Greetings from Albuquerque, NM. Lots of flying in the cold mornings. We have had some cold days. Nothing like up north and back east. Snow and rain with high winds have stopped us a couple days. This week is was pretty good with about 32 degrees to start out and then get warmer.

I had an idea the didn’t go well. I was going to new year event like the Polar bear clubs do each winter. It was going to be the first Frozen Coyote fly in. We were to strip to our speedo’s, take off, fly 3 laps and land. No takers and I wasn’t going to do it by myself. So. it didn’t happen. The flying was good fully dressed and it got warmer later in the day. I didn’t get any pictures. Who wants to see a bunch of old men in their swim suits? Not me.

Maybe we can get this done next year. In the mean time, get out and fly, join the AMA and your local club.

Brian Regan

District VIII AVP