Mike Pennell passed—Tulsa Glue Dobbers

AMA District 8 member passes Oklahoma Standout Guy
Thanks Bill Holland for letting us know.
we lost a great guy Monday. Mike Pennell passed away unexpectedly on Monday. He was the long standing President and spark plug of the Tulsa Glue Dobbers. Mike was an outstanding person, modeler. He was 72 years old. He will leave big shoes to fill in Tulsa.
Max Blose AMA HALL OF FAME 2020

Max Blose AMA HALL OF FAME 2020

udedDistrict-VIII-newest-member-of-the-AMA-Hall-of-Fame-Max-Blose-center-with-AVP-Doug-Staines-and-VP-Lawrence-Harville--1.jpg UsedAMA-Hall-of-Fame-Max-Blose-and-Family-0.jpg

In September we Honored Max Blose who was selected into the AMA Hall of Fame. He joins a VERY SELECT group of 342 HOF members  only 17 are  from District VIII.

Max started flying in 1945, wrote several Magazine articles, designed and kitted many types of planes.  A member of the Waco Hotmac club since 1970 and through the years held every office in the club. The Hotmax club would not be as successful today if not for Max.   His hobby shop was a fixture in the area.  Designed and produced the Self-contained starter—now a necessity for modelers. Holder of 11 AMA awards.  We all fortunate to know and call Max our friend in District VIII.

The presentation was held at Max Blose Hotmac club event

District 8 Sparkplug of the month July 2020

District 8 Sparkplug of the month July 2020

Steve-Nicholson-1.JPG Steven-Nickolsen-2-0.JPG

Sparkplug of the Month of July  is, STEVE NICHOLSON  from River City Radio Control, San Antonio, TEXAS. Steve has been a member of the Ozark Flyers RC in  Fayetteville, Ark., the Greater Southwest Aero Modelers in Hurst, TX., and currently in San Antonio, Tx. River City RC., where he performs ground cutting and maintenance.  He flies sport scale and sail planes and quad copters. Retired with kids, grand kids and great grand kids, he is a great friend to all everywhere he goes.  With several helpers he is always trying to improve the grounds to make it enjoyable for all. Thanks to Rick Carlo, VP River City RC for letting us know about Steve. Seems every club has at least ONE STEVE who goes above and beyond.   We want to recognize Steve Nicholson as ANOTHER Outstanding member of District VIII.


Dear member –

We need your assistance in an urgent matter. Late last week, the FAA unexpectedly informed us that, contrary to earlier commitments to AMA, the agency is planning to limit all recreational model aircraft operations to 400 feet in controlled airspace – with no exceptions. Additionally, the FAA is proposing restrictions in uncontrolled airspace to altitudes that could present safety issues as well as limit some model aircraft operations altogether. We were stunned by this proposal and are pushing back, but we need your help.

We urge you to send a letter to your elected representatives in Congress and ask them to contact the FAA on this critical issue. Please visit www.modelaircraft.org/higher-flight to contact your representative.

Congress specifically granted the FAA the flexibility to allow operations over 400 feet if safety would not be affected. The FAA has not provided AMA with any data that proves that our operations are a safety risk. As you know, our model aircraft operations do not pose any safety or security risk to local airports or aircraft. The FAA needs to honor the Congressional directive to work with AMA on these issues.

Because of the negative impact on so many AMA members and clubs, we are going to fight this proposal with every resource at our disposal. You, our members, are our best resource.

To have the maximum impact on this proposed policy as possible, please share this message with your friends, family and fellow club members who love our hobby. To learn more about this policy, please click here. Also monitor your emails for new information as we work to fight this restrictive policy. As always, we are committed to doing everything possible to protect the model aviation hobby. If you have questions, please contact us at (765)287-1256 or amagov@modelaircraft.org.


The AMA Government Affairs Team