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FAA Registration Requirements

by Lawrence Harville   December 14, 2018

There has been some confusion about FAA registration and model aircraft as it relates to new federal regulations passed by Congress earlier this year. Below is a series of commonly asked questions and answers.

Q: Do I have to register every model aircraft or drone separately or can I register once and use that single number on all of my models?
A: Section 349 does not require you to register each model separately. You only need to register your name, physical address, and email address once. You can continue to use your assigned single FAA number for all of your models.

Q: When will my registration number expire?
A: Traditionally numbers need renewed after three years. Anyone who registered before December 12, 2017 will have their registration date automatically extended two years to 2020 at no charge. The only caveat to this free extension is for those individuals who specifically requested that his or her name be taken off the FAA registration database.

Q: Do only drones and multirotor operators need to register?
A: Anyone who flies a model that can freely navigate in the air and uses a remote control device (e.g. RC transmitter) is required to register. This includes drones, traditional fixed wing model aircraft, model helicopters, and other remote controlled model aircraft. If you exclusively fly models under .55 pounds, indoors, control line, or free flight models - you do not need to register.

Q: Do I need to list both my AMA number and my federal registration number on my aircraft?
A: Yes, you need to list both your AMA number and Federal registration number on your aircraft.

Q: I only fly CL, FF, or indoors - do I need to register?
A: No. If you exclusively fly indoors, FF, or CL you do not need to register.

Q: How do I check my expiration date, number, or renew?
A: You can access your FAA account at This site will allow you to view your personal FAA registration number and expiration date.


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