On March 27th a brand new club here in Albuquerque had their first get together. This club is trying to get IMAC started again in Albuquerque. They have over 20 members at this time.

They had open flying and provided hotdogs and hamburgers to all that came out. I think there was about 25 or more people mostly eating and talking planes. They were having a great time. Joey Winklepleck is the president and he is real excited about IMAC. Vince Martinez is a board member also and is helping Joey get the club off to a good start.

They are in the planning stages for a contest here in Albuquerque. Stay tuned for more information. Once they get the dates set, come out and help this new club have a great event. It looks like IMAC is alive and well in Albuquerque.


Brian Regan