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Fort Bend RC Club PAWS and Planes

by Lawrence Harville   June 19, 2019

Fort Bend RC Club
This past weekend, on June 15, we held a major fundraising
community-service event. We hosted the Fort Bend Animal Services
Department’s pet adoption program in a fly-in we called “PAWS and
Planes.” PAWS is an acronym for Pets Are Worth Saving, a program
championed by our county’s Commissioner Vincent Morales. Commissioner
Morales is important to our club since our facility is on a county-owned
landfill as part of their reclamation program. He and Animal Services’
Barbara Vass addressed our event’s gathering at the beginning of the
event, stating their program is aiming for zero-euthanasia, and is well
on its way.

The fundraiser received direct donations to the PAWS program by members
and guests, generated funds from the raffling of gift baskets, and took
in money selling our fresh grilled ground sirloin burgers, chips and
drinks. Barbara Vass was very pleased with the outcome, as indicated
in the newspaper article.

Our Fort Bend Radio Control Club also achieved its desired objective of
community exposure with the goal of demonstrating the enjoyment of safe
R/C flying in hopes of increasing our membership. Several guests
indicated their interest in joining our FBRC and AMA.

You will find enclosed several jpg files of our event, including two
newspaper articles and several photos of the event to show its scale.

I have already submitted some of this information to Mandee Mikulski to
support our application for the AMA Club Recognition and Reward Program.

I promise to be responsive to any questions you may have in regards to
this most successful event.

Rick Lamprecht

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Vice President

Lawrence Harville


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