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Boerne Aera Model Society Earns AMA Award

by Ed Valls   October 25, 2016

On October 8 I traveled to Boerne, Tx. to visit with the members of the Boerne Aero Model Society (BAMS). They were having their fall club fly-in and fun fly. A significant number of the club members were in attendance and all enjoyed seeing their club members "compete" in the fun fly events like the spot landing or the bomb toss. I watched the event and truly enjoyed the playful ribbing I heard from some members regarding their "friend's" spot landing or the bomb drop (actually a small flat washer with a simple streamer attached) which was "ejected" from a Styrofoam cup attached to the top of the model. A lot of fun was had by all.

At the lunch break I had the privilege of presenting the club with the AMA Silver Leader Club plaque and certificate. To put this accomplishment in perspective, consider that there are approximately 2400 AMA chartered clubs in the United States and around the world. Of these 2400 clubs, fewer than 150 have earned either the Bronze, Silver or Gold leader club awards. Congratulations to all of the BAMS's members for this wonderful achievement.

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 Proud members of BAMS with their Sliver Leader Club Plaque Presenting the Silver Leader Club plaque to BAMS club president George Sheffield 


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