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Greetings from sunny warm Albuquerque. The winds were light and the sun was shinning. There a good group of flyers out this morning. Tim, Paul and Baylor came down from Farmington NM to maiden a few planes. While I was there , Tim flew 2 of the 4 planes he brought to maiden. He did very well. The planes did what he wanted and stayed in on piece. Mark, Marlin, and Norm did some formation flying with their jets. They did a great job. With all 3 planes being the same, you had to watch real close to make sure you were flying your plane.  Sure looked like a lot of fun. This was a pretty normal day here in Albuquerque for this time of year. It was a good day of flying and hanger talk. You can learn a lot listening to some of these guys. Go out to your local field, join a club and the AMA and get to flying.   Brian Regan AMA District VIII NM AVP