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AMA Hall of Fame Faust R. Parker, Jr.
Faust with wife Julie and his friends at a Texas Cloud Climbers Annual Event
Active since the late 1950’s
Faust is a Competitive Free Flighter, Designer, Club Leader and Contest Director.

1. He received his Bachelor and Master’s Degrees from the University of Texas at Arlington.
Completed his PhD from the University of Texas at Austin (Specializing in Marine Science) while
doing his research at The U.T. Marine Science Institute (was out of modeling during PhD. Work). His
career included seven years as a contract Chemist at the School of Aerospace Medicine, Brooks AFB
in San Antonio, TX and 25 years as the Director of an Environmental Toxicology Laboratory in
Houston, TX.
2. His undergraduate education was funded by scholarship (football), Master by teaching
Assistantship and PhD work by a Welder Wildlife Foundation Fellowship. He had a three-year
professional football experience in the Texas, Continental, and NFL leagues as a place kicker.
3. Significant Free Flight competition successes include:
Club Championship Team 1964 NATS
Two-time Nostalgia National Champ (1993, 1994)
Americas Cup Competition (F1C Champ 6 times; F1J Champ 15 times)
National 1/2A Champion 5 times
National F1J Champion 8 Times
National F1C Champion 3 times
Plus, multiple placings in Nostalgia Gas, AMA Gas and FAI events through the years all over
the U.S.
4. International F1C Teams:
Israel 1999 (5th place individual)
Argentina 2011 (5th place individual; 2nd place Team)
Hungary 2017 (23rd place individual)
Lost Hills 2019 (8th place individual; 3rd place Team)
5. Designs:
“Frosty” HLG (Several Senior and Open NATS wins + Tulsa Glue Dobbers perpetual)
“Alvin” 1/2A ROW (3 times NATS Champion and record holder as a Senior)
“JTEX” F1J (NATS winner, NFFS co-model of the year 2000)
“CNC MATRIX” 1/2A (NATS winner, co-designer with Henry Spence, model of the year
6. Faust is a lifetime member of NFFS and was inducted into the NFFS Hall of Fame in 2010.
7. AMA Model Club participation:
Fort Worth JAC’s (Junior Aero Club) 1960’s thru early 1970’s
Tri-City Fliers, San Antonio, TX. 1980 thru 2010
Texas Cloud Climbers, DFW. 2011 to present. Currently serves as Club Safety Officer.

8. Contest Director since 1980:
Has directed two – three Free Flight Contests a year since then
Free Flight NATS CD in 2018
Free Flight NATS Event Director and Volunteer every year as needed
9. Consistent U.S. W.C. Junior Team supporter since 1980 (both financially and equipment). Built and
donated F1P’s to Junior team members for the 2014 Romania Junior World Champs. Those models
have been passed on for the next Junior Team members.
10. Committees:
FAI Team Selection Committee
NFFS Nostalgia Committee
NFFS Hall of Fame Selection Committee Chair 2020
11. NFFS Symposium 2020 Article: “The Road to the World Champs