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IMAC Event, El Paso

by Tom Holmsley   April 30, 2019

The 2nd Annual Southwest and South Central Smackdown International Miniature Aerobatic Club (IMAC) Meet at the Border was hosted by The Horizon City RC flyers at Danny's field April 27th and 28th, 2019 in El Paso.

There were 27 flyers from the combined South Central and Southwest IMAC regions. Those coordinating the event where Texas Regional Director and CD Dan Powell from Callisburg, Texas; CD Mike Taylor from the Horizon Club; Amanda Coke, AMA District 8 Contest Coordinator from Dalhart, Texas; and Alex Dreiling, Southwest IMAC Regional Director from Phoenix.

The photo below shows Dan Powell, Texas Regional IMAC Director on the left followed by the winners from left to right.
1st Unlimited: Alex Dreiling, SW
1st Advanced and 2nd in Seniors: Michael Marcellin, SW
1st Freestyle: Mel Nipkow, SW
2nd Sportsman: Richard Crutchfield, SW
1st Sportsman: Mike Triebe, SW
3rd Seniors: Jacques Telles, SW
1st Basic: Jimmy Allen, SC
3rd Basic: Amanda Coke, SC
3rd Sportsman: Allen Delger, SC
1st Intermediate: Rhett Lambert, SC
2nd Basic: Joe Adame, SC
Rudy Voldrich, Contestant Intermediate, SC

Congratulations to the Southwest Region who took the trophy as overall winner.

This outstanding IMAC event was the 2nd for the Horizon Club, and they are hoping to sponsor it again next year.

  picture  picture 
 Alex Dreiling, Southwest Regional Director, 1st Unlimited, and high score trophy Contest winners as shown above. 


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