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Tri City Flyers National Model Aviation Day Fly-In

by Ed Valls   September 3, 2015

Hello everyone. On August 8, 2015 the Tri City Flyers (TCF)hosted their third National Model Aviation Day Fly-In. The event was open to all types of model. We had a mix of remote controlled models as well as a few modelers flying in our control line circle. I was fortunate enough to CD the event and it was a privilege to CD this wonderful fund raiser.

This year the TCF decided to donate all proceeds to Boysville in San Antonio. Boysville has been in existence since 1943. Here is their mission statement.

"Our campus is designed to help children in crisis who cannot remain in their own home for a variety of reasons. Our children come from homes that are in crisis, due to emotional, physical or sexual abuse. Sometimes a parent cannot take care of the child due to a terminal illness and do not have the support of family to take care of the children. Children who come to Boysville come from various backgrounds. Boysville does not look at the child’s past…we look at their future. By providing food, shelter, clothing and medical services, we are able to provide the basic necessities needed to make the child feel safe and comfortable at Boysville. Our residents do not wonder if they will eat at night or if they will have a safe place to sleep. With our education services, our children realize their potential. We encourage education. We encourage them to explore college, trade or military options. Options that previously seemed like a dream. We are able to pull children out of abuse cycles or poverty cycles and teach them to become an active part of society."

We were quite honored to have Dave Mc Ilvoy (former CEO of Boysville) and Steve Herlich (chief philanthropy officer for Boysville) attend the event. During the pilots meeting, Steve provided a brief overview of the Boysville mission.

This year we had a wonderful turnout of twenty seven pilots attend our event. I heard a number of the pilots say they enjoyed the event and would come back next year.

The TCF club is proud to say that they donated $1300 to Boysville. The club donated all of the food and drinks. The club would also like to thank American Legion Post from Converse, TX. and the VFW Post from Universal City, TX. for their financial contributions to the effort. Additionally, three club anonymously members donated a total of $300 toward the Boysville contribution.

If you would like to learn more about the Boysville mission, please visit:

  picture  picture 
 Group Photo of all Pilots and TCF Staff Steve Herlich gets some stick time from Jim Rice as Gary Looks On 


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