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Dave Hoffman Long Term member of JSCRCC

by Benny Behrens   April 7, 2019

Below is an excerpt from an article by Mike Laible, President of Johnson Space Center RC Club’s (JSCRCC) newsletter:

"This month I start the column with mixed feelings. Last week I just found out that Dave Hoffman passed away last year. He meant so much to this club and was treasurer for over 40 years. Dave was so proud of being a part of the JSCRCC and always helped the club and had a huge heart for instructing new members. Over the years his flying subsided some but up until a couple of years ago was still treasurer. It was a tough decision for him to step down, but he put the club before his own desires.”

At JSCRCC’s 2017 Warbird event I had the honor to present a District VIII Service Award to Dave. Dave had been a member of JSCRCC for 50 years and was the club Treasurer for almost the same 50 years. Dave will be missed by the club’s members and by all the modeling community he touched during those years….Benny Behrens, District VIII AVP – Houston area.

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 Dave at JSCRCC's 2017 Warbird with his award Mike Laible JSCRCC President with Dave 


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