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AMA Executive Vice President Election 2017

by Lawrence Harville   August 31, 2017

The AMA election for Executive Vice President is coming up.

You have a choice this year---Elections mean something --if you dont vote -Dont complain
You have two choices--you wanted something done--now you do your part.
Listed in Alpha order
Randy Cameron, Lawrence Tougas

Randy Cameron
Springfield, Missouri
The fabric of AMA is its 82 year history of members like you!
• AMA needs to listen better to our best asset — you the members!
• AMA must build its future and protect traditional model aviation!
I ask that you vote for me, Randy Cameron for AMA EVP and help protect model aviation.
Since introduced to Control Line flying decades ago by my father, I have enjoyed every aspect of our hobby. With four sons and eleven grandchildren, my wife Fina and I are now teaching our fourth generation of family flyers.
My interests in our hobby are wide. I have flown Control Line, Free Flight, IMAC, 3D, combat, and sport aircraft. I’ve held every club officer position in multiple clubs over the past 35 plus years, in civilian life and while in the Air Force for 22 years.
I have been an AMA Leader Member since the mid-1980s and became a contest director in the 90’s. I served as the District VI Contest Coordinator for ten years and as a District VI Associate Vice President for prior to becoming the District VI Vice President.
As an AMA Vice President on the Executive Council, I’ve served as committee chairman to AMA Special Interest Groups (SIGs), and the Property Acquisition and Development Committee (PADCOM), working to improve the AMA headquarters flying sites — home of the AMA NATs and other events. I also worked to streamline the Flying Site Improvement grant process.
The federal, Special Rule for Model Aviation must be protected! AMA is strong in providing both federal and local government advocacy. This must continue. I am the only EVP candidate that has walked the halls of Congress in Washington DC, to protect model aviation. I am also the only EVP candidate with a proven record of working to defeat local and state legislation harmful to our hobby.
The only way we can help solve the drone issues is to educate drone fliers, and bring the safe and responsible ones into our organization. A recent survey showed that fully 90% of all AMA chartered clubs are welcoming the newest multi-rotor technologies. Today, 21% of new AMA members are multi-rotor enthusiasts. The significant down-turn in media-reported drone sightings and incidents is an important validation that AMA’s efforts and influence within this community are working! I have been a staunch supporter of our marketing efforts which has allowed our membership to grow from 142,000 to approximately 200,000 members today.
The fabric of AMA is its 82 year history and members like you. In 1936 AMA was built on the principals of education, advancing technological, and providing one national voice for all modelers. From the beginning of Free Flight, to Control Line, and then Radio Control, each new technology was accepted. Numerous AMA clubs are reporting that when they welcome new interests, such as multi-rotors, these new fliers are discovering, and becoming, fixed wing and helicopter pilots as well. Just as we’ve done in the past, we must embrace new technologies to keep younger generations interested in model aviation
AMA needs to listen better to our best asset—you the members! AMA must improve on programs that; attract and involve youth in our hobby, foster club growth, provide assistance for improving and purchasing flying sites, and other important programs.
Communication to our members must improve. Existing membership and club programs are not widely recognized. AMA must improve and provide easily accessible and efficient member benefits, and eliminate costs to the members and the AMA alike.
With your vote I will bring your issues to AMA and the Executive Council, and ensure member’s needs are met.
Please email for more information.

Lawrence Tougas
Fairfield, California

The AMA has lost its way.
The AMA has stopped listening to its members.
The AMA was founded by traditional Modelers and needs to remember that.
If you agree then please vote for me Lawrence Tougas to be the next Executive Vice President (EVP) of the AMA.
Last year I ran for President of the AMA on a similar platform. I believed then and I believe now that the majority of members in the AMA have been and always will be traditional modelers; whom I define as pilots of fixed and rotary wing models whether they be free flight, control line, or radio controlled. This is opposed to the newest segment of modeling, drone modeling.
I do not believe we should ban drone modelers from the AMA, far from that, I think as long as they fly responsibly and follow our safety code they are welcome to join. My issue is the irresponsible drone modelers who have caught the media’s attention. Their actions must be stopped before more harm is done.
The number of drone modelers in the AMA has plateaued at 8% of total membership. As the current District X VP I have access to our membership numbers and have been observing this trend for some time. One issue I see is that we spend much more than 8% of our staff’s time on issues associated with drone modeling. The Executive Council has spent the last several years addressing drone issues well out of proportion to 8% of our time.
I think there should be more or less a balance of our time and resources spent between the various modeling disciplines. The claim that drone modeling will be a great source of future membership is simply not being reflected in our membership data. That fact has to be recognized and the AMA’s time and money need to be rebalanced to support our core constituency which is overwhelmingly traditional modelers. Elect me as your EVP and I will make that my goal.
I have served as the AMA’s District X Vice President for almost 7 years. During this time I have worked on our Finance, Election and Insurance Committees. During my time on the Executive Council there have been times when I have disagreed with programs that we were developing. When those times come I am not afraid to speak truth to power. You can count on me to keep what is best for our membership as my number one priority.
I have made it a point to travel the district attending events and meetings with as many clubs as possible. I fly competitively. I currently fly Precision Aerobatics in the Advanced class and have attended the last 4 NATS. I have spent 26 years working as an Engineer with a major U.S. airline. During that time I have dealt with the FAA extensively. I have over 23 years of experience in the FAA rulemaking process. I am the only candidate with this much experience with the FAA.

Please follow my campaign at,
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Lawrence Tougas
AMA 232

P.S. Remember if you want the AMA to be balanced in the way it treats its members then I am the right choice for AMA EVP.


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Lawrence Harville


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