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First of all Sorry for the late post of this event but on Sept 10-11 the Greater Southwest Aero Modeler club put together and amazing event “Scale Master Qualifier” and Mr Lawrence was the Contest Director for this great event. This event brought people from all over Texas and also Louisiana and Oklahoma that came to this event to qualify for the scale master event. There where some beautiful airplane in this event and some great and amazing flyers that if you didn’t know that you where in a Radio control Air field you would have taught that you where looking at the real thing. The event was a great success but it takes a lot of people to have an event like this, so will like to take this time to say thank you to all those volunteers that gave there time on this event. If you didn’t make it this year for the event start planning for next year to come and enjoy and amazing field and great flying. again congratulation to all the winners and also to one special kid that flew his first qualifier for the first time and took First place in Youth class at 14 years old Lawrence Powell did some amazing flying and to see youth participate on this type of event is amazing to see. Also on the same line will like to also say congratulation to this young man for being select to represent District 8 next year at the AMA Camp in 2024.

Again Congratulations to all the winners on the different classes. Until next year hope to see everyone there again next year.