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District VIII Memorial Fly-In

by Ed Valls   November 13, 2015

On October 2,3 and 4, 2015 the Tri City Flyers hosted the 15th annual District VIII Memorial Fly-In. Ilona Maine attended and represented AMA Hq. Mark Johnston, District VIII VP, was in attendance as were a number of the District VIII Associate VP's. The event was CD'd by Frank Simas and drew more than 70 pilots. We were blessed with wonderful weather and the event was a huge success. To say that there was a large variety of different types of models would be an understatement. The event featured a large number of IMAC aerobatic planes as well as some large (and small) warbirds. We had some helicopters pilots in attendance as well as a group flying control line models. Also in attendance were a large number of electric aircraft.

The field setup was such that it allowed the simultaneous flying of both RC and control line models. The Pioneer Flight Museum (our host field) had some of their World War I full scale airplanes out for display as well as a number of their other airplanes and some old and vintage automobiles were also on display.

The TCF club members provided the food and beverages for breakfast and lunch on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Many thanks to Gary and Linda Rice for "running" the food kitchen and thanks to the other TCF members for "staffing" the kitchen.

On Saturday at noon we had a pause in the flying and gathered under the pavilion while Jim Rice read the names of those District VIII AMA members that have passed during 2015. After Jim finished reading the names of those who have passed, Randy Brown performed a wonderful and flowing flying demonstration in honor of those we have lost in 2015.

Red Ritch and his wonderful staff provided wonderful food for Saturday night's AMA District VIII meeting. Many thanks to District VIII VP Mark Johnston for funding the Saturday night dinner and for hosting the Saturday night District VIII annual meeting and Q & A. A number of questions were asked regarding the FAA and it's effort to "regulate" model aircraft in the U.S. Mark and Ilona spent considerable time answering the questions posed by the fly-in attendees.

TCF would like to thank all of the pilots who attended the event. Many thanks to Frank Simas for running the event, to Linda Rice for "gathering" so many items for the pilots prizes as well as the very nice items for the event raffle. We would also like to thank Gary Rice for taking the lead in the kitchen. To the many TCF club members that worked the event we would like to say thank you and job well done.


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 Group Photo of Pilots In Attendance Jim Rice Reading the Names of Those D VIII Members that Passed in 2015 


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