Un-swap meet? What is it? ARCC had a Un-swap meet last Saturday. Les Beason came up with this idea. The stuff you have left after a swap meet just takes up space in your work shop. An un-swap meet was designed to get rid of that stuff. Here is how it works. Fill up a box with stuff, mark the box with the contents and seal the box. You can’t look in the box. Just pick a box or two and take it home. It could be anything.
The turn out was light. Everything was taken. One man took almost all of it. It was fun and a little weird. I hope we do it again.
It was a great day of flying too. A little cold to start and then it got nice. I got in a couple flights and then called it a day.
If you get a chance, try a un-swap meet sometime. It will make you laugh.