Fly-In in celebration of their 20th Anniversary, Johnson Space Center RC held their annual Iron Mike Swap Meet and Fort Bend RC held their annual Fun Fly and Swap Meet.

I managed to attend the club meeting at Alvin RC and then the Fun Fly and Swap Meet at Fort Bend RC. The weather for all events in the area was great with lots of sun shine and cool temperatures. There was a little breeze but mostly from a direction that allowed flying.

Fort Bend’s event was an enjoyable and relaxed outing that saw many swap meet items, lots of flying with anything from trainers to turbines, raffle and capped off with great barbeque sandwiches. Thanks to all of the members and volunteers of Fort Bend RC that put together a very pleasant and enjoyable event…Benny Behrens, District VIII AVP Houston Area

  picture  picture 
 No words necessary   

District News


by Lawrence Harville   March 29, 2016

If you are trying to send me and email--DO NOT USE the link to me listed on the home page
Send emails to me directly at

I can not receive anything you send on this websie, use my personal email, we will get it fix soon

Sorry for the confusion, we are trying to fix the problem
Lawrence Harville
District VIII
Vice President


Marks Club Yearly Swap Meet

by Olen Rutherford   March 11, 2016

On Feb. 27 I attended the Marks Club of North Little Rock Arkansas' yearly swap meet.CD Stan Kopreski, Club President Randy Womack and all the other club members did a excellent job of putting on this swap meet.
The doors opened at 10 am and ran until 2 pm, with 27 tables around the perimeter of the gymnasium, along with some vendors utilizing floor space in the center, for 30 vendors registered. With visits from additional 64 plus people from the surrounding area and other clubs.
Marshall Singer ran the concession stand with hot dogs, pop corn and soda.
It was a good swap meet, with planed improvements for next year. Be sure to put it on your calendar.
See you at a flying field some where.

Olen Rutherford
Arkansas AVP

  picture  picture 


Thinking safe

by Tony Breyen   March 2, 2016

I hope we all have a good place to store our airplane fuel . I stopped by a friends house last week and he had his gas and his nitro in a couple cans inside the house and even near a hot water heater I pointed it out to him and he just didn't think about it. Please think about this storeage even if you have to leave them outside on the back porch and where animals can't get to them. I use last year's fuel for my weedeaters and or mower. I think it would be good practice not to run last years gas especially with the ethanol that's involved today. Using your old gas in your lawn equipment you can always say sorry honey I can't do the yard today it's broke I guess I'll just go fly have fun all.

District News

FAA is actively searching for ROGUE drone operators

by Lawrence Harville   February 20, 2016

Latest FAA press release to reel in “rogue” drone operators. Just FYI.

Most of us AMA members bet the ones they catch will NOT be AMA members.

From: Federal Aviation Administration
Sent: Thursday, February 18, 2016 3:46 PM

Subject: FAA, DHS, CACI, UMD Perform UAS Detection Work

FAA News & Updates
FAA logo
News & Update
You are subscribed to News & Updates from the FAA Homepage. This information has recently been updated, and is now available.
FAA, DHS, CACI, UMD Perform UAS Detection Work

Each month, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) receives more than 100 reports from pilots and others who spot what appears to be an unmanned aircraft (UAS) flying close to an airport or a manned airplane. Its become a serious safety concern for the agency, and a potential security issue for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).
In addition to the FAAs ongoing outreach and education efforts, an additional step toward a solution is to detect and identify these rogue drones and their operators. Recently, the FAA partnered with DHS and CACI International to explore how the companys prototype detection technology may help detect UAS in the vicinity of airports. The main goal of the partnership is to safely explore procedures and processes for deploying and operating detection technologies in and around commercial airports.
The explosive growth of the unmanned aircraft industry makes evaluating detection technologies an urgent priority, said Marke Hoot Gibson, FAA Senior Advisor on UAS Integration. This research is totally aimed at keeping our skies safe, which is our number one mission.
"Working with the FAA, the DHS Science and Technology Directorate is proud to provide our expertise in testing and simulation of technologies to better address the safety and security challenges posed by unmanned aerial systems, said DHS Deputy Under Secretary for Science and Technology Robert Griffin.
CACIs proof-of-concept system employs radio frequency sensors at strategic locations around an airport in high, prominent locations. When the sensors detect frequencies unmanned aircraft typically use, it triangulates the signals and determines the location of both the UAS and the operator.
CACI Chief Operating Officer and President of U.S. Operations John Mengucci said, The results of testing under our PathFinder agreement with the FAA at Atlantic City International Airport demonstrate that CACIs proprietary system SkyTracker performed as designed. SkyTracker successfully identified, detected, and tracked UAS in flight, and precisely located drone ground operators all without interfering with airport ground operations. We are very proud to partner with the FAA and DHS to help ensure national airspace safety from the escalating UAS threat.
From January 25 to February 2, the CACI system was evaluated at Atlantic City International Airport (ACY), the first UAS detection research in a commercial airport environment. A total of 141 operations were executed over five days 72 with a UAS on the ground and 69 with different small UAS in flight. In the coming months, engineers from the FAA, DHS, CACI and the University of Maryland (UMD), which also was a partner in the evaluation, will work together to compile the data for a final report by August 2016.
Research on UAS detection systems may go beyond addressing the FAAs concerns with the safety of UAS in the nations airspace. The effort also may contribute to keeping the skies safe from bad actors who want to use unmanned aircraft for malicious purposes. To that end, the agency signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with DHS in December to collaborate on the safe integration of UAS into the U.S. aviation system.


Model Aviators of South Arkansas Swap Meet

by Olen Rutherford   February 12, 2016

On Feb. 6th I attended the Model Aviators of South Arkansas 16th Annual Swap Meet in El Dorado Arkansas.Over a hundred buyers and sellers came through the door. With raffle numbers being called all morning, the main prize number was called at 2 pm.
CD Jason Cunningham and the MASA Club members put on a good swap meet, with lots of food and camaraderie; a good time was had by all.

  picture  picture 


RRCC 50th Annivesary Party Come help us celebrate

by Tony Breyen   February 10, 2016

RRCC 50th Annivesary Party
Come help us celebrate 50 Years of Model Aviation!
Calling all current and former members of RRCC, you and your guests are welcome to join us for a weekend of celebration, fellowship and flying!

Weekend plans include:
Cavanaugh Flight Museum Guided Tour: 2p to 4p Saturday April 9th. Tickets are $10.00 per person, and must be purchased at the museum. The Cavanaugh Museum is located at 4572 Claire Chennault, Addison TX, 75001. For more details and directions, visit the Cavanaugh Museum website here:

Reception and Banquet: 6p to 9p, Saturday April 9th. Tickets are $50.00 per person. All current, and former members are encouraged to attend! Please bring a guest! Location: Courtyard by Mariott in Allen Texas, near the Allen Events Center. Appetizers and Cash Bar reception from 6 to 6:30. Dinner and Program 6:30 to 9. Special guests and speakers during the program. Dinner Menu: Salmon or Chicken Entree, variety vegetables, salad and dessert.
Please RSVP by using one of the methods below.

Open Flying: All Day - Sunday April 10th. All guests and members welcome out to fly. Field location is here:

Please RSVP for Banquet Saturday Night by clicking one of the below options. Please RSVP by February 11th. Banquet purchases will need to be paid by March 30th.

District News

FAA and AMA open DC for flying again

by Lawrence Harville   February 9, 2016

This is a post from the FAA concerning opening up the DC area for flying again. This is important to all model flyers. Hopefully more changes AMA wants will follow.

AMA and FAA Reach an Agreement: DC SFRA Back Open to Model Aircraft

Dear members,

AMA and your District IV Government Relations Committee are pleased to report we have reached an agreement with the FAA that allows our members to fly once more inside the DC Special Flight Rules Area (SFRA). On Wednesday, February 10th, you may begin flying operations again.

It is important to note there is no change to the 15nm Flight Restricted Zone (FRZ) in DC. The FRZ will continue to be a no-fly zone.

In regards to the DC SFRA, the FAA has issued a permanent NOTAM. This outlines specific parameters to recreational flyers in order to fly in the SFRA. These parameters include flying under a 400' altitude ceiling, only flying platforms that weigh 55 lbs. or less, and only flying during daytime hours. These parameters will apply to everyone flying for recreational purposes inside the SFRA.

We know that AMA members fly safely and responsibly. However, it is critically important that everyone wishing to fly inside the SFRA follow these restrictions and rules. Additionally, we ask that you help pass the word to as many people as possible about these restrictions to ensure everyone knows the limits before taking flight. Ray Stinchcomb, your District IV Government Relations Coordinator, will address these restrictions in an analysis shortly.

While this is a permanent NOTAM to the DC SFRA at the present time, we are working with the FAA to allow special waivers for events. Additionally, if there are no problems with the security partners over time, we will work to obtain permanent waivers for our operations.

The AMA and your District IV Government Relations Committee are continuing efforts to work for you in representing your interests. As we work through the specifics with the FAA, we will continue to update you as quickly as possible. We greatly appreciate your patience to date, but please understand it will take some time to solve these issues.

All of us involved in this effort, including the FAA, do not have any desire to stop recreational flying and enjoyment of this hobby. One of the functions the FAA has is "encouraging and developing civil aeronautics, including new aviation technology" that includes hobby and recreational aviation.

As more and more issues surface on the city, county and state level, we would like to add a few good modelers to our district committee. If you are an active or retired congressional leader or lawyer that understands the legislative processes please drop me an email, or Ray Stinchcomb an email . Let us know your willingness and how you might be able to help represent our hobby by educating our representatives about model aviation.

Now, Go fly and have fun safely.


Thinking safely

by Tony Breyen   January 14, 2016

Well I hope you're enjoying the building season I know I have lots of projects on the table maybe too many.
A very special thank you to Mark Johnston for all your hard work and devotion to this district the last several years.
And thank you Brian Reagan for posting a safety blog last month.
And I would like to welcome Lawrence Harville as the new VP I look forward to working with him.
Instead of a long explanation of the video I posted just remember things take time to heal watch the video. note the table in the back of the room the plane was tied to he tied the front wheels not the back that's his mistake
Copy and paste the link below in your browser

Being safe is in all of our favor

District News


by Lawrence Harville   January 13, 2016

I want to start off the New Year with a special thanks to Mark Johnston; he served District 8 very well. He has been out and about, worked for us and when you see him at events say “Thanks for a job well done”.

When I decided to run for this office, I tried and did make visits to all five states in our District. That alone was a large task. I always knew there were great modelers all over and pleased to verify they all seem to live in District 8. I am honored to be elected by one of the largest Districts in AMA and will do my best to keep you up to date and informed to the events of the day. My door, my phone, and my email are always open to you. If you have a concern or problem, just give me a call.

I am a very active modeler so hope to see you at one of your local events, but your closest outreach is to your Associate Vice President. We are very blessed to have 16 AVPs. There have been some changes with new AVPs coming on board even as you read this. The AVP’s main task is to GET OUT in their area and visit with you. Get to know them, invite them to your area or club events. They have the most up to date information I can get to them.

I assure you I will do my best to represent you on the local and national arena. If you have some ideas to make the website or District 8 better, let me know. Let’s all work together and it will make the work easier for all of us. So what can you do? Send me pictures! I want your picture, club pictures, and event pictures. I want you in the AMA Magazine; on the website… send me pictures.
District 8 is already the best District in AMA, so let’s keep it that way.

This information is changing so fast that I am putting a date on this post Effective Jan 29,2016.SUBJECT TO CHANGE

AMA has been and will continue to send out mass mailing to membership with the latest info on what is happening.


We are close to streamlining registration for our members. The FAA and AMA are agreeing on solutions, but it is unlikely everything will be buttoned up by February 19. One of the biggest hurdles is that the FAA IT team cannot complete everything on time.

Q: Am I permitted to fly above 400 feet? What if I had to check a box saying otherwise on the federal registration website?
A: Yes. AMA members who abide by the AMA Safety Code, which permits flights above 400 feet, are still allowed to fly and are protected by the Special Rule for Model Aircraft under the 2012 FAA Modernization and Reform Act. The federal registration box requiring agreement to only fly under 400 feet applies to individuals who are not operating within the safety guidelines of a community-based organization. We have been in discussions with the FAA about this point and the agency has indicted that it will be updating its website in the next week to make clear that this altitude restriction does not apply to AMA members.

Q: Do I need to list both my AMA number and my federal registration number on my aircraft?

A: Yes, you need to list both your AMA number and Federal registration number on your aircraft. We are advocating to allow members to use their AMA numbers. We believe an AMA membership already meets the intent of registration. It should not be necessary for our members to register again through the FAA when they are already registered with the AMA.

Q: Do I have to register every aircraft?
A: No. Registration is only required for each operator. AMA members should use their same AMA number on each aircraft they are flying.

Q: I only fly CL or FF, do I need to register?
A: No. If you exclusively fly FF or CL and never plan on using a model that involves a transmitter, then you do not need to register.

Q: What happens if I don’t register by February 19?
A: According to the FAA, failure to register an unmanned aircraft may result in regulatory and criminal sanctions. This could include civil penalties of up to $27,500 and criminal penalties that include fines of up to $250,000 and/or imprisonment for up to three years.

Q: What can I do to help?
A: You can help by making your voice heard with the FAA. Specifically we are asking all AMA members to submit comments on the FAA’s interim rule on registration. The deadline to submit comments is Friday, January 15. More details can be found here.


Pearl Harbor Remembrance Fly-In

by Benny Behrens   December 29, 2015

The following was submitted by Fred Daniels, Leader Member and CD:

The Second Pearl Harbor Remembrance Fly-In was held at Space City RC Club in Katy, Texas on Sunday December 6, 2015. There were several different type Japanese aircraft and US aircraft represented. At lunch time Paul Curry, the organizer of the event, read a moving account of the day including the president’s speech. Sorry to say that some of the Japanese planes did not survive the event. Lunch was provided by the club for the pilots. Turnout was great and the weather was perfect for the event. The one that Paul organized last year was held on Sunday December 7, 2014 matching the day and time of the attack. The weather was horrible but, still a few guys with Japanese planes showed up.
Paul has mentioned that he wants to do this every year in remembrance of the ones who lost their lives on that faithful day.

  picture  picture 
 Great Pilot Turnout Some of the Zeros flown 

District News

Forming a Chapter of Chartered Clubs

by Benny Behrens   December 26, 2015

On December 12, 2015 I invited representatives from 10 local AMA Chartered clubs in the Houston, TX area (South of I10) to a meeting to explore the possibility and potential benefits of forming a local Chapter. At this initial meeting we had 5 clubs represented with two additional clubs having to back out at the last minute due to conflicts (in hind sight December 12 was probably not the best date for our meeting due to the Holidays).

I believe the meeting turned out to be very positive with those present interested in the potential benefits. It was decided to meet on a regular basis and hopefully we will be able to build on the interest and momentum we have started. Below for information is a copy of the minutes to our initial meeting:

Meeting Minutes:

Meeting Date: Saturday December 12, 2015
Meeting Location: Alvin RC Clubhouse
Meeting Time: 10 AM

• Cesar Flores – President SHARKS (Tom Bass) -
• Rob Longenecker – President Fort Bend RC -
• Erik Valdez – Vice President Brazoria RC -
• Mike Vawters – Vice President Alvin RC -
• Ken White – Leader Member/CD – Representing JSCRC -
• Benny Behrens – AMA District VIII AVP –

Additional Invitees that could not attend:
• Mike Samano – President Texas City RC -
• John Kling – President Gulf Coast RC -
• Mike Laible – President JSCRC -
• Keith Dick – President Bayou City RC -
• Jack Graham - Texas Cloudbusters -
• Glenn Keeling - Bay Port Aero Club - GEKEELING48@YAHOO.COM

Purpose of Meeting:
Discuss possible interest and potential benefits in forming a local chapter of AMA Chartered Clubs.

Summary of Meeting:
• Benny discussed his role as local area AVP and possible ways he might be able to assist and support clubs through AMA interface, communications, posting articles of interest to members and clubs along with event flyers on District VIII’s website (, information distribution, etc.
• As a group we discussed the various potential benefits to forming a local chapter.
o Improved communications between clubs, AMA and the local community
o Consolidated representation
o Sharing of experiences and activities, ideas, issues, etc. that worked or doesn’t work.
o Sharing of common problems and solutions
o Sharing access to potential resources in areas such as printing and guest speakers.
o Ways to increase membership, meeting and event attendance
o Possibility of allowing members of chapter clubs to fly at other chapter club’s fields with payment of nominal landing fees. To be discussed further.
• It was suggested that we try doing a quarterly newsletter.
• Based on our discussions it was decided that we would meet quarterly.
• Next meeting members will review information and decide on filing the chapter formally with AMA or keeping it loose for now.
• At or prior to our next meeting members can submit items and articles to be included in the newsletter and or used as agenda items.
Next Meeting:
• February 6, 2016
• Location: Alvin RC Club House
• Time: 10 AM – Breakfast will be available 7 – 9:30 AM
• Agenda items to be sent to Benny

District News

Thanks Mark

by Benny Behrens   December 26, 2015

I would like to Second Brian Regan’s thanks to Mark Johnston. I believe Mark has done a great job over the last 3 years as our District VP. I know Mark has put a lot of effort into visiting clubs/events across the District and in representing our interest on the EC. Over the last three years I have seen substantial improvements in representation and communications. In addition the implementation of our new website has been a major improvement and hopefully will provide much improved communications in years to come. Thanks Mark

Benny Behrens


Tri City Flyers 2016 Swap Meet

by Ed Valls   December 17, 2015

Hello everyone. On behalf of the Tri City Flyers I would like to mention that their annual Swap Meet is fast approaching. The event will be held on Friday and Saturday, Feb. 19 and 20, 2016. As usual it will be held at the Garden Ridge Community Center in Garden Ridge, TX. IF you are unfamiliar with the location it is north of San Antonio just west of I 35 on exit 175 in Schertz, TX. This event is always fun and well run. The Tri City Flyers would like to invite any and all to attend. Food and beverages will be available on-site both days.

For additional information please visit the Website: On the left side of the home page under, "Upcoming Events", click on Swap meet. Once on that page, scroll down and click on "Event Flyer" for full information.

Hope to see you at the event.

Ed Valls

District News

Great job Mark.

by Brian Regan   December 16, 2015

I want to thank Mark Johnston for the last 3 years as VP. He did an excellent job. It seems he was always out of town visiting the clubs in District VIII. I don't know how many clubs he visited, it was a lot. I also want to thank his wife for going with him. She was a big help at the District VIII meeting in Kingsbury.
Mark will be missed. Please take the time to tell him thanks for the time he spent being our District VIII VP.
Thanks Mark.

Brian Regan


Alvin RC Model Airplane Association - Open house and Fun Fly

by Benny Behrens   December 6, 2015

Saturday December 5, 2015 Alvin RC Model Airplane Association held an Open House and Fun Fly open to all local AMA members to come fly whatever they had. Only conditions were all AMA and Club Flight and Safety requirements applied. No landing fees and food (breakfast tacos and great Louisiana Gumbo thanks to Travis LeDoux, Secretary of Texas City RC Club) was free. The weather was almost as good as it gets, light wind, cool and sunny-you couldn’t ask for better. Pilot participation was good with lots of different airplanes and flying styles. In addition we had many interested spectators and guests. There seemed to be several airplanes in the air most of the day with no safety issues and along the way Alvin picked up two new club members.

It was a lot of fun with local RC friends and spectators and I believe everyone got their share of flight time, food and fellowship.

Thanks to all that attended and hope everyone enjoyed…Benny

  picture  picture 
 Hot Louisiana Gumbo thanks to Travis LeDoux A few of the planes flown 


Flying alone.

by Brian Regan   December 4, 2015

This morning I went to fly at my local club. The club is, Rocky Mountain Flying Machine,(RMFM). I got there about 9am. It wasn't as cold as I thought. The wind was very light and down the runway. I waited to see in anyone was coming out. No luck.
Now the safety part. I know that I probably should have pack up and left. I didn't. I got in 3 good flights with no problems. Not much fun by yourself. No one there to heckle. I was extra careful starting my engine. We should be extra careful all the time.
Should I have not flown? Probably. Will I do it again? Probably. Just couldn't pass up a good day.
So, if you do something stupid and no one is there to see it, is it still stupid? Tree in the forest thing.

Brian Regan


TRCC Winter Scale Classic.

by Brian Regan   November 30, 2015

I attended TRCC's Winter Scale Classic in Tucson Thanksgiving weekend. The weather was a little cool with light winds. Bob Snook was the CD and did a great job. There was lots of open flying. Highlight of the weekend for me was flying in the WW1 gaggle. There was a 1/3rd scale pup, 1/4 scale D7 and DR1, and a Hanger 9 D7. We had a couple real good passes and one that was a little to close. Some how we missed each other.
I went to Chuck Brook's house with Howard to do a little hanger talk. It got deep. The flyers from Albuquerque were, Howard, Pat, Harry, Mark, Tom and me. We had a great time.
I look forward to next year. This was and is a real good event to come to. Hope to see you there next year.

Brian Regan

 The winners of WW1 planes. Brett, Rick, & Dave. 

District News


by Jerry Walters   November 27, 2015

Acadian Radio Control Club (ARCC), formerly in Maurice, LA. and Aerodrome of Acadiana (AOA)have merged. The new club, known as Aeromodelers of Acadiana (AOA) will continue to fly at the Breaux Bridge flying site. The original ARCC AMA charter will be maintained by the merged club, AMA #321.

Merging the two clubs facilitated the formation of a much larger, better financially positioned club at a beautiful flying site with no airspace limitations.

The clubs capital investment strategy is being formulated and plans for new construction and improvements are in process.



AOK raises money for Wounded warriors.

by Brian Regan   November 21, 2015

Today 4 members of the Aero modelers of Kirtland put on a static display to raise money for the Wounded Warriors project. We raised 110.00 dollars. The club will add to that and send it to the AMA. This was fun and worth the time. We got a chance to meet lots of people and talk model aircraft. Thanks to Norm, Marcelino and Howard for coming out to help. We were glad to be able to give a little to help the Wounded Warriors.

Brian Regan


Thinking Safe

by Tony Breyen   November 17, 2015

Well now another season has come and gone. I hope you got threw the season without any accidents or bad mishaps. There is still some days left flying but most of us maybe consider getting batteries in storage mode for a lot of planes the we don't fly as much this winter. When lipo batteries first came out there was all kinds of ideas and stories. Now many good articles say the same thing about storage and discharge into a storage mode. Proper storage of the batteries is key because a fire hazard. This is something we should all pay close attention to. For myself half my fleet is electric and I own probably over 40 batteries. I personally have all my batteries in storage mode unless I'm going to go fly.
There still the old Gas and Nitro rigs that will need to be ran to get the fuel out of him and put in some after run oil.

Tony Breyen
AVP Saftey
Remember if you fly it's a sport if you build it's a hobby enjoy both.

Fly-In / Fun-Fly

District VIII Memorial Fly-In

by Ed Valls   November 13, 2015

On October 2,3 and 4, 2015 the Tri City Flyers hosted the 15th annual District VIII Memorial Fly-In. Ilona Maine attended and represented AMA Hq. Mark Johnston, District VIII VP, was in attendance as were a number of the District VIII Associate VP's. The event was CD'd by Frank Simas and drew more than 70 pilots. We were blessed with wonderful weather and the event was a huge success. To say that there was a large variety of different types of models would be an understatement. The event featured a large number of IMAC aerobatic planes as well as some large (and small) warbirds. We had some helicopters pilots in attendance as well as a group flying control line models. Also in attendance were a large number of electric aircraft.

The field setup was such that it allowed the simultaneous flying of both RC and control line models. The Pioneer Flight Museum (our host field) had some of their World War I full scale airplanes out for display as well as a number of their other airplanes and some old and vintage automobiles were also on display.

The TCF club members provided the food and beverages for breakfast and lunch on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Many thanks to Gary and Linda Rice for "running" the food kitchen and thanks to the other TCF members for "staffing" the kitchen.

On Saturday at noon we had a pause in the flying and gathered under the pavilion while Jim Rice read the names of those District VIII AMA members that have passed during 2015. After Jim finished reading the names of those who have passed, Randy Brown performed a wonderful and flowing flying demonstration in honor of those we have lost in 2015.

Red Ritch and his wonderful staff provided wonderful food for Saturday night's AMA District VIII meeting. Many thanks to District VIII VP Mark Johnston for funding the Saturday night dinner and for hosting the Saturday night District VIII annual meeting and Q & A. A number of questions were asked regarding the FAA and it's effort to "regulate" model aircraft in the U.S. Mark and Ilona spent considerable time answering the questions posed by the fly-in attendees.

TCF would like to thank all of the pilots who attended the event. Many thanks to Frank Simas for running the event, to Linda Rice for "gathering" so many items for the pilots prizes as well as the very nice items for the event raffle. We would also like to thank Gary Rice for taking the lead in the kitchen. To the many TCF club members that worked the event we would like to say thank you and job well done.


  picture  picture 
 Group Photo of Pilots In Attendance Jim Rice Reading the Names of Those D VIII Members that Passed in 2015 

Fly-In / Fun-Fly

Boerne Area Modelers Fly-In

by Ed Valls   November 13, 2015

On September 19, I had the pleasure of attending the BAMS (Boerne Area Model Society) Fly-In. The event drew about 30 pilots with a variety of different types of models and was quite successful. The Fly-In benefitted the Kendall County, TX. Animal Shelter. Pilot registration "fees" were a donation of some dog or cat food or to make a financial donation.

The event had a large number of youngsters who spent quite a lot of time asking questions about the models. The BAMS club provided a number of items for the pilots raffle. Additionally, during various times of the day the BAMS club members offered "buddy box" flight instruction to many of the non pilot spectators (many of whom were youngsters). During the day the club also had a couple of candy drops for all of the youngsters.

The event was quite a success and the club was able to donate about 600 lbs. of dog/cat food and also donated some money to the shelter.

Hats off to all the members of the Boerne Area Model Society for hosting this wonderful event.


Boysville Show and Tell September 5, 2015

by Ed Valls   November 13, 2015

Hello everyone. I am a little late in getting some of the posts for events I have attended and for this I apologize. Seems like sometimes life's events get in the way.

Anyway, during the Tri City Flyers (TCF) National Model Aviation Day event, the club decided to donate the proceeds from the event (approximately $1300) to the Boysville facility. If you are not familiar with Boysville, please visit : . As part of the TCF's new association with Boysville some of the club members offered to do a show and tell for any interested residents of the facility.

On September 5, 2014 Jim Rice, Jack Matlock, Gary Rice, Hannah Rice (Gary's daughter and Jim grand daughter), Walter Boone II, Walter Boone III and I visited the facility and performed a show and tell and some of the club members did some flying demonstrations. The event was held in the facility gymnasium and we had about 20 young boys and girls. Jim spoke about the AMA and many of its programs aimed at getting young people involved in model aviation and in STEM programs. Jack Matlock spent some time talking about his large gasoline engine powered Valiant. Gary Rice spent some time talking about his scratch built model and a little time about model design and aerodynamics. Walter Boone III (one of our Junior members) spent some time talking about his association with the AMA, modeling and Camp AMA. He also told the youngsters how model aviation has made a difference in his life. I spent a few minutes talking about the turbine powered F-15 that I brought.

After these introductions to modeling, Jim, Jack, Gary, Walter III and I did some indoor flying. Jim and Walter spent quite a lot of time doing some 3D flying while Jack and I flew our HobbyZone foam Champ's in a VERY loose formation.

The program director for Boysville thought that the program was well received and the TCF members plan on continuing a model aviation program with the Boysville youngsters. The current plan is for the club to host a program where the interested youngsters build some "foam plate" gliders and then progress to more complicated models (some stick and tissue models). On behalf of the AMA I would like to thank the members of the TCF that helped with this event and I would especially like to thank Jim Rice for taking the lead on this program. I believe that this program has the potential to grow and get some youngsters interested in model aviation.


  picture  picture 
 TCF Members Participating in the Program Walter Boone III doing some 3D flying for the group 


Richardson Radio Control Club Gary Harvey Charity Fun Fly

by Ed Kranz   October 27, 2015

The weather turned out to not be a friend this past weekend as the RRCC held its 12th Annual Gary Harvey Memorial Charity Fun Fly. Saturday was canceled due to weather and Sunday was marginal at best. With this being said, an adjusted format allowed the small crowd of spectators and members to raise over $2000.00 for the Veterans Center of North Texas, Allen Community Outreach and the Branch Volunteer Fire Department. Many thanks to those present for their GENEROSITY and to Robert Ferguson for his efforts in raising these funds under the circumstances he was dealt.
There was plenty of fun to had for spectators as the club trainer was present and 15 or so people got to experience RC Flight for the first time. Curt Jones was in charge of ground school and Brad Mennenga manned the trainer and, as you can see from the pictures, gave several people an enjoyable experience they will remember for a long time. Thanks to Allen Delger for his devoted efforts to MAKE this event happen even though circumstances warranted otherwise.
Again many thanks to the members of the RRCC for first obtaining the many donations and for their generous contributions that raised the $2000.00 for these very deserving charities.

  picture  picture 
 Small but DEDICATED Group for opening Ceremonies Brad and First time Flyers 

Youth Leadership

RRCC Gary Harvey Memorial Fun Fly

by Christopher Quinn   October 24, 2015

Richardson Radio Control Club hosts an event every year in memory of Gary Harvey. The fun fly and a HUGE raffle will be tomorrow October 25th. Members go to local businesses asking for donations for the raffle. I personally gathered 10 donations with a total value of $1000! Proceeds from the raffle go to Allen Community Outreach, Veterans Center of North Texas and the Branch VFD. Hope to see all club members and our sponsors at the field!

For more information go to

Land Slow Soar High!


Cajun Nationals 2015 - Pattern Contest

by Jerry Walters   October 23, 2015

The RAMS club in Crowley, La. held the 2015 Cajun Nationals Pattern Contest on October 17-19. The last time I saw the roster they had 46 competitors registered. The weather was great except for a sometimes challenging direct cross wind. As usual, the competition was serious and the hospitality was great with nightly parties for the pilots. A little Cajun music on Saturday night topped it off.

Contest results:
Sportsman: 1. David Hayes 2975 pts.
2. Jonathan Falgout 2965 pts.
3. Bryon Myers 2935 pts.

Intermediate: 1. William Higdon 2951 pts.
2. Robert Campbell 2950 pts.
3. Sheldon Reyher 2862 pts.

Advanced: 1. Clifton Bradford 2992 pts.
2. Glen Shepherd 2943 pts.
3. Keith Hoard 2842 pts.

Masters: 1. Stephen Byrd 2984 pts.
2. Donald Ramsey 2979 pts.
3. John Fuqua 2978 pts.

F3A; 1. AC Glenn 2983 pts.
2. Brett Wickizer 2980 pts.
3. Chip Hyde 2974 pts.

Very close competition in every category!

  picture  picture 
 Along the flight line Relaxing between rouds 


U.S. Scale Master Championships

by    October 21, 2015

This year the event was held at Bomber Field on October 8th-11th. I was able to attend the event on Saturday and watch many of the flights. They event had 31 pilots in attendance and of that total 22 were from District VIII. The event was well done and the weather was outstanding.



Ozark Flyers Annual Benefit Fly-In

by Olen Rutherford   October 20, 2015

Saturday October 17, I attended the Ozark Flyers of Fayetteville, Arkansas' annual benefit fly-in. This year's charity event was for Juvenile Diabetes Foundation. With 24 registered pilots from Arkansas,Oklahoma,Texas and Missouri, the club members raised $500 from raffles and 50-50 drawings. In addition,there was a private donation of $90. All money raised went to the J.D. Foundation.
You could see the smile on Brody's face, along with his dad Bryan, when the club set him up with a "buddy box".
Everyone had a great time, flying all types of aircraft. Mark your calendars for next year so the Ozark Flyers can raise more for next years charity.

Arkansas AVP
Olen Rutherford

  picture  picture 

Last Flight

Ray Randolph 1936 - 2015

by Benny Behrens   October 20, 2015

Ray Randolph passed away Sunday night October 18, 2015. Ray was a member of both Texas City RC Club and Johnson Space Center RC Club and was past President of Johnson Space Center RC Club. Most people remember Ray for his Tetherite landing gear and other items.

Obituary for Ray Randolph:

Raymond Arthur Randolph "Ray" was born November 5, 1936 into this world and passed over into the Lord's hands on October 18, 2015. He graduated from the McDonald Douglas Aerospace Engineering School and University of Houston. He spent his career as an aerospace engineer, working on the Apollo, Skylab, Apollo-Soyuz, Space Shuttle and Space Station programs at Kennedy Space Center and Johnson Space Center. For hobbies, Ray loved cooking on his Weber "The Grill" perfecting the Rib-Eye, fishing, and flying remote-controlled airplanes. He was a loving husband and father, a generous man with a tender heart. He leaves behind wife Resha Randolph; son Robert Jeffrey "Jeff" and wife Cathy Randolph; daughter Kristin Randolph-Westerhof and husband Rob Westerhof, grandson AJ Randolph-Westerhof; step-daughter Laila Sandel, and step-grandsons Damon Samoska and Devin Sandel; many other family members and friends who will miss him greatly. He was preceded in death by his mother Ameila Randolph and father Art Randolph. The Family will receive friends at 10am with a Memorial Service at 11am on Saturday, October 24, 2015 at Crowder Funeral Home, 1645 East Main, League City, Texas 77573. In Lieu of flowers, you may send a memorial to a charity of your choice.


Arkansas pilots in Oklahoma

by Olen Rutherford   October 14, 2015

On October 9-10 five pilots including myself from around the state of Arkansas attended the TRAMPS giant scale fly in. The TRAMPS event is located at the historic Hat Box Air-Dome in Muskogee, Oklahoma. With all the hard work of CD Gaines Smith,Co CD Mike Wise, and all the club members, it was a great event.
The event started with 37 registered pilots.Rain dampened our spirits on Friday morning but skies cleared after noon and flying began. Friday night we had the use of the old Hat Box Beechcraft hanger to store our planes in. "Fantastic"
Saturday started at dawn with a gaggle of WW I aircraft. It was a perfect day with light winds down the runway; if you didn't fly all you wanted, it was your fault.
With the best hospitality around, mark your calendar for the second week end in October to attend this one!

Arkansas AVP
Olen Rutherford

  picture  picture 

Youth Leadership

RRCC Vice President for 2016

by Christopher Quinn   October 13, 2015

I was recently nominated for the 2016 Richardson Radio Control Club Vice President. Last week I was voted in by the membership to be Vice President. I will work with all club leadership to consider any changes, improvements or other club concerns. The Vice President coordinates special programs which are presented at meetings. I am very honored to be a member of the leadership committee for this great club.

Land Slow, Soar High!

Control Line

Control Line Stunt Team Selects

by    October 9, 2015

Today in Houston the control line stunt team selects were being held this weekend. I was able to watch some of the practice rounds today and hope to see some more on Saturday or Sunday. The event has a 17 pilots from all over the country vying for 3 spots for the worlds being held in Australia. They are 5 in the event from Texas. Chris Rud from Illinois is flying a model that is two year older than he is. The plan was built by Bill "The Man" Werwage 30 years ago. The plane still flies great.

As soon as I get some final standing I will post them as well.
The event was a lot of fun to watch on Sunday, I wish I could have stayed longer.

  picture  picture 
 Chris Rud and the borrowed plane from Bill Everyone that helped and participated in the event 


Warbirds Over Alvin 2015

by Benny Behrens   October 9, 2015

Saturday October 3, 2015 Alvin RC Model Airplane Association, Alvin, TX had their Annual Warbird Fly-In. Cash prizes were given for Scratch/Kit WWI, WWII, Post WWII, Best ARF and Best Overall on a fun basis with judging by the registered pilots.

Weather was great being clear and cool with mild winds somewhat down the runway. Registration was light with only 12 pilots but the quality of planes and flying was great. Alvin did have a fair turn out of visitors and spectators with lots of great airplanes, flying and of course great hamburgers.

Anyone that did not visit the event missed a great raffle with three ARF’s given out along with some other prizes. The grand raffle prize was a 50cc Aeroworks Yak 54 donated by a member – what a prize for the lucky winner!

CD Ken White and his volunteers did a great job keeping the event moving with lots of safe flying, pilot prizes and good food.

  picture  picture 
 Some of the registered pilots Couple of WWI birds going up looking for a dog fight! 



by Jerry Walters   October 6, 2015

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of attending the LARKS Warbird event in Sulphur, LA. The weather was beautiful and 22 registered pilots flew some beautiful warbirds. The LARKS field is beautiful with a 600' paved runway and a 7200 sq.ft. pavilion with work benches and picnic tables. The CD Lynn Hinch rounded up some delicious burgers, boudin, etc. The hospitality was great.

I also had the pleasure of presenting AMA Appreciation Awards to Danny Oliver and Lynn Hinch.

  picture  picture 
 Danny Oliver and Lynn Hinch Receive AMA Appreciation Certificates Along the flight line 


Richardson Radio Control Big Bird

by Ed Kranz   October 4, 2015

What an awesome day for a flying event. Thanks to all the Richardson Radio Control Volunteers for hosting an EPIC EVENT. Noon demos started with CD Phil Cartwright flying his 50% Pitts Python with a 250cc 5 cylinder radial (GROWLLLLLLL), This was followed by a rarely seen airplane and helicopter being flown at the same time to music. Thanks to superior flying skills Alex Dean was able to dodge the airplane while at the same time putting on a dramatic show of heli flying skills. Then came the show stopper. Patrick Mason flew his 42% Extreme Flight Extra. Personally I am impressed with the way Patrick flies when he can see his plane, but when it disappears in a cloud of smoke, how do you know what to do when you can't even see it. Truly AMAZING. Everyone had a great time and finished the day with a great raffle. If you want to fly at a great field with truly great people who love the sport, be sure and watch for the next event at the Richardson Radio Control Club.

  picture  picture 
 Pilots Picture Photo OP for fans 

District News

District VIII Celebration of Flight and Memorial

by    October 4, 2015

Yesterday we had 70 pilots attend the District VIII Celebration of Flight in Kingsbury Texas sponsored by the Tri-City flyers. Frank Simas was the CD, He had lots of help from the club and Jim, Linda and Gary Rice. Folks from all over came out n support of the event. Notable attendees include a large group from Laredo, Texas and a group from the Bayou City Flyers. Others from the Houston area and Austin also were in attendance.

Saturday nights BBQ was done by Ritches Raiders as always. The food was as awesome as usual. Amazing how quiet it got once everyone got a plate in hand. We had 60 or so for the meeting and BBQ, both Myself and Ilona Maine from AMA spoke about AMA issues and answered questions from membership in attendance.

I am already looking forward to next years event!!!



Wichita Falls Fun Fly

by Tony Breyen   October 3, 2015

Lots of sunshine,no wind and tons of pizza. The crowd was small but the day turned out great. We had guys from Duncan OK and Graham TX. to help the day be enjoyable. Some kids from the local civil air patrol came to learn so we put them on the buddybox and also helped them with their plane. Patrick Mason came to do the noon time show and did a awesome job. And the very lovely Mimi ran around taking lots of pictures of the day.
This couple is an awesome pair that makes any event they show up for more enjoyable. Check out her Facebook page Model aviation memories by Mimi.

  picture  picture 


Texas Warbirds

by    October 3, 2015

On September 26th I also attended the Texas Warbirds event being held at the north Dallas RC Club. Ed Kettler was the CD of the event and had 50 pilots come out to support the event. The public and club were out in force to help and watch the event. Great weather for the event and in talking with pilots everyone had a great time.

I want to go back next year and take planes to fly. It looked like a blast!

Awards that were given are as follows.

World War I:
1. Dale O’Daniel, Fokker DR-1
2. Scott Grissman, Fokker D-VII
3. Jon Parker, Fokker Eindecker

World War II:
1. Steve Forrest, B-24
2. Steve Forrest, P-51B “Old Crow”
3. Lyle Vasser, B-25

Best Bomber: Randy Larsen, B-17

Best Postwar: Bob Mueller, PBM Mariner

Best Jet: Tom Blakeney, Sea Vixen

Best in Show: James Poole, La-7

Smokin’ Hole: Bob Hubbard, SB2C Helldiver

  picture  picture 
 All of the pilots took time for me to get a photo. Lad Doctor flew with lots of help from club members who helped design his setup 

Free Flight

Hall of Fame induction for Jesse F Shepherd Sr

by    October 3, 2015

On the evening of the September 26th, the Texas Cloud Climbers held a dinner meeting for Jesse Shepherd Sr. I was given the honor to present Jesse his Hall of Fame plaque. Jesse first joined AMA in 1932. His first contest in participated in in 1936. Jesse served on the contest board in the 1950's and directed the NATs in the 50's and 60's. Jesse was presented the AMA service award, awarded two distinguished service awards, an AMA fellow award and the AMA pioneer award. Jesse is also a leader member and still active with his club designing aircraft.

It was a wonderful honor to present him as well as have the time to talk with him about his experiences.

Congrats to Jesse!!

  picture  picture 
 Jesse receiving his Hall of Fame Plaque All of the pilots and club at the event were all there to celebrate with Jesse 

Free Flight

Texas Cloud Climbers 68th annual Regional FF Championships

by    October 3, 2015

On September 26th and 27th the TEXAS CLOUD CLIMBERS held the 68TH ANnual Regional FF Championships at the Robson Ranch Site outside of Denton Texas. The CD was Jan Langelius and their were approx 30 pilots registered for the various events the were being held. The club had a great day of weather for flying. This was the first FreeFlight event that I was able to sit and enjoy both the change of pace in flying and the laid back comfortable atmosphere. The people, the club were an awesome group to visit.

If anyone that flys RC does not sit down and really look at this type of flight you will never know the amount of work and design that goes into

A great event and you have to go watch or participate.

  picture  picture 
 One of the many launches we watched The CD and others discussing scoring. 


Allen Rotary Program

by Ed Kranz   September 24, 2015

My new District VIII AVP name tag and shirt showed up just minutes before I left to do the Program for the Allen Rotary Club on Wednesday September 23rd.
I had asked Alex Dean, a very accomplished 3D helicopter pilot, from the Richardson Radio Control Club to accompany me to the event.
We were served a wonderful lunch of chicken, salmon and potatoes. The salmon was absolutely amazing.
Enough about the food.
Alex talked about helis, showed a video of Kyle Dahl a world class heli pilot sponsored by Mikado. The crowd was amazed at what a heli could do when flown by an accomplished 3D pilot.
There was a considerable amount of attention and questions asked about Drones and I pointed out that thru no fault of their own most new drone pilots are never directed to any information concerning FCC or AMA rules concerning the flying of these air craft. Thus many people because of the ease of operation from technology often operated these craft due to not being properly informed causing problems.
I referred everyone to the AMA Web page and the Know Before You Fly Info.
I brought 7 different types of planes including a Calypso Sail Plane, two small foamies (one being a night flyer), a shark speed plane (175+mph), an 80 inch electric B-25, an Extreme Flight 91 inch gas 300 Extra, and a newly built 88 inch Pilot 330SC that had been modified to be electric with complete internal lighting in a very special Texas Tech Theme that I dedicated to my son who is a Police Detective and SWAT officer and a 1996 Texas Tech Graduate. I automatically had several in the crowd who liked me from the moment they saw this plane (also Tech Grads)
We shared a lot of information including the upcoming events in the area. War Birds over Texas at the North Dallas RC Club September 25th and 26th, Richardson Radio Control Club Big Bird October 4th, RRCC Celina Balloon Fest October 16th and 17th, RRCC Gary Harvey Memorial Charity Fun Fly October 24th and 25th, and the Wings Over Windsong co-sponsored by the North Dallas Radio Control Club, Richardson Radio Control Club, and Rowlett Radio Control Club on November 7th at Windsong Ranch.
From feedback of the members after the meeting Alex and I definitely hit a home run. We had fun and as Alex said, “I think they know the PASSION we both have for this hobby!”
I look forward to more of these great times meeting people who share a love for planes and being able to represent AMA, and the Richardson Radio Control Club.

District News

BB Weber Memorial Fly-In 2015 and 27th Annual B-17 Gathering

by Benny Behrens   September 22, 2015

This past weekend Bomber Field in Monaville, TX held their 27th B-17 Gathering and scale Big Bird Fly-In “BB Weber Memorial”. The email and link below will take you to a brief article prepared by Matt Keller aka Bucky owner of RC Hobby Shop Stafford.

Click link for Brief article about last weekend’s 27th Annual B-17 Gathering plus view over 30 pilot’s cards showing awesome pictures telling an amazing day.
If you fly in Houston Area you should recognize someone in the article.

RC Hobby Shop Stafford

  picture  picture 
 BB Weber Memorial Fly-In BB Weber Memorial Fly-In 


RMFM Fall Pattern Classic

by Brian Regan   September 20, 2015

This weekend RMFM had their Fall Pattern Classic. I went out on Sunday to watch al little. Jeff Hill was the CD and did a good job. Bob Thompson was there to help. This event would not have happened at RMFM's field with out all the work Bob did. Thanks Bob.
There were 16 pilots. The flew 4 rounds on a very windy Saturday. On Sunday the wind was much nicer with low temps. They flew 2 more rounds and the unknown round on Sunday. Every one I talked to seemed to be having a good time. RMFM did a good job and would like to see more flyers come out in the spring for their next pattern contest.
This was a good event and well worth the time to come out and fly.
Thanks RMFM for putting on a good event.


  picture  picture 
 The flyers and their planes. Trying to gather the pilots for a picture. 


Nate & Steve's Most Excellent Fun Fly.

by Brian Regan   September 20, 2015

On Saturday Howard and I went to Farmington for Nate & Steve's Most Excellent Fun Fly. The weather was great. There was over 20 pilots. I didn't count them, probably a few more. This was an open flying event. Just bring an aircraft and fly or sit around hanger talking. The only requirement was to have fun.
Steve brought the grill and started cooking. The hamburgers and hotdogs were great.
If you like meeting new people and flying come up to Farmington next year or just pop in and fly with these guys.


 Nate & Steve. The look nothing like Bill & Ted. 

District News


by Stew Moore   September 17, 2015


  picture  picture 


Thinking Safe

by Tony Breyen   September 10, 2015

Safety......seriously that's what we're talking about today. But why not, it's not just for a Monday morning tailgate meeting at our job. Remember our hobby requires a lot of paying attention from sticking a hand in a prop or stabbing ourselves with a screwdriver. How many times have you cut yourself installing covering or burned yourself soldering connections? My name is Tony Breyen I am the AVP in Wichita Falls and what I'd like to do is challenge the other AVP's to pick a subject about safety and then write about it. If we each did one a year we have something every month. Pick the month of your birthday of course that means we'll probably have 6 in October. (Which would include me)
OK I'll go first let me pick a subject oh I know you pick up your cell phone and you dial a number . A person on the other says 911 what is your emergency?
My friend he just got hit with an RC airplane and he's bleeding I need an ambulance.
Operator on other end says sir you're on a cell phone what is your location.
You : I'm at the RC flying field
Operator : yes sir I understand ...just exactly where is that.
Now you try to give directions, rattled trying to help your friend did you get them right how much time have you wasted?
I would suggest each club appoint someone to contact the local 911 service in your area and let them know the name of your field and the location and then get the word out. Those precious moments could make the difference or even if you're just by yourself you can call 911 I'm having chest pain I'm at the RC field if 911 knows where that is it could make a real difference.


Ray Hall Memorial 2015

by    September 7, 2015

The El Paso Radio controllers club held their Ray Hall Memorial on Sunday September 6th. Raymond Welch was the CD and the event and approx 25 pilots but well over 30 very nice aircraft. The entire club was out to help with everything from food to cheering other pilots on during flights. The public came out to visit as well to enjoy the many aircraft being flown and displayed.

I had a great time the club and all the support was great.

 Group photo of all the pilots 


Warbirds Over Tulsa September 2015

by Bill Holland   September 7, 2015

The Tulsa Glue Dobbers hosted their 6th Annual Warbirds Over Tulsa on September 4th - 5th at the Glue Dobber field. The weather was warm with light winds making this a great flying event. Pilots from Oklahoma and as far away as Kansas City campaigned their warbirds over the two day event. Claude Christ did a great job as the CD supported by his club members. The Glue Dobbers always draw a large crowd of spectators an this year was no different. Friday the local television station was out that morning doing live feeds from the field!! Great food and fellowship make this event a must for warbird pilots! Make your plans to attend the 7th Annual Warbirds Over Tulsa.

  picture  picture 
 Pilot group photo from Warbirds Over Tulsa 2015. Tulsa Glue Dobbers posing with a pic of the famous WWI Ace "Fingers"! 

Youth Leadership

Youth Leadership Recognition

by Christopher Quinn   September 6, 2015

In addition to my training activities, I was able to contribute to my club's largest charity event of 2014, the Gary Harvey Memorial Fun Fly. The event required each Richardson Radio Control Club member to approach local businesses for donations. I talked to managers and business owners about the club, the event, and asked for a donation to support the charity. I was able to secure five different donations valued at over $100!

I was recognized for my support of RRCC and District VIII, as a runner-up for the AMA Youth Leadership Award. I appreciate all the support and encouragement from the leaders of District VIII and Richardson Radio Control Club.

 Me and Tony Breyen with the Award. 

Youth Leadership


by Christopher Quinn   September 6, 2015

My name is Christopher Quinn and I am a new R/C pilot, flying with the Richardson Radio Control Club.

RRCC requires all new pilots to complete a thorough training course. My training included many different kinds of maneuvers. The training plan includes 10 fundamental requirements such as straight and level flight, circle patterns and maintaining altitude. The plan also includes 14 advanced requirements. For example loops, rolls, Immelmann and touch-and-go landings.

I spent about 12 hours in the air practicing with my trainer, a fellow club member, to complete my pilot training last year. R/C airplane training is challenging and fun. I learned a lot, and I am looking forward to learning more!

Land Slow and Soar High!

 Very proud of my R/C Pilot Certificate from RRCC. 


ARCC 60th Annual Labor Day Air Show.

by Brian Regan   September 6, 2015

This weekend I attended ARCC's 60th Annual Labor Day Air Show. There were 20 pilots. I don't know why there was such a low turn out. We had a great time. Rick was the CD and Keith helped him a lot. Vic worked the food with Al (Top Bun). The weather was nice and cool until Sunday. It got a little warmer then. Norm won pilots choice with his Tigercat. Len was second with a turbine and finished 3rd with my DR1. I hope they have this event next year. This is a fun event for all types of planes. Come to Albuquerque and see what all the fun is about.

  picture  picture 
 Norm and his Tigercat. Theron, He did some nice low passes. 


Fort Bend RC Club Muscular Dystrophy Fly-a-Thon

by Benny Behrens   September 6, 2015

Saturday September 5, 2015 Fort Bend RC Club (FBRCC) held their annual Muscular Dystrophy Fly-A-Thon with event proceeds donated to the Muscular Dystrophy Association. This is the 18th consecutive year FBRCC has held this very successful event.

The event was held at FBRCC’s field which is located west of Houston in Rosenberg, TX just north of Highway 59. The club has outstanding facilities with two paved crossing runways of suitable length for most any RC airplane including large scale turbines. 24 pilots were registered and essentially all sized airplanes from basic trainers up to twin engine turbines were safely flown for the pleasure and entertainment of the many spectators and visitors that were on hand.

At lunch time RC Hobby Shop’s Warbird team put on a very impressive demonstration, followed by a great helicopter demonstration after which there was additional flight demonstrations by several pilots flying turbine aircraft.

Rob Longenecker, President of FBRCC, recognized “Charlie Caulkins for successfully managing the elements and volunteers to have such a successful event. We also appreciate the support of the Air Force JROTC and Major Doug Hawn from Dulles High School, who handled donations and food service”. It was obvious that many of the club’s members had a hand in helping make this a very successful event. I am sure the spectators, pilots and RC visitors from local clubs had a great time and really enjoyed the event – I know I did.

And most important the Muscular Dystrophy Association reaped the rewards thanks to all that participated.

  picture  picture 
 Very nice twin turbine A-10 and it flew beautiful Some of the spectators and visitors 

District News

Fort Bend RC Club Muscular Dystrophy MD Fly-a-Thon

by Benny Behrens   September 6, 2015

Saturday September 5, 2015 Fort Bend RC Club (FBRCC) held their annual Muscular Dystrophy Fly-A-Thon with event proceeds donated to the Muscular Dystrophy Association. This is the 18th consecutive year FBRCC has held this very successful event.

The event was held at FBRCC’s field which is located west of Houston in Rosenberg, TX just north of Highway 59. The club has outstanding facilities with two paved crossing runways of suitable length for most any RC airplane including large scale turbines. 24 pilots were registered and essentially all sized airplanes from basic trainers up to twin engine turbines were safely flown for the pleasure and entertainment of the many spectators and visitors that were on hand.

At lunch time RC Hobby Shop’s Warbird team put on a very impressive demonstration, followed by a great helicopter demonstration after which was there was additional flight demonstrations by several pilots flying their turbine aircraft.

Rob Longenecker, President of FBRCC, recognized “Charlie Caulkins for successfully managing the elements and volunteers to have such a successful event. We also appreciate the support of the Air Force JROTC and Major Doug Hawn from Dulles High School, who handled donations and food service”. It was obvious that many of the club’s members had a hand in helping make this a very successful event. I am sure the spectators, pilots and RC visitors from local clubs had a great time and really enjoyed the event – I know I did.

And most important the Muscular Dystrophy Association reaped the rewards thanks to all that participated.

  picture  picture 
 Very nice twin turbine A-10 and it flew beautiful Some of the spectators and visitors 


ARCA Big Bird event (Austin)

by    September 4, 2015

Today and tommorrow I am attending the Austin Big Bird event. We arrived at the field today to see several nice flights. Gary Smith the club president flew a nice B-17 with a Willys jeep escort out to the flight line. Was very cool. I gave out several balsa airplanes to some kids and had some one make me a P-38. See picture below.

The event had 43 pilots. Randall Larsen is the official CD in charge and we have lots of public here due to the TV coverage in Austin. The club did an outstanding job with the event. Had a great time flying and visiting with all of the pilots that attended.

The space city club showed up in force 11 club members came to the event. A picture of everyone will be in the electronic version of the November magazine along with all the rest of the pictures I took.

  picture  picture 
 Gary Smith Jr and his P-38 All the pilots 


West Texas Warbirds

by    September 4, 2015

On August 28th and 29th the Wings Miniature Aircraft Society held their annual warbird meet in Abernathy Texas. This years event had 26 pilots they also were showing off new sections of pavement and pilots area that was constructed using money from the field assistance grants that they received. The flying was a blast with lost of great aircraft. WWII, jets and lots of other aircraft in military colors.

The contest director was Brian McLarty he had lots of help from all of the club members. They did a great job with the event.

Jimmy cowman brought out his B-17 and flew with Mike Liabel from the Houston area with his B-24 and.a B-25 all three were beautiful aircraft. Nick and Jon Johnson flew a couple of very nice turbines. They also had a couple of turbo prop aircraft but we're unable to get in the air.

A great event for the warbird crowd to come fly, have a good time and eat some great BBQ.

  picture  picture 
 Abernathy pilots that were available at picture time The row of aircraft was impressive 


Tri City Flyers National Model Aviation Day Fly-In

by Ed Valls   September 3, 2015

Hello everyone. On August 8, 2015 the Tri City Flyers (TCF)hosted their third National Model Aviation Day Fly-In. The event was open to all types of model. We had a mix of remote controlled models as well as a few modelers flying in our control line circle. I was fortunate enough to CD the event and it was a privilege to CD this wonderful fund raiser.

This year the TCF decided to donate all proceeds to Boysville in San Antonio. Boysville has been in existence since 1943. Here is their mission statement.

"Our campus is designed to help children in crisis who cannot remain in their own home for a variety of reasons. Our children come from homes that are in crisis, due to emotional, physical or sexual abuse. Sometimes a parent cannot take care of the child due to a terminal illness and do not have the support of family to take care of the children. Children who come to Boysville come from various backgrounds. Boysville does not look at the child’s past…we look at their future. By providing food, shelter, clothing and medical services, we are able to provide the basic necessities needed to make the child feel safe and comfortable at Boysville. Our residents do not wonder if they will eat at night or if they will have a safe place to sleep. With our education services, our children realize their potential. We encourage education. We encourage them to explore college, trade or military options. Options that previously seemed like a dream. We are able to pull children out of abuse cycles or poverty cycles and teach them to become an active part of society."

We were quite honored to have Dave Mc Ilvoy (former CEO of Boysville) and Steve Herlich (chief philanthropy officer for Boysville) attend the event. During the pilots meeting, Steve provided a brief overview of the Boysville mission.

This year we had a wonderful turnout of twenty seven pilots attend our event. I heard a number of the pilots say they enjoyed the event and would come back next year.

The TCF club is proud to say that they donated $1300 to Boysville. The club donated all of the food and drinks. The club would also like to thank American Legion Post from Converse, TX. and the VFW Post from Universal City, TX. for their financial contributions to the effort. Additionally, three club anonymously members donated a total of $300 toward the Boysville contribution.

If you would like to learn more about the Boysville mission, please visit:

  picture  picture 
 Group Photo of all Pilots and TCF Staff Steve Herlich gets some stick time from Jim Rice as Gary Looks On 


Texas City RC Club

by Benny Behrens   August 30, 2015

Texas City RC Club (TCRCC) had their annual Big Bird event scheduled for June 20, 2015 – as with many events in the Houston area it got rained out. TCRCC rescheduled the event for August 22nd, safe bet in the middle of a drought and with temperatures in the 100’s but who would have thought during the week before the event heavy drought breaking rains hit again and the event was rescheduled for August 29th. Then the Monday before the event the field got another 4 inches of rain and a big question mark loomed over the CD Mike Samano and the club members – would the field dry enough to support the event. Well as it turned out the third time was a charm. They could not have asked for better weather – dryer air settled in and dried the field and morning of the event temperatures in the low 70’s, full sun shine and mild winds – after three tries they had picked a winner-the perfect day!!!!!!

Turns out TCRCC had a great event with 37 registered pilots, large spectator turn out and a lot of good safe flying. No one could have asked for a better turnout or overall event. Many types of very nice airplanes were on hand and flown to the spectator’s pleasure and enjoyment of the pilots. Some of the pilots had a great time with mock dog fights (Corsair vs Zero or Zero vs Corsair) but everybody won cause they all went home in one piece.

TCRCC’s members did a great job putting this event together and I believe fun was had by all.

  picture  picture 
 Some of the entries Randy Larsen (Zero Pilot thinks he won the dogfight) 


WARPS Mid-Summer Event

by Jerry Walters   August 25, 2015

After months of rain, heat, drought, wind, and general adverse conditions the WARPS Club in Berwick, LA. decided to have a just for fun, we need to fly, no fee, no food, lit BBQ pit, and jambalaya fun fly last Saturday. About 25 pilots showed up and had a great time. Heli's, turbines, 3-D giants, and little electrics tore it up. There were even a couple of trainers buzzing around. The Berwick Club is a great bunch of guys welcoming pilots from 100+ miles away. I am looking forward to late summer and fall events as the event schedule fills up.

 WARPS Mid-Summer Event 



by Stew Moore   August 24, 2015


  picture  picture 


General Aviation Day - Westside R/C Flyers

by Bill Holland   August 23, 2015

The Westside R/C Flyers hosted their General Aviation Day on August 22nd at their club field in Yukon, OK. This event features any size general aviation non-military aircraft. Awards were given to the top three scale aircraft. Pilots from as far away as Amarillo attended this annual event. Westside will be hosting their annual Military Aviation Day on October 3rd. The Westside club is a great group of modelers. They put on a great event and always make sure you do not leave hungry!

  picture  picture 
 Westside R/C Club members at GAD August 22, 2015 General Aviation Day Flight Lilne in Yukon, OK 



by Brian Regan   August 22, 2015

This weekend August 22nd, RCRCC held their annual float fly in at Cochity Lake in New Mexico. Rick Mahlum was the CD and did a great job. There were 20 pilots signed up. Lots of foamies. There were a few built up plane as well. The day was as perfect as it can get. Light winds and cool in the morning. The flying was real laid back.
If you like float flying, plan on flying with the Santa Fe club next year. It was a lot of fun.


  picture  picture 
 Clarance from Soccoro after a good flight. This Cub flew real good too. 


National Model Aviation Day

by Benny Behrens   August 21, 2015

Saturday August 15, 2015 Alvin RC Model Airplane Association celebrated the 3rd Annual National Model Aviation Day by hosting an open fun fly. The event was also a fundraiser for the Wounded Warrior Project along with a local charity. The Boy Scouts prepared and served lunch which included snow cones to help beat the Texas heat. We had a good assortment of helicopters, warbirds, 3D and scale aircraft. Sponsors included individuals, local hobby shops as well as many national suppliers.

24 registered pilots got a full day of flying under almost perfect conditions. In addition the Boy Scouts along with many spectators had an opportunity to try their hand on the simulator and then on a trainer with a buddy box. Little warm but fun was had by all!!!!

Additional photos can be found from the links below:

  picture  picture 
 Group photo of some of the pilots and scouts Lunch time 


OKies Invade Wisconsin

by Bill Holland   August 17, 2015

Members from the Oklahoma Sooner Squadron,the TRAMPS, and yours truly attended the Midwest Warbirds and Classics on August 13 - 15 in Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin. The event was a huge success with over 130 pilots and 400 aircraft. Great fun and showed them the Oklahoma boys could fly in the wind!
This is a well done event and one that should be on your bucket list.

 OK Sooner Squadron and TRAMPS August 15, 2015 


Farmington Flyin for Fun

by    August 16, 2015

On Saturday and Sunday August 15-16th the San Juan RC club had a fly in in Support of National Model Aviation Day and raise money in support of the City's efforts for the Animal Shelter. The city had several events around the area to get people out to see different activities and all worked together to raise money. The Club had a good crowd and about 18 pilots flying through the two days. Allen Price ran the event as CD but got lots of support from everyone in the club.

Great Job by the Club working with the community.

  picture  picture 
 The Entire Gang almost, Several were missing in action at the time of the photo. Farmington has a nice facility that the city helps maintain. 


IMAC in Arkansas

by Olen Rutherford   August 16, 2015

IMAC is alive in South Arkansas. THE newly AMA sanctioned club, South Arkansas Taildraggers, hosted the MAGTOWN THROWDOWN IMAC CONTEST. In attendance were 18 registered pilots from Arkansas,Louisiana,Oklahoma,Mississippi and Kansas. CD Brian Hendricks had the event running smoothly, if you fly IMAC, this one should be on your schedule.

  picture  picture 


warbird fly in

by Olen Rutherford   August 16, 2015

On Aug. 7-9 to get away from the hot weather, a group of pilots and their families attended the Northern Alliance Military Fly-In in Owatonna Minnesota. A total of eleven pilots from Ark. and Okla. were enjoying the great weather and hospitality ending with a fantastic BBQ dinner on Sat. night. With a total of 106 registered pilots, CD Calvin Branton and the crew put on one of the best fly ins in the country.

  picture  picture 


RMFM Scale fly in.

by Brian Regan   August 16, 2015

Date line, August 15th & 16th. Rocky Mountain Flying Machine (RMFM)has a scale fly in. It was held at Maloof Memorial Air park fro the second year in a row. The road to RMFM'S field was washed out again. There were 16 pilots. The weather was great. The flying was fun. Howard Chapman was the CD and he did a great job. He had Dave Haygood and Bob Thompson as Assistant CD's. Now they will be able to become a CD for future events.
The attendance was low for some reason. I think the few that came out had a great time.
Special thanks to Howard for letting RMFM twist his arm into running this event. He did a good job. Thanks to those that came to help.

Brian Regan

  picture  picture 
 Norm preparing his Tigercat for flight. A meeting of the minds. Not much brain power there. 

District News


by Stew Moore   August 13, 2015

Well, you ask , why isn't this posted under CONTROL LINE ?
I hope that most of you take the time to read the articles in MODEL AVIATION pretty thoroughly and don't "cherry pick" mostly items that really interest you .If you have noticed , there have been more and more articles concerning control line activity , which is growing .
You may have read that JOE NALL has added several control line circles and has had several hundred people of all ages take a turn in the circle . There is a generational gap concerning control line . Many of us old "moss backs" were introduced to the hobby with "stick" models and control line models .Then came R/C in the 60's and 70's and that area has been the main attraction since and has been much easier to get into due to the ARF'S and now it's the "drones" that have captured the attention of many .
I suggest that some of you individuals and clubs consider looking at the current state of the control line models . Electric power and ARF'S are now a quickly growing segment of that SIG and offer many possibilities for introducing youth to the hobby . An electric powered control line model can be flown in a nearby park with no associated noise , if you have been flying electric you have all you need except he model and the electric timing module - both inexpensive . Perhaps some club members can put together a gas or electric powered model that can be brought to the club field for kids or younger flyers . There are several ARF models available that are good starters .
This is a great hobby and encompasses many model airplane disciplines and is not one dimensional , some clubs encourage control line activity and have made allowance for it at their flying site .
If any of you are interested in these thoughts or are needing information on sources, please send me an email and I will be pleased to pass along the information I have .I would caution some of you guys that are near my age that it's not as easy as it once was to fly in that circle anymore - falling down is not a pretty picture .


District News

AMA DISTRICT VIII attendees at the 2015 SEFF event at MAC HODGES in Americus Georgia

by Stew Moore   August 12, 2015

The picture shows most of the DISTRICT VIII attendees at the 2015 SEFF EVENT ( southeast electric flight festival ) held at MAC HODGES held each year .I have been a volunteer staff member since 2006 . Over the years I have met many people there from DISTRICT VIII . Now an AVP , I thought I would try to group some of them for a picture this year , as I was too busy after the morning pilots meeting -Michael " crash ' Hancock was kind enough to compose the group and arrange the picture.
Left to right- Michael McDougall , Michael Hancock , UNKNOWN , Jim Ballard , Matthew Vaudrin , John Ballard , UNKNOWN
DISTRICT VIII has many active members that travel long distances to various events and represent our district very well


District News


by Stew Moore   August 12, 2015

This event was called the "SWEATY RED NECK FUN FLY ' on the district VIII listing and was it correctly named !! As most of you in the Arklatex area know , the temperatures have been very high with some reaching heat index figures of 110F . This was my first visit to the Nacogdoches flying site which is located on the A.L. MANGHAM REGIONAL AIRPORT facilities on an unused older runway .This flying site is the result of some very close work of club members , airport operators and the city of Nacogdoches and they are justly proud of it .
The club website is one of the better ones I have seen in my area and I recommend a visit to it . The club is the NACOGDOCHES AERO MODELERS CLUB , AMA CHARTER 2305.
While there I presented two AMA DISTRICT VIII MAD AWARDS( making a difference ), Drew Thomas -president and CD AND Dave Hinson-creator of the website and major player in the club .
I also met several members of the Lufkin , Texas club, Teresa and Keith Beasley and Robert Witherspoon

  picture  picture 

Control Line

Control Line NATS

by    August 9, 2015

District VIII was well represented in CL racing at the 2015 NATS. L to R, Event Director Melvin Schuette (KS) Chuck Barnes, Bill Bischoff, Mike Greb, Bill Lee (all from TX). Not shown Patrick Hempel, who flew racing AND speed events.


District News

Almost too hot for flying

by Jerry Walters   July 27, 2015

This heat in South Louisiana is killing the flying for all but our most avid pilots. We've been running between 95-100 for two weeks now with no rain or breezes to create some relief. Last weekend at Aerodrome of Acadiana in Breaux Bridge the President of Acadian RC, a neighboring club, showed up with a surprise to help (see picture). Unfortunately, Louisiana has no sanctioned events scheduled in July or August.

Last Flight

Oklahoma Sooner Squadron renames site in honor of Mike Harvey

by    July 18, 2015

The Oklahoma Sooner Squadron Club lost one of their founding members, Mike Harvey three years ago. Mike served in numerous leadership roles throughout his 40 years as a member of the Sooner Squadron. The OK Sooner Squadron decided to honor Mike and his family by changing the name of the club field to the Mike Harvey Model Airpark. Club President Jim Ellis officially dedicated the new field name during a noon ceremony at their Dawn Patrol event on July 11th. Mike's wife Mary, son Mike, grandchildren, club members, event participants, and many friends were in attendance for this celebration.

I was in attendance for the event and Jim Ellis did a great Job with the dedication. Jim and Mike were very close and it was very hard for him. I hope I have as many friends when my time comes as did Mike Harvey.

Well Done by the Oklahoma Sooner Squadron!!!

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Alvin RC Model Airplane Association 40th Birthday

by Benny Behrens   July 12, 2015

On July 11, 2015 Alvin RC Model Airplane Association celebrated its 40th Anniversary at its flying field in Alvin, TX. The event was rescheduled from June 13th at the last minute due to the heavy rains that up until July have plagued the Houston area.

The event was in celebration of the Club’s 40 continuous years of RC Model Airplane fun and included a Fun Fly with events like a balloon bust (no balloons were injured in the event), toilet paper streamer cut (attempted anyway) along with simple continuous open flying by the members. Tom Stancliff a long term member of the club barbequed brisket true Texas style and members brought their specialty covered dish. Becky Bridge, wife of one of our member’s specialty was a custom designed cake (actually two – one for the rain out and one for July 11th). The cakes were designed to reflect many aspects of the club facilities and history.

Inside the clubhouse a memory lane photo history of the club lined the walls. As with many clubs the history included the many challenges necessary over the years to develop and maintain a first class facility. The club owns its own land and has been in its current location since 1983. This alone is quite an accomplishment when we consider all of the changes in equipment and flying styles, maintaining neighbor and community relations and relationships with the modeling community.

The Alvin Club currently has approximately 80 members and is recognized by AMA as a Leader Club – Gold level. The event was well attended and I believe everyone enjoyed the food, flying, friendship and talking about the history that got us where we are today.

Thanks to all that contributed to making the event a success and the Club a success.

  picture  picture 
 Club members celebrating the club\'s 40th Birthday Becky\'s cake with detailed field features 


Abilene Radio control imac tune up

by Tony Breyen   July 11, 2015

A great turnout at the abilene radio control club 3D and IMAC tuneup today 20+ 42% airplanes. From Texas and Oklahoma getting ready for the next major competition and a meet to be held here next year. Instead of the usual hamburger we had barbecue ,potato salad and banana pudding a great lunch Very friendly bunch of guys would definitely suggest coming fly with them.



Dawn Patrol Guthrie Oklahoma

by    July 11, 2015

On Saturday morning at 5:55am 7 aircraft flew at dawn. We had neuiport 17, 28, sopwith pup x2, 3 - D-7 all 1/3 scale. This was the first official Dawn Patrol Event in District VIII. 24 pilots were in attendance from Oklahoma, Arkansas and New Mexico.

Plans are already in place for next year and there will be a breakfast after the dawn flight.

Plane storage was in a nice hanger so that no one had to take any thing apart.

  picture  picture 
   As with the Dawn Flight 7 pilots took off together for the local news media. 


ARCC Scale Fly In.

by Brian Regan   July 10, 2015

On June 27th & 28th I attended ARCC's All scale fly-in in Albuquerque New Mexico. There was 40 pilots and plenty of planes. Saturday the winds were variable and would change directions many times during a flight due to a cold front moving through the area. Unfortunately the unpredictable winds contributed to several planes going down. Sunday was much better. I think everyone had a good time. If you like laid back flying events, this is a good one to come to. Check them out next June. You will Have fun.

The Rocky Mountain Flying Machine (Albuquerque) is having their scale meet August 15th & 16th. This will also be a fun event. Laid back and lots of flying.

Brian Regan

AMA District 8 AVP

  picture  picture 
 Stan Johnson won the Pilots Choice Award This beautiful B-17 unfortunately made a crash landing on the runway 

Control Line

CL fying in Arkansas

by    July 9, 2015

Control Line flying alive and well in South Arkansas
We have 2 CL Stunt contest a year in El Dorado, AR.
The John Gunn Stunt Contest 1st weekend in May and
the South Arkansas Stunt Championship Contest this Nov.7-8, 2015
Pilots from several states within the dist 8 attend. We are in the building
process of a new paved CL circle and already have a grass circle.

Picture of the pilots that attended this years John Gunn Stunt Contest 2015


District News

Richardson R/C Club receives Award of Excellence

by    July 8, 2015

As you may have seen in previous columns several clubs in the Dallas and Fort Worth Area were flooded out. The Richardson Club stepped up to offer the use of their field to other clubs in the area who had no place to fly. For that I was able to Award them the Award of Excellence which is the highest award a club can receive. I did surprise them a bit by going to the last event for the summer which was a float fly at Lavon Lake. I enjoyed the event and had a good time with everyone there. The awards were given at a emergency Club meeting I got them to call at a local eating establishment. The Club received a plaque, a small flag to fly at their field as well as a patch for every member. A big thank you to everyone in the club!


Last Flight

Last Flight for John Reed L-80

by    July 8, 2015

Overtaken by cancer John Reed passed away very quickly on 4/16/2015. Way too quick for most of us. John was a mentor to so many in the hobby, particularly the North Dallas RC Cub (NDRCC), so we are compelled to mention that first. However, our strongest memories of John are led by his dominating personality and his humor; humor, which was noted by his pastor friend (and the rest of us), to sometimes be irreverent. He was loved by all.

John was a telecommunications engineer who traveled the length and breadth of North America installing and correcting problems with our nation’s 1st generation Cross-country Microwave Systems. That knowledge and adventurous spirit carried into our RC Hobby when he experimented with onboard video cameras (duct taped on), wacky multi-engine concoctions, gyrocopters and even ornithopters. He was always looking for something new, different or unusual.

John was a born leader. He was President of NDRCC several times, and at one time or another held every club office including treasure, field maintenance, membership, and John was at the forefront of our Boy Scout and youth programs. While once shuttling between two students flying at the same time he wasn’t quite fast enough; one plane flew over the horizon to the North and the other to the South. We all gave him a hard time but that never deterred him.

When you needed to trim a new airplane John was the one to turn to for its maiden flight. When urbanization forced NDRCC further north, “Eagle Field” that we are now so proud of, would not exist without John’s untold hours dedicated to the project. He made sure everything was done right and is credited with naming the field after an injured Eagle was found at the site during the construction phase.

He will forever be missed but his legacy lives on.


District News

Welcome to our new website update

by Sonny Coleman   July 8, 2015

What you are seeing is the beginning of a complete website update. This first step replaced the old AVP forums with a more modern blog system. The latest 10 blogs will have a short version show up on the home page. Clicking on the color banner or the bloggers name will bring up the complete blog message which may also include a couple of pictures.

Over the next few weeks the rest of the site will be updated.
Hope you enjoy the changes,
Vic Newton


Vice President

Lawrence Harville


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